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Will get a fiat car soon Edit: Booked and PDI done

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by daretodream, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. daretodream

    daretodream Timido

    HSR Layout
    Linea 1.4
    Thanks for the inputs Anish! :)

    Blue is my fav color.. Have 2003 Bajaj Pulsar (the first generation with round headlights...) which is also Blue.
    My wife was always against Oceanic Blue and pushing me for Tuscan Wine or Boss Nova White.. and with all the suspense and thrillers in past 15 days..
    I have given in to whichever color was most readily available.. Tuscan Wine..
    Unless something is grossly wrong during PDI, I guess it will be Tuscan Wine.
  2. That's great man! Hope you get your linea love soon :)
    I am also waiting for 25th or 26th June, if I do not get other dates from Fiat :( Not sure why cars are not getting dispatched? Why Fiat Why???
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  3. daretodream

    daretodream Timido

    HSR Layout
    Linea 1.4
    MODS: I dont know whether to continue in the same thread. Please move to some other thread if this is not the right place.

    SA Irshad called me up today morning to inform that Car has arrived in their stockyard today morning. I was occupied with work and could not go there then.
    I am leaving now for the PDI. armed with the PDI check list.
    Will post the feedback later tonight!
  4. great man! Congratulations :) Please post your PDI experience. Looking forward for your buying and initial ownership review with lots of pics of your beauty:)
    And hoping I get my Linea soon !!
  5. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    All the best to you dare2dream. Please, post PDI experience.
  6. Great Mr.D.T.D and finally.
  7. saipv

    saipv Amatore

    gud to hear that daretodream ...congratss ... and, how was the PDI experience ?
  8. nbvcrao

    nbvcrao Amatore

    congrats daretodream..

    awaiting your experience of PDI followed by pics..Happy moments with your new Linea..
  9. Any updates daretodream? How was PDI experience, any pic(s)... the first look of your beauty?? When are you going to get delivery or have you got it?
  10. daretodream

    daretodream Timido

    HSR Layout
    Linea 1.4
    Hi All
    Sorry for the delayed PDI report and kept interested folks waiting.

    I reached KHT Motors showroom around 5.45 pm after struggling in the whitefield traffic. SA had called multiple times to say that yard closes by 6pm and to hurry up. Once I was at showroom, SA quickly took out the Test Drive OB Linea and we both rushed to their yard which is near Kundalhalli lake. The last 1 km to the yard was through a kuccha road (not a pitch road) which will easily become muddy the moment it rains.
    We reached there, the security asked us for Gate Pass even though SA was wearing his FIAT logo uniform. He handed over the gatepass and we were in.
    First impressions of the yard
    - Not a concrete or tar flooring. It is an open field with 8 feet high boundaries on 4 sides.
    - Cars are kept in rows- models grouped together.
    - There is no roof for shade for cars storage. i.e. It is an open-sky treatment.
    - There is a small building which houses their yard-office with an attached section for car cleaning, drying and inspection.
    Here are the pics of the yard:
    20120622_144810.jpg 20120622_144839.jpg 20120622_144833.jpg

    All New FIAT cars (Puntos and Lineas) were right at the centre of the yard and right in front of the yard office. I liked it - as if they have given the most prime location to the FIAT cars. And here they were as if they've been all lined up to welcome me :)

    And I could see 2 Lineas relaxing there - a FTA and a TW -
    20120622_144151.jpg 20120622_144146.jpg

    Yes That is My Car
    I just rushed to the car and just stood there admiring it - although it was covered in like 2-3 mm of dust carpet.
    I also saw that the one of the moron drivers who unloaded this car from the truck used the wiper on such a thick dust! :mad:
    Then SA came back and asked me whether I want to check anything specific. First I asked him about the wiper and he said that this is done by the drivers loading trucks at FIAT plant as these cars are stored in the plant also in open and gather dust. I was not fully convinced though.
    I asked him to wait and went back to the car which brought us to the yard and got my 15 page PDI checklist (which I'd downloaded from Team-BHP), a pendrive(loaded with songs) and my pen to make my notes. Should have seen SA's expression then-he knew I was well prepared. First I checked for VIN Number and saw the VIN Number on the sticker on the front left side quarterglass as shown in picture below:

    So my VIN Number is MCA110C1B09030640DLZ
    First Check: LZ means year of manufacture 2012
    Second Check: D : Means month of manufacture: April
    Third Check: 110C1B = 3V-1.3-JTD-90CV-CF4-NEW EMOTION -INDIA

    Then I asked him to open the car and show me the actual VIN number that is etched on teh car chassis. It was on the floor below the carpet of the front passenger foot well as shown in the picture below. The carpet is pulled up and kept open by putting a pen to stop going back into the position so that I can take the photo.

