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Woke up THE DRAGON( PALIO 1.6 GTX) from the DUNGEON !!!

Discussion in 'Classic and Retro FIAT's' started by bharath0016, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. bharath0016

    bharath0016 Novizio

    As the subject says WOKE UP A DRAGON IN A DUNGEON"" I think there cant be a better heading. This is what I felt after driving down the beast to Bangalore from Belgaum as 520KMS of journey in 6hrs straight.

    Here is the story as it goes…….

    I sold my SAFARI after a great pain and grief due to some reasons. I never wanted to let go of it but you all know it’s the universal truth sometimes things just go away. Let it be our sisters, daughters or our beloved cars .

    1) Put the add on OLX and within a weeks time SAFARI was sold out .
    2) Meanwhile in these 25days closed Hypothecation , ownership got changed, the new owner is happily driving and enjoying the time.
    3) Meanwhile I was busy with my CLASSIC 350 riding locally and interstate.
    4) But there was always a requirement for a car at home and finally I collected some funds and started looking for a used car.
    5) Spent countless hours over 2 months on Olx, quikr etc etc etc and what not.

    My options were that I will go for a used car with the below options at a budget of 3.5lks(has planned for 1.5 - 2lks loan if needed) and yes should have run approx not more that 50000 KMS.

    1) OCTAVIA vRS
    2) CEDIA
    3) CIVIC or ACCORD
    4) FIESTA 1.6
    5) OPTRA 1.6

    Strange there is no hatch in the list and no where ever there is a PALIO yet.

    Now never found a vRS for that budget and never was able to test drive one. (The dream of owning one still haunts me).

    CEDIA saw a few but was overly priced and again spares and maintenance will be a problem as I cannot afford to stall a car as I will be having only one car. Again never did a TD.

    CIVIC - I did TD a cpl of very well maintained one and just blew me away with the features and refinement on these cars and again budget will have to be overshot . I kept aside this as an option.

    ACCORD - Saw only few pics and never dared to call for an enquiry after reading few maintenance threads here and there.

    FIESTA 1.6: Loved this car did a TD of a 2 cars was happy. One has run 56000KM and the body was damaged (minor) here and there and the other one was run 34000KM and was overly priced.

    OPTRA 1.6 - There were plenty of them within 2lks but again my well wisher PAVAN KADAM insisted not to buy as again spares are expensive and then there were rusting issues in these cars.

    Finally one evening my friend got himself a used Opel Corsa for about Rs 80000 and needed some work here and there. We planned up and took the car to Jakkur (Pavan Kadam's) garage.

    He owns a SAFARI 3.0 , GETZ CRDi, PALIO 1.6 GTX , VW MICRO BUS and VW BEETLE(Classic) and has been restoring cars for over 10 years may be more.
    Meanwhile he had to buy some stuff and asked me if I would like to join and I happily left my friend behind and went for a drive on his 1.6 GTX.

    Ok now the story starts -
    I happily sat inside the car and was insisted to wear seat belts. Did it and the car started and the windows were still down and could hear as if a small Tiger was roaring vroom vrooom and it was the stock exhaust . It was very cool for me to hear that noise which makes your blood to bubble up a little bit.

    Then the windows roll up and CLICK the AC comes in like Himalayas Avalanche and within 30 secs I believed that I have a SPINE. The other car I felt the same in this segment was FIGO.

    Now he just hits the throttle and blink of an eye I could see the Needle making 60 and by the time I was checking out the AC Vents the car is already on 100 KMPH and suddenly I could make out that something is wrong as I started breathing heavily and finally noticed that my heart beat was not usual and was unusually on the higher side.

    I though there was a hot sizzling girl in a bikini just passed by and that is why I felt the raise in the heartbeat but no it was the peppy and the quick no quickest drive that got me into this scenario. Then I see a grin on Pavan Kadam's face and yes he knew that he had spread the dieses to me and offered a drive. After that what happened I do not know.

    Probably the quality of the build(Monocoque), the peppy engine(1.6, 100BHP), the sharp handling everything in a small package and also the insulation from noise and road was really amazing.
    I wonder why din't this car do that well on Indian Minds.

    Later on I started looking for used 1.6 GTX and found few but never went for a test drive as the pics did not impress me. One deal almost went to the last point and later on turned off as it was a MUMBAI car and probability of Rust and other things.

    One Fine Day rather a Fiat day I got these pics from Pavan Kadam and also a note in Bold that this has run only 9600KM and has been sleeping in a Dungeon in Belgaum and only tyres and battery needs to be changed.




