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Wings of Fire

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by Pranob Mukharjee, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. himanshu4886

    himanshu4886 Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    That is a good piece of writing. Congratulations Pranob for the ride. The love will increase with time spend behind the wheel. The experience has its own feel, I am sure the deal is good and trouble free linea is what you own.

    Waiting for the next chapter.

    Happy revving,

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  2. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    Sorry guys for this so long pause, didn't get ample time to put down next chapters, but will update soon in couple of days.

    Meanwhile got a couple of punctures on LHS and RHS front, so getting new shoes by this weekend (may be a pre diwali gift to my ride, I had planned to get all tyres changed post diwali a reason for pre diwali are those punctures). Need suggestions on tyres from you guys, have put a post in respective thread.

    Also a couple of mishaps happen with my ride someone bumped in my linea from back while he was silently standing in a public parking, damages to rear bumper and rear rhs side wall. Another one is a near miss to a big accident (all 5 including 4 passenger and the car are safe) all thanks to ABS and strong braking and handling of linea. Will narrate whole incident soon with pics of damages to my ride (not a major one, however even a minute damage and scratch pains a lot :()
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  3. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    The day I get hold on it

    It was Sunday morning the day decided to take the delivery of Linea, myself and my wify set for the target (Told we were going for outing with friends who will pick us up, when my parents asked for our whereabouts ;)).

    Linea was standing under shade washed and cleaned, looking so calm and quite as he knows that have to part from his previous owner. Got the rest of paperwork done at sellers place, collected all the remaining documents, second key, previous service bills etc., checked tools present in boot etc. Finally I was on driver seat of my car, ignited and drove off. I feel a bond in creation between me and my Linea soon as I pressed the accelerator also I felt that first I was not comfortable and hesitant of driving but suddenly in a minute or two both me and Linea adapted each other comfortably and my hesitation had gone I was feeling amazing to drive my Linea :happy:, might have Linea sensed that I am novice driver and opened his arms for me. Those 20 km drive to my home was awesome for me. I am in love again ;):joyful::happy:.

    Some pics taken before reaching home





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