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Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by cvanandh, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Folks, this is yet another ownership log of the FIAT Linea Multijet in here. Before that, this is the 6th FIAT and the 3rd MJD in our family. The Linea has come in to us after 2 UNO's and 3 Palio's, though a UNO and a Palio are now sold.

    The decision:

    Well, I had been insisting my dad to buy a sedan for himself for a very long time and finally it has happened. When he gave the nod, I had completely left it to him to make a choice and I never wanted to influence him, though I wanted him to buy the Linea. To start off, he was very much interested in the Vento, hence I sent him the link to GTO's report of the Vento in Team-BHP and the decision was almost made. But being used to a FIAT for so long (Read UNO, Palio 1.2 and Palio MJD), we also thought of the Linea and decided to take a drive of them both before finalizing.

    Since I'm in Chennai and my dad in Coimbatore, we decided to have the test drive of both the cars whenever I get to coimbatore. Since I was able to go home only on the Pongal weekend, ie., on the 15th of January, we thought of taking up the drive on the 16th of Jan, which is a sunday.

    I then called up both the FIAT and VW dealers in coimbatore to check whether they can offer me a test drive on a sunday. Both of them instantly agreed and were extremely happy to offer me a drive on a sunday. Initially, I never thought that both of them will be willing to send the cars to my residence on a sunday and that too on a festival weekend.

    Come sunday, and I arrived in Coimbatore. I had fixed a time of 10am for the Linea MJD with Gem Motors and 12noon for VW CBE. The 2 hour gap was for an extended drive and also I never thought the dealer would keep up with the time. But I was wrong! Got a call at 9:15am from the sales manager stating that he is gonna start from the showroom to my residence and will reach at 10am but eventually, he was in my house at 9:45! Wow, i never ever expected this. Will give him a 10/10 just for this.

    Had a detailed drive of the Linea and after just 5 mins inside the car, the tide started to drift over in favor of the Linea from the Vento! The test drive was a very good experience and I informed the dealer that we would check out the Vento and get back.

    So at about 11:30, I called up the manager of VW CBE, with whom i had fixed the test drive just to check whether everything was according to schedule, he re-assured that the car would be in by residence at the said time. But then, I was in for a shocking surprise, the manager calls me at 12:15 and says "Sorry sir there is no one available today to send the car, I will definately send it tomorrow". I was really shocked to hear such a response at the very last moment and that too from VW. He being the manager, should have informed me atleast when I had called to check or if not he could have very well denied the schedule stating that it was a festival weekend and which I would not have complained about.

    So this attitude shown to a prospective buyer did not go well with us and moreover the 7 month waiting peroid and bookings for the white color being stopped ruled completely against the vento and eventually zeroed in on the Line MJD Emotion Pack. Well, this could very well go down as yet another story of a FIAT buying you. :evilsmile

    Booking Process:

    Once the decision was made on Linea, called up Gem Motors, the entire buying process was extremely smooth and everything was perfect. We insisted on a 2011 model though a 2010 model was available with the dealer and I had to wait for the 2011 car. Booked the Linea MJD Emotion pack, Bossa Nova white with an amount of 50k. Was promised delivery in the 3rd week of Feb.

    Even this time I was surprised, got a call from them on the 14th of Feb and said that the car has already arrived and that it is going for registration on that day and asked my preference for delivery. We decided and took delivery on the same day, the 14th of Feb 2011.

    All in all a wonderful experience with Gem Motors with every thing falling in the right place and at the same time they never failed to keep up to their promises. Planning to write about this to FIAT.

    Discounts & Freebies:

    The actual on-road cost of the Linea emotion pack in Coimbatore is 9.98. The dealer offered me discounts in the form of free insurance, extended warranty and additional cash discount after which the on-road cost that we ended up paying was 9.6L. Also thrown in were cut-mats and mud-flaps during delivery.

    The Experiences with the Linea so far:

    Needless to say the Linea has been wonderful so far. The ride, handling, FE and almost all other aspects have been extensively discussed in here, other than these, I'm listing some of my experiences. It feels a bit sluggish initially but I believe that would go away after clocking few thousands on the odo.

    Took the car for a 168km drive with 3 on board and included driving on good roads with speeds hovering around 100 to 110kmph. The MID showed 20.9 kmpl for the trip. Checked the same by filling up and all it could take was 7.6 litres which works out to 22.1. :devilface

    Inside the city, it's returning a very respectable 15.2 (from MID). So all in all, enjoying every minute in the Linea and there' s been no looking back.

    Being a Jan2011 model (MCAxxxxxxxxxxxAMZ), I was able to spot the following differneces or changes as compared to the 2010 or older models:

    • The gap in the steering column near the key slot is now gone
      The exterior plastic area below the front windshield seems to have been changed. Looks better.
      Gone are the center headrests in the rear seats. They were in the demo car, but are now not available
      The rear seats cannot be folded now. No idea as why this has happened.
      The overall plastic quality inside the cabin seems to be better.

    Upgrades done so far:

    • Swapped the stock Good Year GT3's with Michelin Primacy LC. Went in for 195/65 R15 instead of 60, wanted to gain as much of GC as I can without increasing the width. Michelin costed Rs.5350 per tyre and sold the GT3's for Rs.3000 per tire.
      Installed the Hella Supertone horns (aka Hella Red Grille) and also did the usual PVC matting.
      Next in line are gonna be Auditor components and Co-axials.

    Time for some pictures:

    Linea MJD posing along with our Palio MJD



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  2. Rajen

    Rajen Regolare

    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    Congrats Anandth . Lines looks too good in BNW
  3. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    Congratulations and Admire the beauty...
  4. prakhar287


    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    Congrats Anandh! The average given by ur beauty is amazing. And the pic with palio is awsome.
  5. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    congratulations. white is beautiful. good you swapped your tyres.i am regretting i did not when new. even i am planning for a 65 instead of 60 when i change. i am sure it gives more comfort with a marginal compromise on handling (whose gonna drive her in a rally anyways). and nice number plates. how much they cost you there?
  6. Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    Congrats Anandh. Awesome pictures.
    Happy Motoring and drive safe.
  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    Hey, had seen your thread at bhp yesterday. Didn't know that you are already here. I was about to ask someone to redirect you here as well.
    Congrats by the way for adding yet another Fiat to your garage.
  8. NAREN64


    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E


    Congrats on your Linea Purchase. Car looks Fablous. Happy & Safe driving.
  9. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    Hey cvanandh, congrats for the beauty, im sure after owning so many Fiat's ur no more an enthusiasts. A prowd owner, update ur profile details sir.

    People like you are carrying the Fiat Flag with Pride. Congrats once again.
  10. Re: Yet another FIAT joins the family - Linea 1.3 Multijet E

    A big thanks to everyone for your wishes. :up

    Thanks Karan. Beign used to Michelin, we always make it a habit to switch to it immideately. I never feel any difference in the handling or comfort department.

    I got the plates from Utsav. Costs Rs.1272. You can order them online @ http://www.utsav.co.in

    Thanks ansal11, I've updated. :)

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