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Why is it that only Fiat is cursed about bad quality why not other car Manufacturers

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by vIjAy_kHaSa, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Engine & Gear box doesn't make soul. With complete respect to your understanding, for me Manza/Swift are just appliances like Oven/Refrigerator. If you managed to find soul into them, good for you, pls go ahead. Also if you find them to your likings, Punto would be terribly useless for you. Yes, i also clarify that there are even more drawbacks of punto that you didn't notice.

    Rear seat are most cramped in it's class, comparatively higher wind noise, louder engine noise inside cabin, Brakes overtly strong for other cars rewarding you occasional dents/scratches, Max. turning radius, over engineered chassis making it uselessly bulky, least mileage of diesel & petrol among it's competitors.

    Still, the only car in it's segment that can be associated with Soul & passion. That's what soul & passion is!! Only crazy like us can sense in a car that is full of back draws for an average user.
    Don't scratch your head too much to dig this passion/soul/heart thing, have a go at Manza/Swift. They are good choices as majority buyers prove it. But again even Alto could do that which is obviously filled with passion & soul from tip to toe, what's the point of spending 4 lac's extra? Manza/Swift are no "Rolls Royce Ghost" or "Bentley Muslanne" if you will for any status symbol:confused.
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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Pls note that i have heard not one accidental death reported in almost 70000 Linea's & Punto's till date. Try google it if you find any case. I myself don't believe that. But they are pretty much unbelievable about FIAT cars. None of the owner was injured in serious way, leave the rest.

    Tata Tipper on Linea:
    Linea 6.jpg Linea 1.jpg Linea 2.jpg Linea 3.jpg Linea 4.jpg Linea 5.jpg

    High speed head-on of Linea with Cabin intact:
    Linea 7 (No Impact inside cabin).jpg

    You want to know what happens to cars when trucks topples over them??

    Bolero 1.jpg NHC_Page_1 (Canter toppled over ANHC).jpg Truck fell on NHC.jpg

    Tata 407 on Swift 2.jpg

    Tata 407 on Swift 1.jpg
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  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    But when same TATA 407 Fully loaded topples over a Punto, Nothing serious!! Owner comes out of the passenger window of the car to beat some hell out of the truck driver.
    Punto 1.jpg

    An Ambassador Reared by a Linea:mrgreen:. Also have a look at the damaged linea.
    Ambassador reared by Linea.jpg Linea front damage.jpg

    Linea hitting divider at very high speed & then toppling over 6 times as informed by spectators. IMO to topple a car 6 times would need speed in excess of 130-140. The driver was drunk & came out of the car abusing the divider:mrgreen:
    Linea hitting divider & then toppled 6 times.jpg

    Do you want to know what could happen to other cars when they hit the divider & topples over at 120??
    Ford Ikon.jpg

    As i clarified above, you have one hell of a vehicle, it deserves some more of your affection. give it what's due:drinks
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I would call it the bribe to the press & govt agency to certify that. I myself braked an overloaded punto (6 people including me) at 150 with all my Thigh & calf muscles. It Felt like i hit in a concrete wall. The inside of the car was a total mess with somersaults & front row passengers exchanging seats with rear row passengers against their wish. No car with 2 disc brakes can even dream of Punto's stopping. They just don't possess the basic dynamics for that sort of braking (tires, suspension, chassis tuning & whiplash reactions). Liva with 6 hefty people inside would struggle to a fade free 40 to 0 without bringing heart to mouth. Sorry i reject that over the head bouncer. Toyota may get the rest of the world convinced but not me. I have seen already what's extreme braking is all about in this segment.
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  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    ENKI, I hate to see these pictures. And felt sad to see the Fiat beauties in this Avatar. You could have avoided this.
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  6. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Palio too is a very strong car. I saw pics of a Palio-Train rendezvous on TBHP. The driver and passengers came out unscathed.
  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I agree Ramjn. But anyways, i would request mods to let these Pics stay in this particular thread. They are testimony to who ever doubts FIAT's built quality, pls remove for other brands if feels inappropriate. I tried to avoid but let them break the hallucination people have been under & know the true concept of how safe a compact car can be!!
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  8. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Enki I second you. Even I have never heard of any punto /Linea owner who has got seriously injured in a mishap & hats off to the pics you had posted. It is really an eye opener. We had a thread on accidents earlier I believe. Maybe mods can move this pics to that thread.
  9. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    ENKI bhai, this isn't a Linea. Its an Accent banged from behind.

    Linea front damage.jpg
  10. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Agree with ENKI. Do you trust Tata body to last 10 years ??? It's the body/chasis which takes most of the beating.

    This happens with everybody before going for FIAT. Leave all the features behind. In the end, it's heart vs mind. Life is full of irrationality. Heart goes with irrational, mind goes with logical. Those who go logical, will never understand the mood of irrational. Irrationality is Art.
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