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Your advice needed :Travel to US , Singapore and Malaysia

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Travel to US , Singapore and Malaysia

    Folks, I am traveling to US for a month and coming back to India to go back on personal trip to Singapore and Malaysia.

    I need your advice on
    1) What care needs to be taken for My Car in my absence?
    2) I am a hygiene freak, Can i carry sanitizer and Listerine mouth wash in cabin luggage?
    If they are not allowed what is the alternative,I absolutely hate to touch any food with out rubbing a sanitizer and using mouth wash before eating and also once in few hours.
    P.S: I am travailing on Emirates to US,Tiger airways to Singapore and AirAsia from Malaysia to Bangalore
  2. Sanitizers and mouthwash are allowed up to 100 ml, had a wonderful flight to US, Since I donot eat garlic or onion, Emairates Airlines served Jain food.
  3. rajasimhan.v


    awesome...njoy the stay
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  4. Ganges

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    It's always good to travel by Emirates... Nice service...
    But also i heard from my friend's experience, that emigration officers in US ,pay more attention to the passengers arrived from middle east flights.
  5. May be true, they were spending at least 3-5 minutes per person. customs was just breeze.

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