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Team FIAT Maharashtra Gujarat Meet @ Silvassa

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by kedarbendre, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    TFI is back with bang with well-designed official TFI T Shirt (Check this Thread to order ONLINE) and now we have another surprise of this Grande Meet.

    Long pending meets which was dream for most of the members from MH and GJ.

    The time has come to meet cross border members rather than just meeting members from your city only. Time has come to make new friends and to meet like-minded people.

    This time we have decided to meet with family and go out of the box to arrange GJ and MH members.

    We have created the Facebook event page for this meet. Please use below link to visit the page.

    . https://www.facebook.com/events/604188426413717/?ti=cl

    Approximate distance to Lords Resort from some cities from where members will start driving.

    Pune to Lords Resort = 280km
    Ahmedabad to Lords Resort = 378km
    Vadodara to Lords Resort = 265km
    Mumbai to Lords Resort = 170km
    Nashik to Lords Resort = 150km

    Meet Location:

    Lords Resort Silvassa
    Kakad Faliya Road,
    Naroli, Silvassa,
    Dadra and Nagar Haveli 396235, India
    Date : 20 & 21st August (Saturday & Sunday)

    Check In Time : 2:00 PM

    The package costs 2400/ per person with 4 meals in lords resort.

    HiTea 20th August
    Dinner 20th August
    Breakfast 21st August
    Lunch 21st August
    Includes 1 night stay on double occupancy (or twin sharing per room) basis.

    Breakfast & lunch on arrival date of 20th august should be coordinated with group organisers.

    Note : Arrival day breakfast and lunch will be managed in groups on route to the resort and is not included in the package mentioned above.

    Important Note :

    Limited rooms are available at Lords Resort Silvassa, out of which 33 rooms are already booked (By Members from GJ, Pune and Mumbai). So kindly hurry up soon. The rooms shall be allocated on first come first serve basis. Bookings will be confirmed when we receive full amount.

    Preferably via bank transfer for which you can contact respective members via PM to avail bank details. The details aren't being shared here since we also need to confirm on regular basis about room availability.

    Plan :

    Mumbai Meet Point Hotel Fountain Mira Road 10:00 AM

    Pune Meet Point Shell Petrol Pump Wakad 6:00 AM

    Gujarat Meet Point Expressway Start Point 6:00 AM

    We all will meet at the meeting as per the time mentioned above.

    Pune Members will meet to Mumbai members at Fountain Hotel and then will start driving towards to Lords Resort.

    City wise contact persons :

    Pune : KedarBendre @kedarbendre

    Mumbai : Dhaval Patel @moksh

    Gujarat : Neel Shah @Naughty

    Attaching below some photos of our venue Lords Resort.

    Below is the list of members who will be attending this meet and already booked their room in the resort by transferring the amount.

    Gujarat List

    1. Neel + 1
    2. Mehul + 1 + 1 kid
    3. Maharshi + 1 + 1 kid
    4. Ashish + 1
    5. Gaurang + 1
    6. Vijay + 1
    7. Mitesh+ 1 + 1 kid
    8. Purvesh + 1
    9. Rohit + 1
    10. Rahul + 1 (Rohit's friends)
    11. Karan Soni + 1
    12. Vishnu + 1
    13. Jigish Aacharya + 1 + 1 kid
    14. Abhishek + 1
    15. Vikas + 1 + 1 kid
    16. Dilip + 1 + 1 kid
    17. Raakesh + 1
    18. Neil Chauhan + 1
    19. Vicky
    20. Smit
    21. Jiten
    22. Jay

    Mumbai List

    1. Dhaval @moksh +1
    2. Tejas @tejas1982
    3. Aniket @ani1900s
    4. Aniket @Aniket
    5. Abhyudaya @Abhyudaya Das +1
    6. Dr Sambit @Fiatie
    7. Parimal @Parimal
    8. Imran @highwaystar +1
    9. Avinash @avithe1 +1
    10. Haydn @haydnferns +1
    11. Kanad @blackwasp
    12. Mayur @mayu

    Pune List

    1. Kedar Bendre
    2. Rakesh Kushwaha @rakesh kushwaha
    3. Pragalbh Bhandari @pragalb_f1
    4. Nitin Kumar + 1 + 1 Kid
    5. Shashank Nathani + 1 @shashanknathani
    6. Harshad Dighe + 1 + 1 Kid
    7. Amit Shinde + 1
    8. Amit Nikam @Italia-Linea
    9. Sachin Jatale + 1 + 1 Kid @Sachin JATALE
    10. Nilesh Swami
    11. Yash Jogalekar + 1

    Total Members Attending 45.

    45 TFI members will make this Grande for sure. If you are planning to attend this meet then get in touch with your City Spoc or contact me or @Naughty, @moksh or @asimpleson for more details. You can whatsapp me on 9422329844 for more information.

    Some random photos of Lords Resort.




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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
  3. moksh

    moksh Superiore

    Linea 1.3
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  4. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    Cheers :up

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  5. rohitsharma

    rohitsharma Amatore

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Cheers, looking forward for meet.
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  6. siddharth Kapadia

    siddharth Kapadia Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Anyone from Surat?
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  7. moksh

    moksh Superiore

    Linea 1.3
  8. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore


    There is one member from Surat who would be joining this meet.

    His name is Raakesh Mehta.



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  9. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore


    His TFI Handle is @Timido



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  10. Sachin patel

    Sachin patel Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Is it possible to confirm till 15th because I may be going Hyderabad in last week of Aug to attend meeting of my company.
    I am from surat.
    Sachin Patel

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