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Wings of Fire

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by Pranob Mukharjee, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    Few years back

    On the day of his retirement father said to his son "I have fulfilled every needs of family now its upon you, though I have a dream which is still a dream"
    Son : "What's that papa tell me"
    Father : "To own a car is the only wish that I was not able to fulfill"
    At that time son kept silent but something tinkled in mind.

    Time flows and I got busy in job, stability and all, finally 6 -7 Months ago seeing my self at a good position in aspects from job and financial so keeping these considerations in my mind that now I am in a state to purchase a car thought to have a family meeting and decide what next steps to be taken. But after having a quick chat session with my better half this idea for family meeting got dropped out and we both finalized to give this surprise to our parents.

    Now started numerous rounds of discussions with wify on budget, model of car, new v/s old etc. etc. Finally we have decided on the followings

    Budget : 2.25 - 2.5 Lac (I did not want to spend all my savings into this, keeping some for other roles and responsibilities)

    Condition : purchase a used car (My budget wont allow me for new, and I did not want to opt for car loan because of not that I can manage the emi's but for some other reasons)

    Type : At that time still not decided for hatch backs or sedans (I love sedans since my childhood so want to go for them, but wify said let out budget and searching decide that what we get)

    Hunting Begins

    Finally started my search for car, visited a number of auto-deals and individuals referred by friends but none of the vehicle shortlisted. I also started looking into OLX and Quickr for deals have visited some of them for a quick inspection and TD, have never thought of OLX and Quickr could come that handy these days. After 2-3 months of search finally shortlisted few cars for a decision.
    Below is the list of shortlisted ones :
    1. WagonR : Frankly I never liked WagonR but shortlisted this on basis of its condition and
    2. Santro : Good VFM, mileage, condition, easily available in budget etc.
    3. I10 : Condition, mileage
    4. Ford figo : Condition
    5. Corolla :
    6. Honda city dolphin model :
    7. Tata Indigo : Mileage, easily available in budget

    Still at this point I have not seen any Linea or any fiat cars (Frankly speaking I have not heard much about Linea till I really purchased it but have seen it a couple of times on road)

    Shortlist gets more short

    1. WagonR : Out of list for only reason we both did not like this model a much
    2. Santro : Out of list wify do not like this ( :( though I liked santro)
    3. I10 : We both agreed on this, one shortlisted
    4. Ford figo : Out of list
    5. Corolla : We both liked, TD and inspection for one selected went pretty well.
    6. Honda city dolphin model : we have selected 2 of them, TD and inspection were fine was on price negotiation stage
    7. Tata Indigo : Have selected a couple in starting but later both were out of list, one was out of state registered and NOC from local RTO was not available also did not got any response from seller(auto-deal) also. Second one was good but after having to much negative reviews for Tata cars opted this out of list (I still think if there are lot of negative reviews for Tata cars specially indigo then how they are selling so hot these days)
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  2. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    The day it got all changed

    After so much scrutinizing and brain-storming session finally selected one of the Honda city 2006 model, have done TD couple of times (all the TD has been done by my friend as before my own car I have driven a car rarely), inspection done, took a mechanic to have a detailed look all went well now we stand for price negotiations only with the seller. On the day when seller has called to have a sitting for final talk and final the deal, in noon wify called and asked "Have to done the deal?" I said "No will go to meet him in evening" then she said "Can you skip todays meeting?" I asked "Why?" She said "I have sent you a link from quickr and olx both for the same car, can you have a look into it? I know we have almost final the deal but for my sake look the details" I asked "Okay if you are saying so, btw which car is this" Wify :"Its name is Linea and from FIAT" Me: "Linea, not heard of much, but okay let me check that".

    I opened the link and the first look on the picture it all blow me away, the first thought into my mind was "This is the car I want, there can be nobody between this and me ":)

    Below are the pics that I have seen and fell into love again ;)

    Fiat-Linea-emotion-pack-petrol-1811497102-1407331397_lg.jpeg Fiat-Linea-emotion-pack-petrol-99048324-1407063183_lg.jpeg Fiat-Linea-emotion-pack-petrol-1006238538-1407063185_lg.jpeg

    More to come soon... "The deal", "The day I get hold on it", "Surprise", "Drive"

  3. miteshpunjani

    miteshpunjani Amatore

    Congratulations Pranob. Good going with the story. Waiting to read more. Till the time enjoy your ride safely.
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  4. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Wow, I think this is the magic of Fiat creating on a person who has never heard or seen a Fiat car and such is the charisma Fiat has ! Looking for the next episode :) with the current set of pictures.
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  5. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Bharath...You won't believe how I ended up buying Linea. I had a Hyundai Accent & was happy with it. Was not looking to change the car. And one day while I was riding my bike, suddenly a black colour car overtook me. I was amazed seeing its beauty. Initially I thought it might be a luxury car like Audi or BMW. And then only saw the emblem 'Fiat'. It was love at first sight. And after 5yrs, still the love is same :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 10, 2014 ---
    Good story bro :) Waiting for the remaining.
  6. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    The Deal

    I never had thought that this phase will be difficult of all, after seeing the link on olx verified the car details mentioned there with RTO like owner name/address, fuel type and other details seller mentioned in the deal.

