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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Thank you Karan, yes me and my family did enjoy the holidays ,Punto has been tested/trusted car now.
    Elastic pads are for steering i think but I am not sure experts can comment on it.

    Problem I see is TASS folks don't tighten the bolts as much as required, try checking the nut/bolts that hold the strut mounting ,that was one of the cases for my car's thuds on speed breakers.

  2. Here is the Jobcard details, they do mention strut mounts as elastic pads. I am confused about the Item names used by TASS.
  3. Folks i am updating the thred after a long time!!well kaht-kaht sound reappeared again it was time to go back to FIAT.but problem is finally nailed now.

    I had earlier mentioned that my cars rear left door well was hammered by some Idiot bodyshop person at TASS mysore road also most close to two years back.
    I showed the problem to FIAT engineer Jacob yesterday he was of the opinion that sound from the wheel arch is well within limits but I was witnessing increased sound and FIAT had accepted the car for repair when sound was 1/10 of what it is now.

    I was also told there can be no solution to this if the sound is from the chassis as there is not easy way to fix it. I was also told that they would like to use hose on top of coil spring to see if the sound reduces.

    I almost lost the hope before leaving TASS I requested SA Gopal to take a look beneath left rear door beading , to my horror I see a spot welding given away and can clearly be identified by pressing it or putting some pressure on the seat where in sheet metal moves a bit.

    This is the same place some body shop person had used a hammer at places for some reason and FIAT body shop people came to fix it.

    I see an issue with QC of the tinkering job done at that time also I doubt whether TASS can do the spot welding like what was done at the time of building the car. Welding on the lip of the metal will surely give way again.

    I am also little disappointed that four of the FIAT engineers(flying doctors) couldn’t identify the issue which I feel is the root cause, there was broken welding in the boot door which I had to identify tell the TASS now same thing on door well that too close to two years of issue and pain.

    Below is the video link of the issue I had
    My cars chais issue - YouTube

    Good part is FIAT is supporting it all though car is out of standard warranty, I should appreciate Mr Mangesh Kodalkar for all his support.
    I remember I had to sell my old Wagon -R as Maruti could not rectify the SAI issue as it was body damage and they refused to attend my issue saying it needs a body shell change.
    I was wondering whether past blues will come and haunt me again with FIAT ,that was not the case.
    Welding work is done, as I needed the car painting work is still pending. for all those people who just write of FIAT saying poor ASS should read my above few lines of this post again!!
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  4. Wow.... great to know that the problem has been rectified and you are now a happy man..... :)
  5. Long time since I updated my ownership thread.my car had ECU remap done by Siddarth of Tune-O-Tronics, car is just awesome to drive now.
    Getting FE of ~15 Kms in city and 21 on the high way , why just 21 is due me driving it above 120 kmph on highways.

    I have given the car for GC kit upgrade at Concorde Mysore road cost will be around 15K.will update how the upgrade feels like shortly.
  6. Got the car from TASS yesterday evening, GC upgrade has changed driving dynamics of the car.
    First noticeable change is steering has become lighter due to even distribution of weight,reduction of the turning radius is another plus.
    I need to be careful when taking sharp turns now as wheel tend turn lot more i am not sure whether it is 4.7 mts or not. but taking out of my parking place is much more easier than before.

    There slightly more body roll compared to the earlier setup may be around 10% more that's all it doesn't bother much, steering feels like it has more play but actually wheels move when steered much more easily. This gives a better agility in the city driving conditions.

    One medium built person can crawl under the car yet not make contact with under body:)

    Steering does feel weighed but not as much as it was before,but still a lot better than EPS.

    New GC kit introduces rubber cps on top of front struts as guard against corrosion. I had high body roll after taking the delivery of the car but thanks to Black for pointing out that my rear wheel had 36 and 20 PSI which was cause of it.

    Over all cost was Rs 13K,out of which 9k was cost of kit.I told every one in Concorde to tighten the nuts and bolts properly so that I don't have to revisit them back for thud sound when going over speed breakers!! and they did a good job.but also notice few scratches here and there.

    I am planning a trip to some temples along the western ghats during week 16-23 of June,I am sure i will be driving with little less worry about scraping the under body/engine gaurd.

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  7. sungoa2010


    Can you clarify how the GC upgrade is related to turning radius?

    Now our superstars can hide under the running punto to save the heroin from villain:D
    Regarding scratches it is part and parcel of Tata service.
  8. Smaller turning radius is surprise to me too, I did not expect to have smaller turning radius than before ,i did notice this once i took out the car from TASS did not believe it initially. Then i requested TFie'n theblack to test drive my car he also confirmed that car is able to turn more now.
    I did not drive much on Saturday but on Sunday I took U-Turn on the roads where I needed entire road on the past to now being able to manage with slightly more than half of the road:)

    I don't know but what I can think of it a only the stabilizer bar or it could be due to length of front struts?

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    Very few from the south,as many of them have fat tummies:)
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  9. I like your review ...
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  10. sungoa2010


    Thanks Sat, Any way shorter TR is a good news. Extra bonus. I remember the test drive of polo which was the best in terms of taking a u turn. I could completely take a u turn in a narrow road.

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