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Will Tata Motors and Fiat Ride Out the Jinx?

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. nk4FIAT

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    As a JV they can continue becoz if they came out, it will be 3rd time FIAT is closing and restarting( 1st with premier, then their own and now with Tata). It will be huge setback for them from which they will never come out. Rather FIAT should start their own Sales outlets (or give specific FIAT car selling agencies) and tie upwith tata service for A.S.S. through Sales outlets. All existing Tata-Fiat dealer will also continue to sell. It will lead competition between Purely FIAT sales outlets and Tata-Fiat dealers. (but only problem is that Tata-Fiat should not give step brother like treatment tp buyers from FIAT outlets when they came for A.S.S.). This can be ensured by keeping dedicated FIAT team at service center who will ensure, equal treatment for all FIAT cars whether purchased from tata-Fiat or FIAT outlet. They can also think of specific FIAT maintenace workshop in metros which will be common to all FIAT cars irespective of seller.
    This will increase volume and also ensure more service and sales outlets for FIAT.
    But again the most importanat point - Where is the aggressive and innovative advtz detailing all features of FIAT cars? I think for 01 full year this bombardment is required. I sware, many people don't know FIATs are still available.
  2. sachi

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  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Above is the news I saw, thanks for finding sachi.

    And JV is not going anywhere, but the strategy will change.
  4. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Looks like mainly the 'distribution strategy' will change. No changes in the other aspects like service and support.
  5. News article reported in today's Times of India, Business section.

    Car, bike makers work on new branding strategies
    Pankaj Doval, TNN, Feb 10, 2011, 02.44am IST

    ".........................Another company working on a new brand strategy is Fiat. The Italian company, a laggard in the Indian market, is going for an image makeover to revive fortunes. Fiat will open exclusive company-owned brand stores or "image points" in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore, where it will display the company's range of cars along with merchandise, accessories and authentic Italian coffee. "We want customers to experience what the Fiat brand stands for as we feel that the focus at the Tata-Fiat joint dealerships now is more on selling cars than on brand promotion," Fiat India MD Rajeev Kapoor said.

    Fiat, known globally for style and flair, is recreating the model it has developed in several countries to highlight brands. Globally, it has several image points to showcase brands like Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati. That's not all. General Motors is also working on a similar brand exercise by carrying out a series of campaigns to mark the 100 years of its Chevy brand, the mainstay for the company in India.................. "

    News Link :
  6. Aanand

    Aanand Amatore

  7. US: Fiat chief concerned over Indian JV
    News courtesy : Just-Auto

    Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne is unhappy with the carmaker's joint venture with Tata Motors in India and plans to take steps to change the relationship.

    Marchionne said that the current relationship is not working. "We gave to them the right to distribute and in some areas that is not working. We need to re-dimension how we do this deal."

    The Fiat chief was speaking to the Wall Street Journal at the North American Dealers’ Association convention in San Francisco and followed comments by Tata chief executive Carl-Peter Forster last week that he was "not happy" with the rate of Fiat sales and was considering ways to restructure the partnership.

    Tata Motors, which owns 50% of Fiat India Automobiles, sold 15,231 Fiat cars in the April to December 2010 period, a fall of 15% year on year.

    Marchionne also took a swipe at Chrysler's former partner Daimler, saying the reason the partnership between the two companies didn't work was due to the German company’s disrespect for Chrysler's products.

    DaimlerChrysler existed for nine years before the US company was sold to private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management in 2007.

    Link :
    http://www.just-auto.com/news/fiat-chie ... 08988.aspx
  8. sungoa2010


    There is no reason why Tata CEO is not happy with the JV. Fiat has taken Tata to a level which they could not have imagined. Now Fiat should stop giving new technology to Tata Cars. Its brand image is getting diluted with Tata.
  9. Arun1100

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  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    So finally it looks concrete.
    But why not Bangalore?? :hit

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