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Windshield Sun Shield Visor Blocks

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Viny, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Yes, they are. :)
  2. Prash1407

    Prash1407 Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Are you using this for the side windows also? The blinds are available in Polco website for both front and side. But that would be illegal to keep them on during the drive. Any alternatives for the sides other than the CR70 from 3M?
  3. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    You have 3m RE70, which I think costs 4k-5k - DR1V3R has these on his 76hp. Then there is the cheapest 70VLT film - 3m SP70 which has a slight gray tint. Costs around 2500.
    3m CR90 has the highest VLT of 89%. Costs 10k+
    And then you have a few variants from gareware. SL70 with(AFAIK) a very, very light bluish tinge, another variant with a greenish tinge, another with a slight brown tinge and lastly one with a light gray tinge - lighter than SP70 - these cost 3-3.5k and offer better heat rejection than RE70.

    No idea about LLumar, V-Kool etc.

    My dad's Innova had a completely transparent local brand film sourced from JC Road of ~80% VLT and heat rejection of not more than 25%, and cost ~2000. I found it a little effective, better than having no tints at all.
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