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Will you go for ground clearence upgrade if Fiat offer it as a kit?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sungoa2010, Jan 29, 2012.


Will you opt for Ground clearence upgrade if it is available at TASS?

  1. Yes

    65 vote(s)
  2. No

    75 vote(s)
  1. do you have little free play in the steering after upgrade?
  2. kvk

    kvk Amatore

    I have not noticed any play in my linea after the upgrade

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  3. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    i will be going for the GC kit from Galaxy motors coming saturday. they asked me to confirm by thursday as they do have some spare kits. primary reason being i have a big family which includes my parents and my wife and despite of upgrading from an Indica to a Linea mjd almost 1.5 years ago we have not been able to go on a family outing fully loaded. let me see how this goes. will share my experience soon.
  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Nor did I notice any play in steering after the GC upgrade in my Linea.
  5. Looks like Michelin's are contributing to false free play.
  6. teky

    teky Esperto

    I don't have any issues Sat. I haven't upgraded the GC kit though so in probability think about suspension and alignment.

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  7. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    its done. finally got my GC kit installed from Galaxy motors Mulund. usual confusion over appointment time and timelines. but, i was attended 40 mins after i landed there. apparently as per the front office, they were short staffed.. on a saturday:eek::eek:... when maximum vehicles come for services, breakfix etc. .:evilsmile:evilsmile...how can you be short staffed on a saturday :evil: anyways, i was told that it would take 4-5 hours for the entire activity but after i reached there on saturday at 10am i was told that it would take longer (5.30pm) as it is a mammoth task and is time taking as per the SA. i told him i know all about the process (since i had read a lot on TFI:D:D) and it should be ready earlier. however there was no change in the response and since i stay in Andheri i decided to leave the car at the workshop after the SA said that he would have it delivered at my home once the job is done. car reached at 6.30pm it was dark by then so did not do much. yesterday morning, i came down to have a proper look at my car for any scratches,bumps etc but was glad:p:p there weren't any new ones. and as for the GC, i was really amazed :wow :eek::eek: to see how much the car had risen after the new kit was installed. i imm called my family down and we went on a short drive in Aarey colony. this place is renowned to have the most potholes and craters that you would need. (i guess all suspension tests by car manufacturers happen on this road only) anyways the feedback i got with a fullly loaded car was amazing. my parents and my 7 year old were at the back and me and my wife were in the front and the car went on over all the craters without scraping the underbelly. it took me some time to get used to overcome the extra cautiousness that i had earlier but i soon realised that things are different now.i also found the steering a little free than before, not sure of the exact reason. today i intentionally took the Sealink (bandra worli sea link) to office (lower parel) as this is the only stretch within the city where one can drive in a straight line at a decent speed. i did not feel any difference in handling besides the free feel in the steering that i mentioned earlier.
    Overall, Day 3 and i am feeling pretty good for the 15K i spent and this will definitely go a long way in planning more long distance trips with family.....
    Cheers to all and thanks TFI for this platform where there is so much to know about our Fiats........
    next project: ICE 'ing my mjd.
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    Grande Punto 1.3
    How much did it costed you ? Can you please share invoice details.
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  9. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    Hey shashank, am at office now. Will upload the invoice once am back home. Can't remember the exact cost as I paid in cash :D. I would have able to confirm if I had paid by card. ;)
  10. cooltaurean

    cooltaurean Amatore

    hi shashank, my invoice value was 16,416. uploading the invoice. hope this helps.
    Sorry for the additional artwork.

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