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World of Service - Fiat Service in Noida

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by VIJAYKUMAR1, Feb 19, 2015.


    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Dear Fellows,

    I am new joinee to your group,posted my introduction very recently,
    As per the request from fellow members sharing the details and also my review for world of service Noida - with whome i am really happy with and have been getting Palio 1.9 D service and my brothers Linea and Punto as well,
    My car Palio 1.9 D one day suddenly started to give engine check light for which i approached the Service centre and they told me it is an FIP Issue,I did some search and came to know it is a common problem in Car,FIP goes to mumbai and they charge close to 25,000 rs,it was a price for me and then i thought to sell the car,

    I was quite dishearten and parked my Fiat and started driving Honda,then
    To my suprize one of my friend got his Punto MJD Timing work from World of Service people and asked me to contact Mr.Tarun,
    I took the number called them and Mr.Tarun asked me to get the vehicle to his service centre which is based in Noida Sector 63,I took my car they got it checked and asked me to leave the car with them as they need to check the complete wiring and Fip as well,
    Then after one day I got a call from them saying the car is rectified,i couldn't believe and went to pick my car and to my surprise car was rectified there was no error of engine check and the car has been working perfectly ever since,
    Major Worked performed in my car
    1. Timing Work
    2. Shocker Change,
    3. Paint of Bumper and Bonnet
    4. Self Service
    5. Car Service- including engine oil,oil filter,air filter,diesel filter etc
    6. Glass Change as my was an old one and was facing issue in night
    Apart from my car's work- i took my brothers punto and linea for car service
    Complete service was done by them including in Punto we got Timing work done and in linea came to know that they have brake pads for linea at very good price and my brother got the same changed as well and is really happy with the performance,
    Since the work shop is multibrand i even got my honda serviced from them,they are really good in their work some of the best points that i would like to mention
    1. Use of sealed Can for oil -so that no impurity is passed on your engine,they have Mobile and one more oil company- i normally go in for mobile fully synthetic oil
    2. They have got one of the best experienced mechanics who knows and understand the care for your car
    3. Great eye of each and every point
    4. Huge and beautiful infrastructure and job card process
    5. All kinds of brands car was there and happy to see tricky job done,

    Work for tough work like honda accords repaired for Power steering pump,
    Spoke to Mr.Tarun and came to know that they can even do Camber Bolt- Alignment(machine is likely to be there) and shim kind of work for safari

    Overall i am really happy with the work done by them and would surely recommend the place to all-
    Contact/Owner: Mr.Tarun
    Mob: 9310311811/7053132424
    Address: E106 Sector 63 Noida

    I believe they are on Google map so you may find them there,
    Sharing with you all the picture that i took during my visit,meet some owners of the cars and they are really happy with the work of Mr.Tarun and Team,





  2. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    What did it cost you ? What are they charging for Linea service ?

    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT

    Since was out couldn't reply earlier,

    They charged 1450 as service labour cost,over all i am very happy with the work done and cost given,
  4. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Good to know a service station in noida , great for out of warranty fiats . By the way, your Palio is a looker, is it original paint or you changed the color, @VIJAYKUMAR1 ?

    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    thanks @pabhishek ,sorry for delay in response,

    Yes the car is repainted to blue,palio never came in that colour,

    Also as per my last conversation with World of service people- they shall be commencing the work of AC service from 2nd week of March,
    That is again one good news for all of owners whose cars are out of warranty,
    Happy for the same,

    Rest when i shall be going again shall click some more photographs,
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    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    I had visited the place again - for a friends linea and we got service done,

    Quiet impressed with the quality of paint work done their and this was full car repaint,

    Was not carrying good camera so did not take the picture may be next time,

    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Went to world of service in the past for a friends Accord Power Steering Repair & Also in a friends punto ac service,

    Both the work was done top notch and in fact the friend with punto who got the ac service also got his car service done from them,

    Charges very reasonable - compare to the quality of work

    They quality of work and the perfection was really very nice and i am happy that i recommended him a place which can be trusted by all,

    I also saw good customers there and had a chat with them and everyone was impressed with the commitment these people have,moreover in ASS no one gives you attention as they have many customer and too many cars where as here - as a customer you tend to learn a lot from their rich experience,

    Next due is my brothers car that we shall be taking to world of service,would update all as when i get it done,
  8. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    World Of Service/ Sec 63 Noida

    I got to know about WOS, from one of the Online forum. I was searching for competent FNG (In Noida); & called up and got in touch with Mr. Anupam Shukhla. (I had also called few other FNG’s as well). The commitment and enthusiasm inclined me to visit the workshop.

