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Why there isnt a Team Honda, Team Skoda, Team xyz .....

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by gurjinder, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. ENKI

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    1. An image of a nuts & unprofessional brand, yet with awesome talent with most no. of European cars of the Yr. under it's belt. Amazing contribution to what automotive world is today but fans sympathize for the fact that how less FIAT is benefitted for it, An unsung Pioneer of the automotive world! Only company which has survived 3 times backruptcy & suddenly introducing a stunning new product with immediate European car of the Year & break through technologies. Most unpredictable of all brands, likes to flirt with danger. For Fans, More like a teacher who has a soft corner for the kid who is naughty but most talented in the class.

    2. Contribution in Car racing has been far more than any other automaker, Fiats 124/Fiat 131 & Lancia with many decades of domination in WRC/ERC. Talk Ferrari/Alfa Romeo/Maserati which were acquired later on. F1/Rally's etc. do have some passionate followers, don't they!

    3. Toyota/Honda/Nissan may get appraisals but a fan doesn't have reasons to feel passionate for it, nothing ground breaking. Hyundai's of 1970-80's when they finally gained some market share in America due to rising fuel expenses. They know how to meet the most purpose of "MAJORITY" yet keep it basic & simple, only good businessmen like typical Japanese. You want to be a passionate follower of this virtue, try it when your innerself call you a thief to yourself.

    4. Unfair critics in media/press, much more than FIAT actually deserves. It looks less of a media concern but more of big automakers, they just can't afford to let technologically advanced & fun to drive vehicle let loose among the crowd. Talk some attempts by VW to buy Alfa Romeo with 3 Billion Euro's which is selling only 1 product in the market with 500 millions Euro's loss per year. Merchionne told VW "NEIN ("No" in german language)". He knows that it was for New Multiair engines & Compact wide platform of Giulietta for next Golf/A3/A5/Laura... & what not! With a VW badge on an Alfa Romeo car, it will do wonders for sales.

    "VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech has made no secret he thinks Alfa would be a good fit within the group's expansive portfolio of brands, where it could benefit from their pooled vehicle architectures and technology:D. But Marchionne has refused to sell Alfa, and observers think he is unlikely to change his mind".

    Reference is:http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/04/us-autoshow-geneva-fiat-alfa-idUSBRE92302T20130304You

    You can love whatever brand you want, but the CEOs/MDs are fantacizing some other car.

    Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn that he is a fan of Alfa, but would only make a move if Fiat wished to sell. Reference:http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows/vw-boss-interested-alfaHenry

    Henry Ford used to doff his hat when-ever a Ferrari/Alfa Romeo passed by. During 1960's, Ford & GM were the true Golbalized auto brands as they were ruling America till 80s when Japanese entered ditto like what Hyundai did during last decade.

    Ask Henry Ford to doff to a Toyota Prius Hybrid or a Toyota Corolla & get your bums kicked real hard:evilsmile!!
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  3. [h=3]What is the Gang of Dusters all about? And what exactly is the West Coast Expedition?[/h] Initiated and managed by Renault, the Gang of Dusters (G.O.D) is the official fan club for Duster owners in India. Think challenging cross country trips, exciting impromptu rallies, exhaustive servicing sessions and fun networking meets, you get the idea! The West Coast Expedition is the first ever trip of the G.O.D as a community. It is a 5-day drive starting from Mumbai on 15th of August, 2013 and moving through Panhala, Dandeli, Goa, and Kolad before culminating at Mumbai on the 19th of August, 2013.
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    whats so special in this route,Linea with Low GC can also do :D
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  5. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

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    I think Duster Enthusiasts Club is organised by Renault in India due to Rising Demand for Ugly Ecosport:evilsmile..
  6. I started seeing few ecosport already on road, interesting see what numbers Duster will churn after 4-5 months.

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