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Why not have two sets of Wheels ? Discussion between a FIATist and his wife.

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by srida, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Time has come for new set of tyres for my punto which has run 31000 KMS on the odo. I have come to this decision based on the increased road noise, worsening ride quality, bad steering feedback (sometimes too much of feed back sometimes less feedback), loss in grip during cornering. After going thro' Tbhp and TFI forums, I decided on going to Yokohoma C Drive or Mcih' PLC. At this point of time, my wife's santro also needs a tyre change. Total cost for 8 tyres comes to around 35 - 40 K. Since the amount is huge, I had to discuss with my wife if she has got any other commitment with Vitamin M, so that spending 40 K for tyres would not put her into any troubles. During the discussion, she felt spending 25 K for tyres for punto is too much. The discussion went like this

    Wife : The car is just 1 yr old, why should we change the tyres so soon. [She started complaining about my decision for going for a 8L Rs car during this]
    Me : The car is jus 1 Yr old but has done 31k KMS on the odo.
    W: So what, drive with this tyres for another 10 or 15 K Kms and then we will change the tyres.
    Me: Yes I can drive for another 10k KM if my drive would only be in the city for office or shopping. But for highways and long drives, it is risky to take the car with such a bad shaped tyres.
    W: Whatever it is, we are not gonna spend anything for punto for another 8 - 12 months. With an 8L Rs car, changing the tyres so soon is not at all acceptable. You praise FIAT like anything for the low service cost and blah blah, but you keep on spending 9K for 3rd free service, 25 K for tyres blah blah....
    Me: See dear, tyres and few more parts needs replacement whenever they are worn out and the car manufacturer cannot do anything for that. She understands.
    W: Ok but, do you need to spend 20 K every year fo the tyres alone ??? :( if you run 30K KMs everyyear?
    Me: Yes. if the tyres wear out , we have to.

    Now comes the interesting part......

    She Thinks for some time and comes up with an idea which I felt weired but later felt why not give it a try.

    Wife : Why not have another set of 4 wheels + tyres ???
    Me : are you mad ? that would cost us atleast 30 K Rs, even if i go for Steel Rims and Tyres.
    W: Yes, get another set of 4 wheels + tyres, for say 30 K. So we will have two sets of tyres. Set 1 only for City drive and Set 2 only for Highway drives. The Highway Tyres will have new tyres and of top quality. We will use these 4 wheels only when we do Long drives. For the office and shopping use the current alloy set. When ever we are going for the longtrip, the previous night, change all the 4 wheels. After coming back put the current bad shaped tyres for the city drive.
    Me : But what are we going to save here ?
    W: We dont need to change the tyres every year. For example, If a tyres good life is atleast 30 K kms, to do that in highways only, we need atleast 3 years. So for another 3 years you dont need to go for any tyre change saying long drives is risky and blah blah. For next three years, you dont need to worry about highway drives at all. Now coming to the current tyres, if they can be driven only in city, you (me) said, it can go for another 15 K kms. And even after that if it is still in good shape we can do another 5 K Kms in those tyres. 15 K kms only in city will take another 8 - 10 months. Then after it is totally unusable, we will buy cheapest tyres for the city drive only and use it for another 40k Kms which is only in city.

    Me : :A.

    After thinking for sometime, I started feeling the idea seems to be OK. The reasons being, I wanted to buy black steel rims and use them on my car for a change and then switch between alloys whenever I am bored. So having 4 Steel Rims with some very good tyres like MPLC or Yoko C Drive on them, and use it only for highways will solve my wish to have change in wheels now 'n' then and also my wifes idea for not changing tyres very often. The alloys will always have some OK sort of tyres that is enough only for city drive, so that changing interval for tyres will be reduced to a great extent in the long run.

    Negative sides of this idea are,
    1. The labour involved in changing the tyres DIY
    2. Storing the higway tyres may worsen the tyres performance (Storage space not an issue though)
    3. If for all of a sudden a highway trip is planned then finding time to change the wheels would be challenging.
    Please let me know if there are more points on the negative side.

