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Will get a fiat car soon Edit: Booked and PDI done

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by daretodream, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. daretodream

    daretodream Timido

    HSR Layout
    Linea 1.4
    Yes ferrari1234! Dealer has 1 BNW, 1 FTA (both MJD Linea) in stock. Another 4 puntos (MJD) and 2 Punto Sports edition in stock. No T-Jet with the dealer except the TD car.

    Oh wow! nice color. BNW looks absolutely majestic. Hope to meet you there.
    Well the thoughts of interstate long ride is creating anxiety churns in my stomach. I'm just waiting to meet my family with our latest addition to the family :)

    The Mat quality was at best pathetic from what I saw in the showroom cars. And delayed monsoon already creating occassional showers in Bangalore, i didnt want to take any risk. Have already booked Beige Color 3d Kagu Mats with Head Over Wheels(Varthur Road, Bangalore) and will fit it the first thing after taking delivery.

    What are the stock tyres you got? Any plans to change them?

    Yes, that is true. I've read in team-BHP that illuminated door sils are only for T-Jets. Nevertheless, some of the enthusiastic members did stickering on Regular MJD Door Sils and those stickers reflected nicely on lights and flash as if they are illuminated door sils.
  2. Yes,I too read in Team-BHP that illuminated door sills are for T-Jets only.
  3. Mats that I got are not rubbers mats. Not sure about material but looks and feels good. Anyhow 3d Kagu mats are on cards :)

    I got Good Year tyres. I thought of changing tyres to either Michelin or Yokohama but now thinking of keeping the stock tyres and will change once these go off. But you never know when and how that itch comes and tyres get changed :).

    By this time you must be taking delivery of your love:)
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
  4. where are you man? I can understand you excitement of owning all new linea but please update and let us watch your beauty too:)

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