    I had acquired (then) a Pre-Owned beauty; and wanted to get the major Service done in my presence. Having multiple bad experience with Service centre (across brands and location); I couldn’t trust them anymore. Hence was looking for competent FNG. WOS having expertise in Skoda’s & Fiat’s was the preferred choice.

    I’ll spare a few words and share the experience. Though I had many visit/re-visits to WOS; but I would classify them into 4 Major Service/Repair

    1. 60K Major Service – Having recently acquired the car, 60K service was due. It was ensured everything is taken care. All fluids/belts etc are inspected/replaced. Brake Pad and Disc were also due change; hence were also replaced along with WA/WB
    1. Steering Vibration on Braking. Though the Disc were changed; but the car had developed Steering vibration upon braking at high speeds
    2. Squeak Noise on Braking. Non OEM Brake Pads had been provided; and they didn’t perform well
    3. WA/WB

    Follow Up:
    1. Disc/Rotors were replaced. (Probably the earlier one’s were defective). Turn Around time: 1 Day
    2. Brake Pads were replaced with OEM in third attempt. Brake Pads were re-cleaned/sanded and replaced twice but squeaking persisted. In second change; the squeaking (which was earlier only on low speed) developed on every instance of braking. Finally OEM brake pad were procured and installed. Turn Around time: Multiple visit across 12-15 days
    3. Got WA/WB done again; (WOS has outsourced this)

    What Could have been better:
    Quality Check before Delivery. A thorough and extensive TD before delivery could have ensured these issue were identified before delivery. Especially, on replacement of second set of Brake Pad, which resulted in loud squeaking every time. Even a TD of 10 mt. could have easily surfaced the issue. (I was very disappointed this time).

    End Result:
    All issue were fixed to satisfaction (after multiple visits).

    Satisfaction Level:
    Below Average

    2. AC Gas Top Up, 90/100 Upgrade – AC Cooling had stopped and unpleasant odour inside cabin. I suspected leak and did mention to SA.
    1. Even after Gas Top Up, the unpleasant odour was there.
    2. Part Procurement was delayed. SA kept false promising of arrival in 15 min; for almost 1.5 hrs. (Very Unprofessional approach)
    3. Bulb upgrade Parts not available. Unconvincing answer by technician related to bulb Upgrade query

    Follow Up:
    1. Unable to get comforting answer from SA/Technician with Anupam. He suspected a leakage in Cooling Coil and advised same. I Opted against it (at that moment) as it required 2 days
    2. One of the Glow plug went kaput twice (in less than 24 hrs) after replacement. Technician suspected bad quality of Glow Plug (BOSCH).

    What Could have been better
    Quality Check before Delivery. I checked the AC for 5 min and noticed foul smell. This couldn’t get SA/Technician’s attention. Later, AC gas was re-checked and was found to be lesser than what had been put. Had they done this; before delivery (without customer involvement; it would have been much better experience.

    End Result:
    Glow Plug replaced with BERU (sorted). AC issue - Failed to identify root cause at first instance. Issue not fixed (postponed for later).

    Satisfaction Level:
    Very Unsatisfied.

    3. Glow Plug Warning – It was found 2 glow plug to be kaput. Parts out of stock; had to re-visit
    1. Glow Plug Availability and below par quality (probably).
    2. Glow Plug (BOSCH) were replaced twice and each time they failed in less than 24 hrs

    Follow Up:
    1. Unable to get comforting answer from SA. Part procurement status - Unclear
    2. One of the Glow plug went kaput twice (in less than 24 hrs) after replacement. Technician suspected bad quality of Glow Plug (BOSCH). Turn Around time: Multiple Visit

    What Could have been better
    Part Procurement & Stocking. With many unconvincing assurances from SA and false promise (last visit); they really need to look into timelines and stock availability.

    End Result:
    Glow Plug replaced with BERU (sorted).

    Satisfaction Level:
    Very Unsatisfied.

