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X perience

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Manav, May 22, 2011.

  1. Manav


    I used to own a zen and was very satisfied with it but lately i felt it was kind of getting outdated . initially i was interested in getting a used OCTAVIA or Safari but some of my friends had bad experience with used cars so changed my mind. finally i decided to go for new car. checked my finances and figured out that it could be a hatch back only since i did not want to take any loan . so i figured out i could purchase something between 5-6 l


    MS Gypsy : I so wanted to go for a gypsy but since my parents wood also be using it didn't find it a comfortable option to replace the zen.

    Swift : swift was too common . its a nice car but it wouldn't have made me feel that i bought something new

    POLO : I liked the sleek looks of polo but it was a 3 cylinder 1.2 engine available that time . and i felt the head room in the polo a lil inconvenient so no to the polo also

    Punto : Punto was a head turner and i had driven a Palio of a friend for a long time and loved the way it handled. Punto ticked all the right boxes for what i was looking for the only concern was the After sale service . Looked at the dealer network and decided to go ahead with joshi auto zone chandigarh, we had a trouble free experience with joshi for 5 yrs with the zen.

    FIGO :
    FIgo was another option i checked. the showroom guy told me that its a 3 week waiting period so it was instantaneously out of my consideration

    JAZZ :
    way out of the price band but still took a test drive , amazing car with amazing interiors but overpriced . loved the folding seats the 10 cup holders in the car and being a honda it wd have been trouble free . But i had a feeling that its a car for the girls who cant drive sedans cause they find it difficult to park or stuff Honda city was 8.21 and jazz was 7.2 . No chandigarh guy wd ever choose jazz over the city just for saving a lakh :p

    Final decision Punto

    Went to joshi auto zone and had to wait for 15-20 mins before getting the test ride
    finally got the got to test drive the emotion pk. i liked the spacious cabin ( i was driving a zen for 5 yrs :p ) the AC was too good. and there was a sense of stability that i liked about the car it didnt wobble a bit even at high speeds . power steering was well calibrated . the sales guy asked me to take it on a rough patch of road and i was overwhelmed by the way the car handled there. the interior was not that good with plastic quality though but i liked the concept . it was a lively cabin , its like some place u want to be unlike the bland interiors of most of the other cars esp swift. giving me a honda city kind of feel. all was well so decided to proceed with punto


    i had seen a black punto quite often on the geri route so with very nice set of alloy wheels so i wanted to buy a black. but black wasnt available for another week. called my friends for there opinion and everyone suggested white instead of black .

    ACTIVE :
    basic and i would use the money i saved for getting the alloys and other acc

    Dynamic : not a viable option considering it has a price difference of 25-30 k and the only extra features were rear power windows and central locking

    Emotion : liked it a lot only problem was i wouldnt have money for the alloys and stuff

    So booked a active and asked the sales guy to get the rear view mirrors and the door handles painted white

    Delivery :
    Was supposed to get the delivery by 11 o clock next day. went to the showroom and got the paperwork done with my mom but unfortunately the OVRMS and handles were not painted by then . i was asked to wait till 5 in the evening to get the car . came back home rested for a while and then went at 7 the car wasnt ready as yet . finally at around 8 got the car and went straightway to a Tyre shop and got the alloy wheels & a new set of tires for 21k . Then took the car to Gurdwara on the way back home


    IN live with the way car drives :
    FE is very good got 21 kmpl on chd- delhi- chd trip 578 km and diesel cost 950 rs .
    FE in hills is a different story all together got 15-16 kmpl on the couple of trips to shimla
    Driving pleasure is immense
    have done about 12k on the odo

    issues with the car

    plastic quality is not that good.
    after sales service isnt that good either
    acc like fog lights and remote locking unavailable in the agency
    being serviced by tata i have seen that when twice when i have gone to get my car serviced 60 % of the people present there are taxi drivers. so i do believe that the reason for the shabby dealership could be to the fact that the people in these agencies deal mostly with taxi drivers and are not worried to make that special effort to comfort the fiat owners. anyways FIAT has a winner in its hands hope the don't mess around this time . they have made absolutely wonderful cars in the past too but i dont know what goes wrong every time. they should take an example from VW. they were entirely new to this country and look at the way they have captured the market share . its all about positive publicity and i dont know what fiat guys are upto .
    VW has so many rallies and stuff but fiat never makes any effort .
    TATA is least worried about selling fiat cause they have there own indica in the segment so i would just say that had it been for a proactive management and some back up to these marvelous machines PUNTOS and LINEAS wd have been a bigger success than the swift & dzires .

    Also has someone tried calling the customer care number listed on the fiat website . i did it once and a guy picked it up and he didnt understand english or hindi and i was so pisssed of and gave him a lil punjabi dose . but seriously Fiat is messing it up big time with TATA as there service providers . They have captured a decent market share and they should capitalize on it . It is the right time to bring in the bravo too before its too late .

    OVERALL : this is the best handling car its segment . GO for it
  2. shams

    shams Esperto

    nice beginning to you ownership thread Manav.. waiting for some more great pics of ur ride !!
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice write up 22ji. Do upload some photos without alcohol. :p

    I would like to add something here. For a difference of 30k, you get:
    - all four power windows
    - all four windows have auto down
    - manual central locking
    - silver center console
    - Speedo assembly like that of Emotion variant with chrome rings
    - bigger MID display
    - Advanced My car settings (not sure)
    - autocop for dynamic variant costs just Rs4k but for active it costs about 9k. So, a savings of 5k.
  4. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Manav, nice review.

    this statement is so true. the worst about tata SS.

    our rides are either ignored due to congestion or in que behind a sumo or indica cab sigh.it is devastating to see that sometimes receptionist and SA treat us fiat owners like local taxi walas with shabby language or shoddy job.
  5. where are the pics.u ve done so much and no pics.dont disappoint us
  6. Manav


    @ Vingeshram

    the pics are in my profile album . i haven't done much just alloy wheels and a good music system along with black film .
  7. Congrats Manav. Good report.
    Please do upload some pictures of your beauty.
  8. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    congrats manav. actually active variant goes with the rugged feel of the car and gives you the option to play around with the looks. what you should do is get the center console and the plastic outside the speedo painted in white. i had seen one such punto and believe me it looked better than the emotion.
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Manav congratulations. Please upload pics to TFI. I want to see alloys of your car.
  10. Manav



    Punto1-2.jpg Punto 3-1.jpg Punto2-1.jpg DSC02017.jpg DSC01943.jpg Here are the pics :).
    Last edited: May 23, 2011

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