    How can I say that I did not have sleepless night after seeing these pics and decided to get the car though did no TD or have not seen the car. I have full fait in Pavan Kadam and he said Bharath if you have to buy a 1.6 GTX this is it. Again the choice is yours.

    Post 5 days here we are in Belgaum inspecting the car and there is not ever a single dent or wear and tear on the car nor rat pooping in the bay. Except few cat nails marks because of scratching. And the car dint even needed a polish.




    View attachment 62938


    Now the owner was an elderly gentleman who did not drive the car after his eye operation and his son who again is a auto enthu accompanied with all the other formalities and was a very kind and generous man.

    We got a used battery from a near by shop and one crank the engine was alive after 2 years of sleep. The engine did even move an inch and sounded sweet. Got into the car
    ->AC was top notch as a new car
    ->Headlights Working well , Indicators all working, Parking lights working, Hazardous lights working.
    ->Now it still had a classic Old Cassette player with the digital clock that worked in one shot.
    ->Gear was like a brand new car like a chip soo crisp and I guess ever the new cars will not have such ones.
    ->The car had all the original Monograms as well.

    Well all went well and nothing to complain about and we struck the deal as the price was already decided and I also has took a DD instead of cash (thanks to the Election times).

    Then took out the car for one wash and this is what comes out …………..


    Then change the tyres to Michelin Energy . Decided to upsize from 175 stock to 185/R14/65 as these are the best ones available and was lucky to find 0114 (Jan 2014) tyres in stock in Belgaum.
    The tyres are superb when it comes to cornering and there is almost no noise and grips very well.
    Also got a new battery from EXIDE.


    While driving back i could not believe that most of the time we were sailing constantly at 120 KMPH and the car says I am still hungry and hungry and hungry …………….The max speed we touched once was 170 KMPH and then we immediately thought that since the breaks have to be still done just let not do much and be safe.

    It was night and the first worst experience was the headlights of Palio. They were inadequate and I think there were just like two Kerosene Lamps lighting the Bull Cart.

    This was taken near Tumkur KAMAT when we stopped for dinner…….


    When reached Bangalore it was 12:10 AM early in the morning.

    The next day as usual I went to Office and some Fiat Fans were very happy to see this car as the Color was very rare and also the Spick and Spaness of this car in the smoking zone.

    Again on Saturday went to Pavan Kadam's Garage.

    1) Engine Oil was changed
    2) Break Oil was changed
    3) Coolant was changed
    4) Transmission Oil was changed
    5) Power Steering Oil was changed
    6) Air Filter and Oil Filter were changed.
    7) YES the big one - got the NGK Iridium Spark Plugs installed.
    8) All the 3 wipers were changed
    9) Breaks were good so just got them serviced.
    10) Painted the drum of the wheels to Black and then the Caliper to the Body color.
    11) Painted the OEM Side Skirts to Black and looks much better now.

    Sharing some Pics

    The DNA Marking !!!













    I know there are too many pictures but the best were here and what more a smoker can ask for !!!
    Made in ITALY !!!

    A Virgin Coil

    So the things pending are

    1) Detailing - I have kept as optional because of the condition of the car

    2) Seat Covers,

    3) Headlights have to be changed for sure as I personally feel they are inadequate even for city( may be as I have got used to projectors on SAFARI).

    4) Central Locking

    5) Nice set of speakers as I will be retaining the stock HU.

    How can I miss some ABARTH Branding (Help Needed to know where from I can procure the Metal Badge etc etc in INDIA/Bangalore?)
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  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore


    What was the cost??
  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Heartiest congratulations on taming and bringing home the dragon:). Reading your post made me realize what a true Fiat fan means. The narrative was good and well supported by lots of the pics. The transformation is indeed eye catching. Keep updating the thread with the mods planned.

    Did the Palio come with sports pedals too?

    Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
  4. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Wow Beautiful Pics!! Its as good as new! wider tires looking good too!
  5. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations, that is a fantastic find! It looks as good as new for most of it and the paint is still sparkling and to top it all of just 9600 kms is too good to believe after so many years.

    Increasing the width of the tyre to 185mm was a good decision. There is a hell of a lot of things you could do with this car but for now ENJOY her as she is. I had one too for a long time.
  6. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    My My...

    You are one lucky guy...

    Dragon looks awesome.
    As good as new.


  7. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

    lets race.....


    Grande Punto 1.3
    Awesome...Well maintained. Congrats Bharath.
  9. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    What a beauty... you had a good deal, congrats for orange Dragon..
  10. swiftnfurious

    swiftnfurious Timido

    Now this is what I call "hunting a hidden treasure"! What a beauty of a car! Congrats and wish you miles of happy motoring!
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