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Windshield Replacement - Fiat Punto

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by MrBig, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. MrBig


  2. MrBig


    Got my windshield replaced at WindShield Experts at Madivala Bangalore. They were very fast and efficient.

    Total Cost - 6282/-
    Brand - AIS
    Total time taken for installation - 1 hour for installation + 1 hour for drying
  3. kavitsharma


    7 month old punto develops thread like crack - poor windscreen quality


    I am ‘not-so-proud’ owner of a Fiat Punto bearing Regn. number CH-01**** purchased from Joshi Motors, Chandigarh on October 30,2011. I say so because ever since I purchased the car, my apprehensions about the quality of the car have proven true:

    1) During the first month itself, the driver’s seat started creaking. After 2 visits to Joshi Motors, the problem was taken care of.

    2) Subsequently, when the AutoCop was installed by the dealers, the siren of the Autocop cracked within the first week itself and needed replacement. Very soon, the Autocop also malfunctioned and I was locked inside the car. I had to drive to the dealer immediately to get the door opened and get myself out. The left side of the dashboard also started squeaking.

    3)Now, to top it all, the most unusual thing has happened. Around 4 weeks back, when the car was barely 7 months old, a thread like crack developed on the front windshield. The crack originates from the edge of the windshield and was around 5 inches long when it first appeared mysteriously. The crack is developing further(now 'L' shaped and around 15 inches) and is palpable only from outside implying it is only on one layer of the laminated glass. There is no evidence of any impact or any hit by an external object. Pls refer to the photographs attached.

    I am utterly disappointed with the quality of the materials used by Fiat. I am apprehensive about my safety and that of my family members as I fear that the glass used in all the windshields (front, rear and side) can shatter easily without any impact.

    I would like to make a strong protest against this and want you to take immediate action on this serious complaint as the car has been rendered unusable. 100_6880.jpg 100_6885.jpg 100_6886.jpg 100_6887.jpg 100_6893.jpg 100_6897.jpg

    FIAT should look into the matter seriously. For a brand that is struggling to rebuild its image in India, the least they want is disgruntled customers over quality issues!!!

  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Sorry to hear this kavitsharma.

    But, the reason for the windshield crack could be many. Not that Fiat used worst quality glasses. We all have the same kind of windshield glass and any issue with that is a rare case. Also, remember that the glass is manufactured by Asahi and the same company supply automotive glasses to most of the other manufacturers including Honda.

    It is highly unlikely that Fiat (not only Fiat, any company wouldn't) will take responsibility and cover this under warranty. I suggest you to go for insurance if possible and yes do it very soon.
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  5. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    True that there are few sub-standard quality parts in current gen of Fiats, but yours does not fall under that category. AIS provides glass to most manufacturers including VW, Skoda, Honda, Maruti, Toyota, Ford, etc. I had a nice crack in my Punto too, but that was due to a small stone impact from a moron in front of me. AIS is to blame for quality in your case, if any, and not FIAT.

    Push for a warranty replacement as there is no impact or chipping in your case. They should replace it through warranty.

    BTW, I got mine replaced at Windshield Experts. I got Saint Gobain glass this time. Costed 6.5k total. And FYI, both Punto and Linea use the same glass.
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  6. sungoa2010


    Sad to hear about the cracks. Looks like the the crack is a manufacturing defect(a chance). The crack is developed from the sides which is the typical case with manufacturing defects. A small defect can also get prominent because of temperature variations. Fiat has no role to play here. It can happen with any other brands. Otherwise how the windshield suppliers do run their shops. In punto due to having a wider glass the supporting edges will experience more stress than the smaller windshield like that in swift.
  7. kavitsharma


    Pathetic response from FIAT :(

    True man ... no point of impact could be seen by anyone..
    In the meantime, I have also consulted a windshield expert and an insurance surveyor. Both of them failed to see any point of impact along the whole length of the crack. Their findings are as below:

    1) The crack emanates at the bottom edge of the front windscreen and is the thickest near the edge. It eventually thins out evenly as the crack goes upwards. Also, the crack is of the 'L' shape type.
    2) Coincidentally, the crack originates from the central clasp which holds the windscreen to the body.This is strong evidence that the clasp's faulty fitting could well be the sole reason behind development of the crack.
    3) There is no point of impact visible to the eye. It cannot be established even by means of the widely accepted needle or pen test that is used to ascertain the point of impact on a broken windscreen.

    All the above are clear indications that either the windscreen had some intrinsic defect or there was a problem with the factory-fitting of the windscreen. These factors led to abnormal stresses on the windscreen resulting in the crack which measures an astonishing 24 inches approximately at the moment and is spreading.

    Fiat India on the other hand is acting super lousy - they refuse to inspect the car and keep harping that the crack was caused by an impact without any freaking fact to support their claim!! Super disappointed with their behavior :(

  8. Ok, joining this group today.

    Got hit by stone today from a truck that passed by me. Gosh I was at 80 and he might be too at 80 with full load from the opposite direction, a stone fell on the windshield and now it appears punctured.

    The worst part is i had put Garware Ice cool shield on the windshield which cost 3000 rupees.

    Surely is a bad day for me.
    My car is 1 year and 8 months old, what is the % coverage for glass from insurance -[Bajaj insurance]
  9. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Its alarming to see the numbers increasing..

    Bst to change it as early as possible.. the crack may grow and one fine day it will have to be replaced..
    i think its illegal to run with a broken windshield.
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  10. hebbal1273

    hebbal1273 Timido

    Even my Oct 2011 Punto(1.3MLD Emotion) has developed windshield cracks similar to the above. No impact nothing. I had given my vehicle for servicing(2nd free service) & when giving the vehicle, there were no cracks. However when I went to collect the vehicle, during inspection I noticed the the crack. After I complained to Concorde they said they would replace the glass for free as there may have been some mistake on their part. However when I went to collect the vehicle the second time, I saw a similar crack the 2nd time, even before I could collect the vehicle !!!
    Concorde motors now acknowledge they may be having quality problems & promised to take it up with Fiat. Currently the vehicle is with them & hopefully my problem will get solved.
    In addition the other 2 issues below are also seen
    1. Driver's seat creaking
    2. Left side of the dashboard creaking

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