    4. EGR Cleaning & AC Service (Fix/Replace Gas Leakage)
    1. EGR Cleaning done as per expectation; except one hose left loose.
    2. Minor Dashboard rattles; after replacing cooling coil (which requires dis-mantle of dashboard)
    3. Soiled Interior(s)

    Follow up
    1. Hissing Sound while accelerating could be heard inside cabin. Their initial diagnosis was incorrect. After continual intervention & persuasion to find the root cause; it was found that one of the hose was loose. Fixed that up. Turn Around time – 1 Day

    What Could have been better
    Quality Check before Delivery. A thorough and extensive TD before delivery was believed to be performed; but this wasn’t noticed. The alternate root cause being suspected, didn’t make logical sense (Though the mistake was acknowledged later)

    End Result:
    Issue fixed to satisfaction.

    Satisfaction Level:
    Improved (from last experiences)

    Overall Feedback:
    WOS comprises of enthusiastic and competent people. Owner (Anupam) is ambitious & passionate about what he does; and has a skilled team to back up his dreams. An upcoming auto-enthusiast’s den, whose accolades are swelling day by day. Though there are many loose ends to tie (and unfortunately, I have been victim of few on them); but a never giving up attitude would surely take them places. On the other side, I find a huge disconnect between Anupam – SA – technician; where I believe SA is the weakest link of the chain (My personal view).

    If I could put in other words, Had my very first interaction with WOS; been with SA (and not Anupam) I probably would have never returned to WOS. I Personally believe, SA lacks the commitment, passion and appetite to prosper. No Offence; but I feel he just doesn’t fit.

    In terms of service/labor/part charges; I believe they are at par with Service centre. Cost of part is probably lesser but labour and other general service charges are at par. Not a major deterrent, till the time they can deliver what a customer expects. In terms of facilities/infrastructure; they are growing and are improving.

    Things to Improve

    1. Quality Check before Delivery. My most of the revisit had been due to the Quality check being compromised. Both on technical & aesthetic front.
    Most of the issue(s) encountered could have been avoided;had a thorough TD been done before delivery
    Except when car is washed; every time the car was returned; I had to requested for a wipe/clean. Interior/Exterior are left soiled after completing work. I guess it’s for SA to ensure; vehicle is ready for delivery on all front (not just the repairs).
    2. Parts Procurement Planning & Stocking. This has been one of the pain area, of which I have been victim. I believe again a disconnect somewhere
    3. Do It Right First Time – attitude and commitment.

    I wish Anupam a very good luck in his venture. I have tried not to form an impression based on what went wrong; but rather on effort to get the things right.
    Thanks Anupam for Tea every time (The pantry guy does make a good tea).
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    VIJAYKUMAR1 Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Hi All,

    Sorry for being late on the forum,went to Himalayas - this time went to Haridwar and Chamba and therefore was out for a while.

    Would be starting my travel loq on the forum.

    Coming to few updates that i have before and after my trip

    Went to World of Service - quite frequently for many jobs and here is list of some of them,

    Brother's Linea Service

    1. Gave World of Service Brother's Linea for Service
    Rating : 10/10
    My brother was never satisfied with Any Authorised Workshop - and he was very happy with the work that World of Service People did there and was impressed with the knowledge of Joginder - if i remember the mechanics name who was assigned.

    Very happy with their attitude and the minor level details that these people check,
    My brother has been owning fiat's since long and knows all ASS for fiat and as per him,WOS has something that is not there in any ass- the competency and the attitude and part sourcing is like peice of cake to them,the price charged is very resonable and the quality was top line.

    The work did by them was regular service plus brake pad change and also rectification of Lights.

    My brother thank me for showing him - Wos,

    Then after that

    1.My Uncle's Camry went for Suspension Work and also Underbody Anti Rust Treatment,my uncle being an old automobile service line person was really impressed seeing the work done in his car.The way Anti Rust treatment was done and also the service he really liked it and told me that he did not know that still people like WOS exist.

    Rating : 9.5/10 - that too from automobile person.

    After that got my car checked and got the air filter cleaned from them,

    Since car did not need any work - got it checked before my journey to Himalayas,

    And man the car performed very well and i am happy to even see the mileage,

    I also saw beetle being restrored and even some old fiat's being worked on.

    This place is for Fiat Enthusiast for sure ...

    After my return did not had a chance to go there- would be going for car wash there and would also share some pictures of it,
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  10. KPR

    KPR Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Nice to hear about thier service at Noida Area. Recently one World of service has been opened at Chennai. Any reviews on it by chennai TFI-ans?

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