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Yelagiri Travelogue - First thread out of temptation, nothing else...

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by soundar, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Disclaimer: I didn't photograph my Punto, as it was in bad shape during the trip. So, no treat for your eyes here.

    I write this with a pain in my heart, as Imiss my family, friends, home, and Punto (I started writing this 3 months ago). Also, they miss me badly. Iam alone here, bored, in search of prosperity, and doing nothing.

    You call it as love or lust. But, it isa pure pleasure. Holding the meaty steering or hugging the curves ismost wonderful thing you can do on road. You pack up and fill theboot. Get in and shut the door with the 'thud'. Turn it on and bringit to life, to experience the ecstasy.

    This is all about my very firstvacation, which I driven all the way. It is very special as I neverdriven so long in my entire life so far. It sounds funny in front orother travel gurus, who explore lengths and breath of India, in asingle go.

    My thirst for a long drive (excuse mefor the L word again) became worse when I traveled from Chennai toTrichy, in my Punto, most of the time in the back seat. What am Idoing there? I planned to pick up my wife from my in-law's place inTrichy. I started promptly from my office, escaping from my boss, inthe middle of a project proposal. Picked up two of my cousins fromdifferent locations and my brother from Mahindra city. Every thingwent fine till I received a call from my boss. I pulled over toattend the call. No blue lady (Blue n' Me by the way) to help me,being a happy Active variant owner. After the call, I was not in agreat mood, and handed over to my brother. We cruised towards Trichy.It took some long time for me to become cool. My brother refused tohand over the wheels, when I asked after couple of hours. Who wouldgive that! On return journey I started the drive. I took her over150Kmph with ease. Had some stints with Logan. Then realized mystupidity and let him pass. But it seams that he was not in mood too.He stopped some where. I saw the jealous face of my brother andtwilight in my sleeping son's eyes. I handed over the wheels to mybrother and went to back seat to play with my son. We reached homewithout any tiredness. For those who never experienced back seat ofPunto – it is very much comfortable! (missed a pillow though)

    Once returned back to work, project proposal work continued in somewhat hectic manner, so that I have to work on pooja holidays as well. After a week it got over and I became workless at office. My boss was so kind enough to offer me compensatory off, which I took close to weekend, make it longer. We thought of going out somewhere. Cousin's place, aunt's place, somewhere else were the options. For travel I made my mind that I should drive. Wife and mom was not okay with that. Then we dropped all the options to stay at 'sweet' home.

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    Day 1 (whoops day 0.5)

    Okay let me stop being so 'bubble-gum-ish'. We were relaxing after lunch on first day, when my wife shown her intention to drive to Yelagiri. In a blitz, we booked cottage and packed up. I checked with my father, mom is out of question as she wouldn't get leave from her busy work. He doesn't want to join. I checked with my aunt and uncle. They were ready to join us. Picked up my aunt from her place (my uncle backed off in 'ean pondaati ooruku poiyutaa' style). On the way back, I filled the tank till auto cutoff at Shell. At 2 PM we filled the boot with all the bags and started from home.

    As we started in the afternoon, reaching ponamalli high was not a problem at all. But, as we drive in NH4, we were accompanied by lot of college and factory buses. After some 30 minutes drive, traffic eases. Rest of the drive was breeze. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat and watching the speed'o meter. When ever it crosses 100, she alarmed. So, no high speed this time. We took a break in a Cafe day on the way. Punto too had its quota of fuel. We reached foot hill area of yelagiri around 6:40. It became dark. I have driven my first hill assent at night, with Punto's stock head light. But I really enjoyed it. We reached hotel ZeenatTaj at 7 PM. Our dinner was ready when we arrive there. We refreshed and had a yummy dinner. It was oily but tasty. They don't have a menu. We just need to tell them what we want. They will prepare it (if it is within their boundary). Room was neat and clean. We had dinner and crashed to bed.

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    Day 2

    Next morning, I went to my Punto, which was securely parked. It returned FE of 14.6 kmpl. We played with geese there and roamed around the lawn. After yummy breakfast and tea, we went for boating. We hired a row boat for an hour and went around the artificial lake. Our boat man was somewhat reserved, politely answered only for what we asked. After boat ride, we went for a temple. In Yelagiri, they have temple in every village. We went for one random Murugan temple. It was bright and sunny, but it was nice and cold. With comfortable breeze, I was almost felt asleep. We can't get that comfortable sleep in this dusty concrete jungle. We earlier informed ZeenatTaj not to prepare our lunch, as we want to try some other restaurant. We had our lunch in another near by restaurant. Food was nothing to complain or nothing to praise. In the evening, we visited botanical garden there. It was decently maintained. There only one cafeteria available there, with limited items. This might be one of the reason for cleanliness. We had nice evening walk and took some photographs. We left to ZeenatTaj when it started to get dark. ZeenatTaj welcomed us again with yummy dinner. WOW. We had dinner and closed the day with nice talks.

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    Day 3

    Next morning, we had our breakfast at ZeenatTaj and started to packup. We checked out and started back around 11ish. Down hill drive was great except for a small accident. A biker going up hill in a rash manner, tried to over take an auto rickshaw and hit our car. Driver side door and rear view mirror was damaged. He went away even before I came out of the car. I thought to my self that he should be okay and continued our journey. On the way back we visited golden temple in Velore and had nice free lunch there. We reached back home around 6PM. Punto returned FE of 15.5 kmpl for the entire trip of 503 kms.
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  2. Day 1 Pics

    I dented one side. My wife dented another side. This is the best pose my Punto was able to give during that time.

    We had break at this Cafe Day. Neat and tidy place. I remember seeing this place in some movie.

    Good cottage
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  3. Day 2

    Random Shot at ZeenatTaj... What a wake up call by birds...

    Lawn' dry
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  4. Day 2 Cont...


    Nice and calm temple...

    My friend relaxing... Who wouldn't...

    Way to temple....
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  5. Day 2 cont...

    Botanical garden...
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  6. Day 3

    Breakfast prepared and kept in hot pack... Hot dosas kept coming...

    Driving with broken OVRM... No luck at Velore TASS, so kept driving...

    Trip stats...

    I don't remember exact expense... I came between 7.5k to 8K, end to end...
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  7. Many thanks for your patience...
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  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hey excellent thread, and nice pictures too. You have covered it well.

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