    The VIN closeup is below-

    Car opened - and saw that the driver seat barely has any plastic cover on it :eek:. The plastic was torn off from the seating area as well as back support. A bundle remained near the hip area which no one bothered to remove. The front passenger seat had no plastic cover on the seat but back support was covered with plastic. I asked the SA why plastic was removed and he said that plastic makes people to slip while driving on inclines on the ramp during loading unloading from the truck and hence it is removed. I was not convinced! Pics:

    Rear Seats were all nicely covered in plastic:

    Tyres Check:
    Stock Tyres: GOODYEAR EAGLE NCT 5
    Date of Manufacture: 7th Week of 2012.(February 2012)
    I am disappointed. I was expecting atleast Apollo Accelleres
    During Tyre Check I happened to see the rust on the Disc Break. I was shocked :eek:. SA told me that these discs are made of cast iron and rust is a normal thing and not to worry a bit about it. Lots of Tyre Pics follow:
    20120622_143614.jpg 20120622_143627.jpg 20120622_143633.jpg 20120622_143646.jpg 20120622_143807.jpg 20120622_143802.jpg

    I went to check the TD car and while it also had rusting on discs, the degree of rusting was too low. Also, I checked some other cars in the yard, they had rusting of varying levels. I am not sure whether this is a very serious issue or nothing to worry about.

    The Rear Tyre:
    Next Check was to enter car from driver sear and look at the ODO- It had on display H 17 :D

    I also tested out the FM Radio and the USB media playing from my USB Drive. I am not an audiophile - sound was ok for me even when I did maximum volume.
    Checked the doors closing and opening and there was some mild shattering sound in left rear door(I thought so). SA told it will be checked in their own PDI.
    Checked child lock functionality which has to be done manually using key.
    Checked Seat Belt adjustments- all ok.

    Opened the boot, checked for leakages, proper fastening of cables, wires, no rusting/deposit on battery leads( battery was EXIDE.. was expecting Amaron), liquid levels (all ok). Started the engine and kept it idling for sometime and again inspected the boot. No abnormal noise or sound. No leakages either. Sorry.. dont have photos of this part of the PDI.. I got so engrossed that forgot to take pics. Checked Battery Warranty/Guarranty which SA told is for 1year and papers will be given at the time of delivery.

    Also, checked the boot, found everything normal. The boot had a bag with the jack and tools. It had a plastic pouch which was a first aid kit- side of a ciggarette box- I thought it is a mockery of First Aid Kit. There was also a foldable reflector with stand for those highway breakdowns. Sorry- no pics again here!

    Then the outer body inspection and immediately found the beading on the roof was out of place- almost screaming for attention. SA told me that this is a common complain in Punto as well as Lineas and will all be taken care in their own PDI.
    20120622_143529.jpg 20120622_143729.jpg 20120622_143903.jpg

    Found these stickers on the top left corner of the windshield:
    Windshield stickers.jpg
    If you see above pic carefully, you will see a white sticker pasted from inside. So, I again went inside the car to figure out what that sticker is for. It was for Road Side Assistance:
    20120622_144349.jpg 20120622_144341.jpg

    I had a doubt whether this car has actually just arrived or it was lying in their yard for long and SA has told me that it is new arrival. So, asked him bluntly and he told it is new. He also showed me a file which showed that this car had arrived the same day. To be extra sure, I just walked out on the pretext of talking on mobile and went to security guys and checked with them about the car arrival and while one of them was not aware, the other guy told that it came in morning and he was present during its unloading.

    So, assured that car is indeed a fresh arrival, I walked back and clicked some more photos of my would-be Tuscan Wine Beauty for your eyes treat-
    My Car!.jpg 20120622_143932.jpg 20120622_144028.jpg 20120622_144005.jpg 20120622_143954.jpg

    We then locked the car, handed over the Key Fob to the yard officials, and made our way out.
    I saw a T-Jet test drive car in the yard-
    Beauty isnt she! -

    As per my better half, Friday 29th June after 12.30pm is auspicious time to take the delivery. I have already done the downpayment. Car Registration will be done on Thursday. KHT will do its own PDI on Wednesday.

    Leaving you with pictures of my would-be beauty:
    My Car!.jpg 20120622_144037.jpg 20120622_143552.jpg 20120622_144028.jpg 20120622_144005.jpg 20120622_143954.jpg
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