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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Abe yaar, bhai aapne dharam sankat mein daal diya hai......i guess in my case our commute was more to greater noida or to punjab the car never travelled in too dusty a conditions

    Harmony & chaos
  2. My car went for the third service last week it spent a little more than a week in the trying to solve the issues what I reported.

    Major issues
    1) I have repeating issue with respect to crunching sound from left rear chassis of my march 2010 Punto.I really doubt whether this can be solved.
    2) Additionally there is thud knocking sound from front left suspension when going at speed of less than 20 Kms over a speed breaker.
    3) My front bonnet has rusted at places; I got my rear boot door re-painted about 3 months back for the same issue.

    Out of these above reported major issues #1 and #3 is resolved, although I am skeptical about the crunching noise as it might come back again.
    They have filled the area where rear coil spring meets the body with lots of sealant and additional bush.due to which I feel rear is a touch stiff and bouncy at times.

    Other minor issues
    A) Fuse box penal below the seating doesn’t sit properly.
    B) Right rear door makes squelching noise.
    C) One of the screws in the same right rear door doesn’t tighten at all.
    D) Inside the engine bay the air filer box or resonator rattles and adds to noise
    E) Plastic that separates the bonnet from the glass is given way to bends and contributes by adding tik-tik noise at higher speeds
    F) Plastic c-pillar penal has two broken plastic locks, it was replaced three months back when it has multiple broken locks but now it has opened account with two.
    G) High Engine clatter heard inside the cabin.
    H) Gear lever knob doesn’t tighten at the place where it should be.
    Below the dash board there is ample amount rust of the metal plate holding it, also rust can be seen on steering column

    Most of these issues are resolved; I still need to check in detail.
    For #E they replaced something at the steering side, which resolved issue ,it was not what I thought the plastic that was causing the noise.

    Regarding service, I haven’t got the bill yet but it will be anywhere near to Rs 8000 as I got engine, gearbox, clutch/steering oil replaced.
    Engine is very much muted now, as usual, I got the mineral diesel oil to do the flushing and, requested TASS guy to leave the car with drain plug open for entire night after flush and fill the Selnia next day. Which they did .

    Mr. Rajashekar from FIAT was here to take care of the major complaints, looks like did a good job.

    I am not happy with the paint job done by TASS when My car met with accident as paint shade doesn’t match, I might go to Sai Colorium to get it repainted.

    More later.

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    I got a call from TASS mysore road,final bill is RS6468 , i will scan the bill and post it.
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  4. Now i am seriously thinking whether to change the car next time i have the cracking sound from the chassis or should i visit Palio service folks to get it rectified.
    I have sent an email to FIAT asking them whether they would support in case the welding breaks of again after the warranty period, so far there is no response from FIAT.
    I am not sure whether my next car will be FIAT if I didn't get assuring response from FIAT.

    Also they have filled more sealant in the place where coil spring meets the chassis, so GC is up by some margin, hence back shock feels is stiffer and bumpy.I can clearly notice the difference when i drive other Punto's.

  5. keshav


    They probably refer to the job codes for removing the seat and B-Pillar trim.

    It's a pity that they have not fixed the issue for so long. I suggest taking it to another FIAT A.S.S or a reputed independent garage(Bosch ?) before you can think of selling it off. I would also think 100 times before buying FIAT in future.
  6. I asked the question to FIAT, whether they would support in case the cracking issue re-appears,but they have maintained silence no one bothered to reply or call me.

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    Finally FIAT folks broke their silence after three emails, assured of support if the same problem repeats again.
    While I appreciate the response,made me to wait for 16 days for saying yes or no.any way i am much relaxed man now as i don't have to worry about selling and buying a new car if the issue repeats again.

  7. I had been to to a 1543 Kilometers drive to KanyaKumari and back
    details are below

    Yesterday my family and my friends family went to gether in my Punto to Gaganchukki-Barchukki falls.
    Place was filled with people who are on X-mas vacation, it was refreshing to take a dip in the water or standing below the tiny little showers.
    One could swim too. before this we visited Madhya Ranga temple and Someshwara temple near by, both the temples are ancient and in very clam place.

    We the visited B.R Hills had dasrahsn of Lord Ranganatha, we were told by forest department officials to stay back in B.R hills if we can't make it back before 6PM, so we decided to stay back.

    One Rajatadri hill palace was quatong Rs800/- per head , we just came out went Govt guest room, rooms were not in good condition, but we did not had any patience to check around so stayed back .Each room costed us Rs500/-

    There is only one Mess in B.R hills we did dinner and breakfast in the morning, reach back to Bangalore just 30 minutes before.

    Sorry I did not take any pictures on this trip. I have driven Punto for about 2000Kms of Long drives since i got it back after third service but car is rock solid as it was before.Surely if there is contenst for highway king cronwn Punto wins it in it's segment hands down.

    What I like about Punto is fine balance achieved in
    a) Comfort VS handling
    b) Torque & Power VS Fuel economy
    c) Heavy yet light on arms/shoulders Steering
    d) Big super mini body Vs Aerodynamics
    e) A drivers delight VS family's liking

    All the statements what I made , can only be made by person owning the car for few years and clocking few quarter thousand miles.For those who get little sad by reading all those fiat bashing comments on any of the auto forums, please remember those are opinions of the people who might not have been owning a Fiat or even driven Fiat. it's very well engineered top of the class product barring few plastics that are below quality at places.

    To be honest it's very difficult to judge car like Punto in just few rides as car behaves differently after few stages of it's serviceable life.

    I will post the trip details later.
  8. Here are the data for analytics, Avg speed was less rarely we went past triple digit speeds and couldn't cruise in 5th gear all the time.

    IMAG0154.jpg IMAG0152.jpg
    Considering the terrain,speed and ,6 people on board, i think mileage is fantastic.

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  9. Almost all the issues I had with my car has been resolved by last year itself.
    Yesterday I had been to Concord Mysore road and my trusted SA Gopal,changed the mounting and strut for front left side.also changed the c-pillar trims.
    In recent times acceleration was little different as the car wouldn't go beyond 140 kmph, I was wondering why?
    Yesterday while TASS folks were replacing the strut, I had a look at the turbo hose and it has come out by a half centimeter confirming a boost leakage.
    Strut that was being replaced,it got rid of the thud sound while going over speed breakers at the speed of 20-30 kmph.
    Another picture with turbo housing removed
    Actual culprit the clamp that was supposed hold the turbo hose tight had given up.
    Gopal replaced it with clamp that can be tightened with screw driver or 7 size spanner
    I saw oil in the turbo is that normal? when i questioned Tass folks they said oil will come from crank case breather and the quantity is not much .

    Thanks to Mangesh of FIAT,although bit slow but he ensured problems are resolved.I can notice improved acceleration from my car than before.
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  10. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    good to know your problems are resolved. must have enjoyed the holidays with family and punto.
    one question to all: are elastic pads the suspension mountings in the front?? my car is making more noise after the elastic pads were changed. now it makes a thud noise everytime it goes over a pothole.

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