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Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by cvanandh, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Anandh, how is the road condition from Pollachi-Aliyar-Valparai? How is weather at Valparai? Did you cover Sholayar and Athirappalli falls as well? If so, please update us on the road condition.
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  2. Ramesh, the roads were brilliant as usual. The complete ghat section has been re-laid recently and the drive was wonderful. The disappointment was the weather, it was hot, humid and sultry throughout the day. But the nights were nice and cool. This is the hottest that I've experienced in Valparai so far.

    I did not visit any other place as this trip was for a one-off cricket match that we play every year at the Mudis cricket ground. So no pictures of the car for this trip. Just few pics of the ground. :rolleyes:



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  3. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^ this ground is inviting!! what is this one off match about?
  4. @shams, this has been happening for the past 5 yrs, wherein we visit there every April for a 20 over match against the Valparai team. Valparai team is leading 3:2 against us.
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Thanks for the road update Anandh. Its been a while since I visited Valparai. Its almost 10 years now. My Linea never visited this place. Now, I have enough reasons to go to Valparai. I will probably plan during Monsoon days of June/July. :)

    But, Anandh, no excuse to you for not posting even a single snap of your Linea. This is big sin. :D.
  6. Did Coimbatore - Guruvayoor on April 13. The onward journey was done via NH544. So took Palakkad by-pass to get onto NH544. The roads from the L&T junction in the Coimbatore - Palakkad highway upto Walayar were miserable with 4 laning works in progress added with pot-holes all along. From Walayar to Palakkad, the roads were in ok condition.

    Once I got onto NH544, the misery continued. 4 laning was in progress coupled with extremely heavy traffic and I was barely able to shift into 4th gear. Forget the 5th, even getting onto 4th gear was tough. Then from Thrissur to Guruvayoor, the roads were really good.

    Then on the return journey, on reaching Thrissur, I was then temped to try any alternate route. So from Thrissur, I took the Shoranur highway and then proceeded to Palakkad from Shoranur. The roads though two laned were very good.

    Overall the entire journey was about 310 kms and the driving time according to the MID was 8:50 with average speed of 33kmph and the AvgConsumption shown in the MID was 17.6kmpl. I believe these are respectable figures considering the road conditions.

    No pics this time too :(
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Coimbatore-Thrissur section is in the avoidable list in my books :). You should have never gone to Thrissur at all. You should have done Coimbatore-Palakkad-Ottapalam-Shoranur-Kecheri-Choondal-Guruvaayor. The roads will be good except for the CBE-Palakkad section. If I were to do from Chennai, I will not even touch Coimbatore. My choice would have been Chennai-Dindigul-Palani-Pollachi-Palakkad-Ottapalam-Shoranur-Kecheri-Choondal-GVR.
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  8. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    Halo everyone. Anyone here has done August upholstery? They are mainly into making leather upholstery for sofa's and other furniture. They are also into car upholstery as well. Anyone here has experience? They do custom upholstery work. You can suggest a design pattern for your seats and they do it accordingly. When I visited their workshop (in JP Nagar 7th phase) there was a Beetle (new gen.) being done there. So I guess it must be good. If any one has any information, please share it here.

    Augusta leather.

    Waiting to hear from you guys.

    Thank you in advance

    Augusta quoted 21000 for genuine leather (door pads and back pockets included)
  9. The Linea has now crossed 18k and is doing great. Yesterday I was off for a quick visit to Palani from CBE in it. Started at 3:30pm from CBE and reached Palani by 5:30pm via Palladam-Dharapuram. The distance in this route was 117 kms. Roads were good and had a good drive.

    The return journey started by 9:30 pm and reached home by 11:15 pm via Pollachi. This route was shorter by 10 kms. Here too the roads were good but the CBE-Pollachi is very high on traffic, so this route is makes sense if one is driving after 9pm.

    All in all the Linea performed brilliantly especially with race chip on e,3! And the icing on the cake was the FE as usual. Let the picture speak ;)




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  10. It's over 20,000 on the odo now and the engine feels much more relaxed and also feel that it has eased out! The acceleration in the first and second gears have also improved a lot :)

    Overall it has become more fun to drive and for the first time I feel that there is not much difference between the Palio and Linea in terms of acceleration.

    Plans for the Factory Visit

    All set now for the factory visit. My plan is to start from Coimbatore on Dec10

    MW020 2012-11-15, 14_25_54.jpg
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