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Yamaha Service Center - Bangalore

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by pra.agar, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    Hi TFI,
    Like Fiat in 4 wheelers, Yamaha is my gear for 2 wheeler and I was looking for getting my FZ 16 serviced. Need to change the Fork Oil, Engine Oil, Chain Lubrication and Brake Shoe needs to be changed, rest are general service. Please Advice near Hebbal Area, Bangalore. I've been using the Yamaha Auth Service center till date for every of my service and mostly was with ORION motors Kormanagala( Near my previous workplace). But from last 2 times I used PACER Yamaha, Hebbal ( Located near my house ) and I'm not satisfied with their service. Any similar feedback and what alternate did you guys go with.

    1) I was planning to get it done by a local service person (1K for Service) near my house. Is it advisable or should I go with Pacer Yamaha itself.
    2) Plus people suggest to go with Shell Engine Oil, and yamaha people suggests theirs. Whats your opinion ? Full top-quality synthetic or semi-synthetic or normal?

    ~Prateek Agarwal

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