    Called up the seller asking more details on vehicle and fixed an appointment with him for a visit for TD and general inspection. He told me to meet after 2-3 days as he was out of town that moment and will be back by a day after or 2. That evening I cancelled my meeting with the Honda city seller telling him I have change my mood for buying used car and will go for a new one. After a couple of days I again called the Linea owner for a visit, he agreed to meet on Sunday.

    On the decided day went to visit the car and his owner, I went with my wify as my friend who was with me for all the car TD and inspection was busy with some work). It was really looking like a stunning masculine dressed up in fiery red. Had done a little inspection on car of what I know till that time (By that time after doing so many TD and inspections in last couple of months I got a little information to check general things;)). Has a detailed talk with the owner about the car its performance, ride quality, build quality etc. Then I checked the car from inside and outside both in general and the time I am spending more in inspecting the car was getting more attracted to it.

    At that time not only the car had got a place in my mind but the owner himself got some respect, he appeared very simple and honest. He feed me with every possible detail for Linea, shown servicing bills for the past 2 years, giving me details about which parts have been changed or repaired in this time period etc.

    Good points
    • Ride
    • Build quality
    • Performance
    • Looks
    • Blue&Me works super fine
    • Insurance has been done 15 days earlier so that cost is saved for a year
    Bad points (Not anything bad about the car but from bad in view from my inspection and none of them diverted me from my Linea)
    • Week health of tyres (need to be changed within next 1000 km, owner already told me this before inspection)
    • Interior was not so clean compared to cleanliness in exterior
    • Rear left taillight missing transparent plastic piece of about 3 inches besides fog light
    • Collapsible rear sun protection curtain was out of its hinges and was no use until its locking handle changed
    • Gaping difference in boot lid, left side was lifted near about an inch compared to right side (Got this fixed after a quick general service was fulfilled after delivery, although not fully fixed but the gap is now less than half a cm which was 2.3 cm earlier)
    • Engine oil level was low (Topped it up and all other fluids in general service)
    • Right side OVRM support was broken and was fixed with duct tape (I thought to leave it as electronics for OVRM are working fine so no plan to change it in near future)
    • Right side front chrome beading strip missing. (Will have a new one soon)
    • The minute thing which I did not liked was the FIAT logo on remote key was also missing, looked like it was opened for some reason and did not glued back.
    • Left side front fog lamp is orange
    • Left side front fog lamp support is broken a bit had two visible cracks.
    • Gap in bonnet spacing left to right
    Now came the toughest part "the negotiation", owner wants somewhat near about 3.1 Lacs (this was so out of my budget that was decided, had a 15-20 min chat with wify about the decision) but after so much detailed talk and negotiations on basis of above mentioned points cracked the deal in 2.8 Lac (still out of my budget, but its decided that no one part me from this Linea). So finaly we had the deal, gave owner some token money and got receipt for the deal. I was decided to pay rest of amount in next two days and I will take delivery on next Sunday.

    After I came back to home there were lots of things going into my mind like over budget, quick expenses (on new tyres etc), and one more thing I have finalized the deal but did not have a professional mechanic to check the car. So I called my friend and told him all the things including my worries also, we decided to have another quick inspection and TD along with my friend this time and also for a mechanic checkup before payment we agreed on this and I called the owner for the same, although before calling owner I told my friend that look buddy the deal is done I want that car so whatever the mechanic guy is gonna say I am still getting this car he said no worries dear.

    A couple of days later on the decided day for final payment we went along with the mechanic to check the car properly (My friend did his part of inspection also) as decided on call. After a brief inspection done by both my friend and mechanic and two rounds of TD no new points came in front of us that was being unknown since the day of deal. I was really very happy from my heart. Words from mechanic were same as my friends (The ride is superfine other than the tyre work and oil change there is no requirement for a single penny to spend on this, engine is up to the mark, suspensions and all other parts are good).

    Made the payment got the RTO transfer papers signed for ownership transfer, so now the Linea is mine.

    Came back with a smile on face and heart :):):):):):):)

    Now waiting starts for the day of delivery.

    The teaser look from the day of delivery


    More to come....
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  7. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    Good going sir.
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  8. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Wow , it seems like a smooth buying experience for you better than from Fiat showroom itself :D.I have always wondered about the headlights that look dirty and dull in some Lineas.Is that because dirt enters inside after years of usage or what o_O.
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  9. Pranob Mukharjee

    Pranob Mukharjee Novizio

    @bharath Yes it was a smooth buying experience but not so easy I will say at least for me ;). I think headlights get dirty due to both the reason due to dirt and sometimes years of usage though will not apply for all. I have seen headlights getting dirty and blurry in bikes also. I am riding Passion pro since 4 years and headlight looks still new but on the same one of my friend bike's headlight had gotten yellow from inside and blurry though he is still a month behind to complete 2 years.:)
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  10. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    That was smooth!! You got a good car.
    Congrats for the deal :)
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