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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. sungoa2010


    Just one doubt. Will it change the elasticity of the spring? If it is favouring dynamics it is OK.
  2. No, as hose is just 2 mm thick ,when it gets sandwiched due to weight of the engine it will be less than 1 mm.I have not found any difference other than reduced vibrations providing little more silence in the cabin:)
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  3. Into the 4th day after the shock absorber work by Harish. I am feeling as though i am driving some expensive c+ or D segment car.
    Ride is excellent and Vibration from the front is down by 90%. i am planning to go for sleeve treatment for back coil springs too.
  4. Yesterday evening I had been Concorde Mysore road to get the rear left C-pillar plastic fixed properly as it had become loose contributing to rattles.
    After fixing it SSA Gopal took the test drive we just crossed RV road and Gopal started saying " One in few hundred cars have this smoothness and acceleration,not every car feels like this" :)

    I was thanking Siddharth of tune o tronics and Harish of Pride cars in the mind.

    I told him that they filled extra grease than required inside the strut bearings which made me to get the shock absorber overhaul done. I also showed him the addition of rubber hose to the coil spring.

    Later in the day I sent an email to Mangesh Kodalkar requesting for circular to TASS to not overfill the strut bearing with grease.

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    Just summarizing the things done to my car

    1) Moved away from Selina to Delvac -1, it did reduce the NVH levels but not what i expected
    2) Got my car remapped and EGR deleted - this gave good results car started running smooth and NVH levels down by 80%
    3) Suspension re-work by Harsih - This eliminated all unwanted thuds and kaht sounds
    3) GC Kit upgrade and subsequent Suspension re-work by Harish with sleeve to coil spring - This further reduced the NVH levels by 90%.
    4) MAF and Intercooer cleaning by Harish - this bettered the throttle response and acceleration by a margin. :)
    5) Change of air filter every 7500 kms
    6) Will change the oil every 10 k Kms from here onwards.

    Over all after 2 years and 5 months I don't have any niggles or issues with the car,now I don't feel like I am driving a Diesel car but Petrol car until I go beyond 2500 RPM.even after that engine note is smooth.
    Honestly until last few month back I was thinking of selling the 76NHP model and going for 90 BHP model or even go for Optra magnum 2.0 but now , I am completely satisfied and no changes unless there is some thing new coming from FIAT better then mine in the aspects what I care about.

    No other car has given me the satisfaction levels of FIAT Punto, I salute the people who engineered it and people who made it.
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  5. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Any idea from where to get these kinda rubber hose? :)
  6. You can get it in automobile shops.
  7. redbull


    Who is Harish? What is his expertise? Address/Contact information?
  8. Harish is one of the partners in Pride cars , his workshop is easy to locate take left before uma maheswari temple and 10 or 11th plot on the left and side.
    You can reach him om 9945112233.
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  9. A Brand new three year old car!!

    My car has minor scratches at places and TASS has created millions of scratches on clear coat at the time of delivery of the car. My question is can patch up the minor scratches with compaint and get the whole body scrubbed wtih a some grit numbered sand paper(wet/dry) .Finally get clear coat or laquear coat done? Please share your thoughts on this. -Sat
  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Get a professional detailing done? That'll take care of a lot of small scratches/swirls.

    Re-doing the clear coat is not rocket science but results vary according to implementation. The clearcoat on the repainted portions of our Palio has literally torn apart, even though the painting was done by FIAT service centre at a paintbooth.

    I suggest just let it be. Scratches/swirls etc are a fact of life and they're bound to appear.


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