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World of Service - Fiat Service in Noida

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by VIJAYKUMAR1, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    WOS has improved the level of service and commitment v. much since my first experience. Things have improved overall and are expanding their area of expertise. ( I have been visiting the place for over an year now; and can definitely vouch for competence & commitment in their work)

    The good thing; that these guys focus on reaching the exact problematic area than trial & error. The technician are friendly, competent & pain taking; I believe it flows from top (as same is reflected in Anupam's attitude as well).

    Good things -
    - Attention to details & Commitment to get work done
    - OEM parts & lubricants (No after markets)
    - Much better experience (for car & you) than any Authorized service center
    - Desired tools & machinery for almost every kind of job
    - Expertise in premium segment across various mfg

    Area of Improvement (Might have improved since my last visit)
    - Parts procurement & Stock (in my every visit; atleast 1 of the part isn't available or can be sourced same day)
    - Labor charges ( Personal opinion; feel they are at par or higher than FASS (as per my observation by bills shared by fellow fiatian' over the forum)
    - Customer service desk personal (WOS deserve's a much more dynamic & go-getter person)
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    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Hi All,

    Went to World of Service couple of times in the recent past,

    Well they have truely upgraded,

    They have build a bigger premises now - looks like the space they had previously had become smaller for them,

    Their new address is for reference of members:
    World of Service
    A17 Sector 67 Noida

    They now have big infrastructure and capacity to handle multiple cars,better Customer Lounge with AC,Seperate Customer Bathrooms,more number of Lift,Old Staff and some new competent faces and yes excellent Paint Setup - they improved the paints alot,

    And last but not the least - their store is now better managed,

    They are now also the distributor of Liqui Moly Brand for Uttar Pradesh,

    Coming to my visit: It was the regular service of My cars yes Fiat and non fiat brand all of my cars goes only to World of Service,

    My experience till date has been excellent - with the competency they have and the prices that are charged - its all very good and its good that customer feedback is taken positively and they have improved their capacity with time,

    I plan to go there again in the next 15 ~20 days as my cousins Fiat Linea T jet is due for service- would be clicking some pictures and would post here for fellow fiat members,


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