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Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by cvanandh, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. The car has clocked 9500 kms as of now and I have some news. :)

    Broken Combination Switch:

    Few months back, our driver somehow managed to break the Indicator/Headlight combination switch. Still wondering on how he managed to do it. There was no point in shouting at him and called up A.S.S to inquire on the switch. I was told it had to be replaced as a complete set and would be costing about 7to7.5k. Felt it to be way expensive and that is when I was reminded of Kava. Called them up and ordered it for just 2.5K! I received the part in a couple of days time and got it fixed from my electrician.

    All was fine after that and that was when the need for power popped up.

    Race Chipped:

    After driving my friends Palio's with RaceChip and positive reviews from couple of Linea owners in Team-BHP and Team-Fiat I decided to get it for out Linea too. Ordered online and got it delivered in 4 days. Total cost was 13.4K inclusive of duty. The chip was installed with the ODO on 8000 kms. Drove for about 900kms with stock setting and then changed the power setting to 3. The power has been awesome. Overtaking has become fun but the only aspect is that there is not much difference below 1700 RPM.

    Fuel efficiency remains un-changed after adding the chip, delivering 14 kmpl in city and 22kmpl on highway.

    Recall blues:

    This is the first recall we have received. Never had any re-calls for any of our 5 other FIAT's. Last month, got a call from Gem Motors stating that our Linea is in the list for power steering hose replacement and got it done. Promised delivery was 1 day but they took 1 and a half days to deliver. Along with the power steering work, I had asked them to check the RL door lock as it was refusing to lock and door open warning was flashing. The lock was also replaced under warranty.

    Overall, I was very happy with the quality of work but felt that they could have delivered the car in a single day.

    Today afternoon, I received a call again from Gem Motors that they need to check the QC seal in our Linea's rear-axle. They said that if the seal is not present, then it has to be replaced. Planning to get it checked next week.

    Since the next service is due after 5-6000kms or in February, planning to rotate the tires and have the alignment and balancing checked at 10k. Will put up the updates once done.
  2. Visited Gem Motors last week and was shown that the seal is not present and hence they replaced the rear axle.

    After that, I finally managed to get some long pending tasks done for the Linea, got my calipers painted in red. Did not have the time to remove the calipers and get them powder coated, so just got a simple enamel paint job for it.

    And this is what the Linea MJD is capable of delivering when driven at speeds hovering around 90-100 and not more. clap:



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  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Anandh, how did you paint this? is it DIY?

    Can you throw more light on the rear axle replacement? Mine is May'11 manufactured vehicle. Will it also require a replacement?
  4. manjustrikes


    congrats :) bro :) how much did the speakers cost and did u add any AMP?
    how abt the head light? i feel the low beam is very dull and even the high beam looks less effective :(
    me planning to upgrade the speakers and head lights any suggestions :)
    my linea has clocked 2200km so far and i feel i am getting 14km in B2B bangalore traffic :)
  5. @ramjn, I got it done in my friends workshop, the same place where I got my UNO repainted. Regarding the axle, mine is a Jan 2011 model, when I was speaking to the SA, he said that a particular lot is being called-in for this job wherein if QC passed seal is missing, then the axle has to be replaced. From what he knew, it was about a total of 8 cars in Coimbatore that required replacement.

    @manjustrikes, thanks and congrats on your Linea too. I did not install any amp, the front components cost 6k while the co-axials at the rear cost 3k. I'm yet to mod the head lights. 14kmpl in B2B is good stuff.
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  6. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    whwn i move my steering there is some faint click click noise.The TASS guy opened the steering and tried to adjust the round white plastic for horn.it moves with the steering.He told me that it is the plastic noise may be its loose.he adjusted and now the noise is again come.My linea is 2 1/2years old and run 56000 kms.any body getting the same.
  7. No varin11, I have not come across anyone with such issues. Will let you know if I get any clue on this.
  8. My Linea completes One Year :dancing

    My Linea has now completed one year. Clocked 14k kms as of now. The 15k/1yr service was completed 2 weeks back at Gem Motors, Coimbatore. Changed, Oil, Oil filter, Diesel Filter and wire mesh filter. Also got the balancing and alignment done from them. The total bill was about Rs.5,500/-

    Few weeks before the service, I had removed the KN filter and went back to the stock filters. As I had reported earlier, I was not able to find much difference with the KN in terms of performance, but when ever the engine is revved beyond 3K RPM, the noise due to the filter was a bit too much for comfort and hence decided to do away with it.

    But trust me, my experiences with the KN in Palio 1.2 was really good. So, the KN will now make its way to my Palio MJD.

    All in all, one year with the Linea has been a wonderful experience just as how it has been with our other FIAT's and looking forward for many more. Next in line is a good long drive in the Linea, lets see when I'll be able to make it.
  9. Congrats Anandh ... :)

    I too painted the brake calipers and rear drums painted in red .

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  10. Did Coimbatore-Valparai-Coimbatore on April7 and 8. The onward journey had 4 adults with boot full of load and thanks to the extremely hot weather, the entire journey was done with 100% AC. On reaching Valparai, the MID showed 13.3kmpl for the uphill journey.

    Did about 40-50kms of driving within Valparai and then returned back to Coimbatore on April 8 and the MID showed 15.2kmpl for the entire journey. :)

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