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Xenon Fog Lamps

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by singh, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Ho all

    Its been a while active in forum.

    Need some suggestion on 100w fog lamp bulb replacement to oem 55w bulb.

    SA insisted not to use higher watt in fog, since that may damage DCM which costs arnd 12k.

    Pls put some light whether I can change to 100w?

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  2. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    Blazzers Fogs are good but takes a lot of effort to fis it but very effective. But as of now Blazzer Fog is not available but KTAUTOPARTS FOGS are good

    2012-02-18 13.06.03.jpg 2012-02-18 13.06.26.jpg 2012-02-18 13.06.38.jpg 2012-03-01 18.28.49.jpg 2012-03-01 18.29.13.jpg
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  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    ^^ Can you post some pics of road visibility in the dark with just the fogs ON?
  4. DeLineated

    DeLineated Timido

    Folks, be warned, that if high power/bright lights such as fogs, are focused too close to the car, in the immediate foreground, the excess light can involuntarily contract your pupils making it harder to see farther ahead.
    Take care to focus the lights so that the hot spots aren't very close by. Otherwise, what you gain in bright lights, you lose in making your eye adapt by closing its pupils which naturally dilate in low light to allow more photons (which is also why high beams dazzle and blind you immediately and make you unable to see, when you were able to see what's ahead before the high beams contracted your pupils close, much like someone switching on the lights when you're just got accustomed to the dark.
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