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Winey relation starts - My 1.2 Tuscan Wine

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by autowierdo, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. autowierdo

    autowierdo Amatore

    After just putting my first thread in intro, it will be criminal if i do not share my experience with my love Grandeeee Punto.

    This is going to be long post so please have patience.

    Pre- Purchase Hunt:

    I was crazy about cars & bikes right from school days and even was good at sketching out new designs. Somehow with time this hobby faded but the dream of owning a car n bike never went away.
    Factors like away from hometown, sudden monetary expenses and above all marriage kept postponing my decisions to own one. Being lazy by nature, I always hitched ride or sarkari transport zindabad.
    Once I returned back to Pune in April 2012 after long vanvas in Chennai (5 years, Chennai guys just a pun I still miss the city ;) but I hate autowalas) the Kida of owning bike started niggling me. So last August brought one commuter bike and was ok for some time.

    Test Rides:
    Though right from start I had soft corner for Punto but since the car is still struggling to find a firm grounds I decided to check out cars within the budget (budget not to cross 5lk). Also my high command was always present during these test rides so these are our collective views.

    1. Honda Brio -
      1. Advantage: Nice peppy engine, Honda name, good mileage
      2. Disadvantage – poor quality dashboard plastics (atleast feels cheap), cramped rear seats, bumpy ride on potholed roads (currently only potholes in pune no roads left)

    1. Ford Figo –
      1. Advantage: Roomy interiors, nice driving position, better suspension
      2. Disadvantage – poor brakes (no feel), engine crawls at all gears

    1. I20 -
      1. Advantage: except boat ride at high speed everything good
      2. Disadvantage – out of budget, pricey service and too common

    1. Beat -
      1. Advantage: funky dashboard, futuristic design
      2. Disadvantage – cramped interiors

    Still to come...why I purchased Punto
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  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Welcome Bro !
    Nice starter,pics is must :)
    Happy miles with more smiles
  3. autowierdo

    autowierdo Amatore

    Thanks Ganges will be uploading the pics and story shortly :)
  4. autowierdo

    autowierdo Amatore

    Story Continues...

    Punto Drive:

    The Fiat Café is very close to my home and every time while crossing it I used to sigh, since these cars were out of my range. One fine day just for fun I said to my wifey chal Punto check kar ate hain. (lets checkout punto)
    Her First reaction – Ye kaun si gaadi hai? Abhi launch hui hai kya? (which car is this, a new launch)
    Me – Nahi kafi pahle se hai, mehngi hai isliye kam bikti hai :D (no its old one pricey so sells less)
    Her – Maruti ya Hyundai?
    Me - Nahi Fiat
    Her – What taxi wali fiat?
    Me – They make lot of cars other other than taxi
    Her – Ok aapka man hai to check karte hain but kharidna hai ki nahi main decide karoongi (ok if u want to check lets do it but buying decision will be mine)
    So quickly all dressed up we reach café and I see gleaming Lineas being made ready for delivery.
    Her – Ye to badi car hai (this car is big)
    Me – Nahi dusri hai (its different one)
    Once inside a smacking Punto Sports welcomes you.
    The SA quickly comes over and after noting down our details starts explaining the features.
    Since I had already made 2 of my close friends to buy Punto I knew pretty much about it so I was just checking whats changed in 2013 model.
    After coming out I checked with her.
    Her – Are you sure you want to buy this car
    Me – Why you didn’t liked the car?
    Her – No its super and I thought this will be too costly car
    So I was like – waah finally we agree on some point.
    Since there was no demo car I asked SA to send car during weekend.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    So on weekend 1.3 MJD emotion was on our door step and took it for a spin.
    The drive was for approx 10km and I was pretty happy with response and drive.
    But since I was looking for petrol (Diesel been out of equation due to cost and car will be mainly for pleasure drives) I wanted to know the feel of 1.2.

    The Café guys didn’t had 1.2 so went to Pandit very next day and took a drive of 1.2.

    The petrol pickup was appropriate for my liking though its slightly less than mjd.
    The feature wise not much difference and I liked the interiors more compared to car tested so far (except i20).
    The ride is well planted and cars absorbs bumps quite well.

    So now decision time. Figo was nearest contender and also price wise cheaper by 30-40k.
    But in this confusion time the fiat vs figo comparison on this site helped me to tilt my decision towards punto, Also wifey said why to bother for few bucks lets buy the best (I was like :eek:).

    So finally booked my love at Pandit. Though my first choice was Pearl White but high command ordered only Tuscan wine chalega so booked that color and glad it was a good decision :)
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  5. autowierdo

    autowierdo Amatore

    During the booking period got in touch with TFI guys in whatsapp which helped me to finalize the dealer.
    Now after booking news of 2012 car sale came and I was like should I cut down to active diesel. But somehow feature list, usage pattern and strict no from my parents made me to stick to petrol. (It hurts while filling )

    Now Pics time WP_20130803_007.jpg WP_20130803_010.jpg WP_20130811_003.jpg
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  6. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare

    Congrts bro. But 2012 Active would have been my choice coz anyways your usage will increase after a period of time why to buy another diesel car when you can get a Diesel car at petrol price.

    This is how i started my purchase and wanted to buy a 1.4 emotion soon after realizing the discounts for diesel i booked a 1.3mjd active immediately and soon after i had done close to 28k kms on the first year and now my driving has been reduced a lot but i feel diesels are the one to be with.
  7. mahesh.bandel

    mahesh.bandel Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats on your ride rakesh!
    Nice review and splendid pics. Wish you all the best with your ride and do share your long term experiences in days to come.
  8. nobrakes


    Congrats! And welcome to the 1.2 club. Ive been driving the same since july 2011 and im very satisfied with the same. Looking forward to more posts from you.

  9. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats and welcome to the house of Fiatians, where others just bash whereas we enzoi the Beauty and make them more envy......
    I have the Punto since 2010 and still as new when i take her out, its the same feeling i get at the time of delivery.
  10. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Welcome aboard and Congrats on the buy.

    Btw the pics are nice. Which place is that and the DAM?

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