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Your deciding factor for selecting Fiat

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by sungoa2010, Dec 1, 2010.


Which was the most deciding factor for selecting your Fiat Car?

  1. Fuel efficiency

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  2. Engine refinement

  3. Build quality

  4. Performance, handling and ride quality

  5. Maintenance cost

  6. Price of the car

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  7. Safety and other feature in the car

  8. Dealer’s reputation and ASS

  9. Design and Looks

  1. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    I wanted to select multiple choices. It is unfair to give only one option to choose :sadblue

    Accidentally the first option was selected in my VOTE
  2. sungoa2010


    Thanks for your poll.I should have mentioned explicitly that only one option will be selected. That could have avoided the trouble.
    Actually many factors that is given are possible. But from my experience there will be one most important factor which might have really attracted each customer. The poll was to find that. Otherwise how to differentiate important and most important factors?
  3. Too early to comment, but interesting to see none of the FIat'ians have selected 'dealers reputation & ASS' and 'maintanece Cost'.
    Performance and looks get more votes.

    Will be interesting to see the results after few days/months. I am subscribed to this thread.
  4. drdeepudev

    drdeepudev Timido

    Alleppey, Kerala
    True Bnz, may be we all have tasted the after sales service of TATA-FIAT ::D . More over its just a poll and we got to cast our polls on the most important deciding factor. Personally, I casted the vote for first two. Lets see how the poll progresses.
  5. royj

    royj Esperto

    Ride and Handling. There is no two ways about it. That is what made me choose the Punto. But after owning it for 18 months now, I must say I am satisfied with all the nine points. ::D
  6. I voted for Build quality and performance, ride and handling. Damn only 2 options to choose from.

    Price of fiat cars is also cheap for the features that they offer., fuel efficiency, well new generations indian fiat cars are fantastic. Engine refinement may be not so much compared to the Japanese counterparts but still our Fiats are fantastic with great engine lives. I am gonna stop now. There's no end if we start talkin bout +ves of fiat. Only major problem here looks like Dealer’s reputation and ASS and to add on to that, Fiat's marketing strategy. Nobody has voted for maintenance but yea it's still cheap compared to even the so called cheap next to maruti which is Hyundai.

    Ok ok enough. bye now.

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