    I was not in mood to share the discussion with the TFI, but before I go ahead and buy 2nd set of wheels, I would like to get the expert advise on this idea. Would this really work out ???
    Has anybody seen or heard of someone using 2 sets of wheels for city and highway drive ??
    If at all going for 2nd set of tyres is a good idea, how about getting 16inch wheels and are they available ????
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  2. sungoa2010


    Interesting discussion. Was there any progress in that direction?:D
  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    This is not a good idea IMO. Changing the wheels is not just PnP. You may have check the alignment too everytime you change the wheels. Buy new set of Good tyre and drive for another 40k.
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  4. No Sun.... I myself not sure if this idea would workout. Sometimes feels like a stupid idea and sometimes it feels like 'Worth trying'. So posted it here to see different prespective and advise for the experts.
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  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very strong words used ;)
  6. Thanks Ramjn, I didnt think about allignment and Balancing which is also very impotant and adds heavy weightage to the negative side of the idea.

    Yes I would have done that by yesterday If I hadn't discussed with my wife.
  7. Its better you wait and change the tyres before you are planning on a long drive,atleast till then you can ride on the old tyres...Two sets of wheels is not a good idea IMO,going on a long drive should be a moment to be cherished,just think the labour you have to give to open the old set of tyres and again put them back after the journey..
    Btw,31k kms sounds quiet less,go for yokos as they will surely last longer and cost cheaper...
  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    well, first i must appreciate your wife for having thought so deeply and coming up with this interesting idea !!

    It actually sounds quite good if you look at it objectively except the pain involved in changing the tyres before/after every highway trip!

    Even then somehow i am not able to digest it and i also feel it would be a bad idea to use two sets! you already have reasons such as the changing/wheel alignment/hardening due to non-use.

    Other than these reasons, i feel tyres are a very integral part of the car. They contribute quite a lot to the feel and character of the car. i mean the intangible things when you are behind the steering wheel! especially in Fiats where you can feel every cm of tyre movement on your hands! I am quite sure there will be noticable difference in these things with diff tyres, more so if they are in different conditions. I am sure you would not like it to change everytime and it will be hard to get used to the drive! everytime you switch, you might feel for sometime that you are driving a different car!!

    My suggestion would be to change when you are planning for next highway drive as arnab suggested and get the wheel alignment and balancing done every 5k kms. That itself can increase tyre life by 5-10k kms easily!
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  9. Ha Ha, For the next 4 months I have to do highway drives every 2 weeks. So I must change the tyres atleast before Dec 22. Yes First thing to strike me was the labor. I know it is not easy, after Ramjn's comment I understand it is not Plug and Play too, for which I am gonna drop the idea since alignment plays a major role in enjoying the drive.

    The reason I took this idea into consideration was because lot of other things are running in my mind for the wheels like going for new alloys, but the 98 PCD is hard to find with a design to my taste, painting the stock alloys to black but if at all I dont like it I have to live with it, selling the stock alloys and going for Black Steel rims which would give a rugged look to the car but downgrading from alloys to steel needs more guts. My wife too was aware of these things going on in my mind, may be with that in mind she calculated this new idea, and I too thought why not give a try since it would solve two of my confusions. Now being in India and owing a FIAT we dont have too many options.

    Now as I have dropped the 2nd set of wheels idea, I have to decide on the tyres. I am more inclined towards Yoko C Drive because from the day 1 I allotted a space in my brain for cars, I am hearing about Yoko C Drive. People (forums and friends) praising about yoko tyres. Only recently, I am hearing about PLC. in TFI, Threads already exists for PLC but I cudnt find any for Yoko. To my knowledge,

    Yoko = PLC for performance
    Yoko = PLC for Ride comfort
    Yoko = PLC in life
    Yoko < PLC in cost
    Yoko < PLC in Road Noise

    So I think, Yoko C Drive is not a bad decision. But I read somewhere, not sure if it for Yoko C Drive or A Drive or ES100, that tyre rotation is not possible since the threads are asymetric. ES100 Looks stylish than a and c drive, but I haven't heard any review about it. Please someone thro some light on it. I may order online from ChangeMyTyre.com or check any deals with the dealers mentioned in Yokohama India website.

    PS : My wife felt proud when I said I am gonna post her idea in TFI. Now after reading the comments, she is kinda :( but happy with the support from the members. Thanks a Lot guys.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2012
  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    linealover recently changed the tyres in his Linea to C Drive. teky has the C drive in his GTX. He then changed the tyres in his Punto to PLC. I think both are good. I got super positive feedback about C Drive from linealover.

    If you are open to try something new, think about ZLO. I have read many positive reviews about this tyre in TBHP. I am also planning to change the tyres in my Linea once I am back. I have also completed 31k. I have almost decided to go for ZLO.

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