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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Longterm review: Mar-2010 BNW Punto 76BHP 28000 Kms ownership review

    I brought GP in March 2010 I have already written a report decision to buy it http://www.teamfiat.co.in/forum/showthread.php?809-Why-I-brought-Grande-Punto .

    First service noting much but since it was my first FIAT, I thought doors should close with minimum effort so complained to TASS about it.

    Some bodyshop guy decided to use the hammer on the doorwell on the rear left door,once I realized the hammer work complained to TATA and FIAT management, they rectified the issue by doing tinkering and painting.

    I think this created a tuk-tuk noise which I had really follow-up to get it rectified, I have written my report on it.

    at 13257Kms car became very noisy and engine felt harder to drive, left the car for 2nd service and oil change,requested TASS to use the ordinary oil to do a flush before poring the Selnea,it made a big difference to the refinement of the engine.

    I brought a FORCE tool kit to adjust the all the doors and c-pillar plastic myself, but met with an accidednt in March 2011 http://www.teamfiat.co.in/forum/showthread.php?1896-Punto-Saved-our-life, had to do lot of checks before painting was done upto my satisfaction,but they did spoil the cabin NVH by not properly fixing the C-pillar plastics again!!

    All the metal clips needs to be fixed properly to rule out any rattling noise.

    Over all car is doing good, you can get the work done by being little demanding,looking forward to many more trouble free miles.

    I will write some more details later.

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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay waiting for your write up
  3. Here is the detailed review.

    After 3000Kms i took the car to service at Concorde Mysore road, they took a day to complete it ,my car had few scratches in the front bumper, i showed it to them.

    They talked FIAT and decided to do repaint but to my horror paint wasn't matching at all, I had escalate to FIAT management and car was promptly repainted with proper paint match. Huh

    My car was little sluggish in till it’s second service at 13Kkms engine had become rough, i decided to press for second service.

    I thought whether i can use STP engine flush on MJD? As i used to use this in my old WagonR for after every 20Kkms oil change(Mobil 1)
    But after reading several threads decided against it as it can hurt/damage the turbo,which is actually lungs of the car.
    I requested TASS to put ordinary CRB oil idle run the car for 20 minutes and flush the oil and change the Oil filter.
    Remembered other cars like swift/Vista run on mineral oils all their life,using it for flush should not be an issue was my thought well supported by SA.
    That did wonders to refinement of the car,now at 21K Kms i am completely satisfied with refinement of the engine.

    I started following principle of not demanding performance from the car until it reached optimal temperature and compulsary idling for minute or two before stopping.

    I had bad a habit of turning off the engine at traffic signals, after becoming aware of risk of losing/damaging turbo , I discontinued the practice.

    Regarding TASS , I learnt it in hard way that they don't tighten the nuts and bolts properly, I had an issue of loose nuts for left shock mounting, and I still have badly fixed rear bumper nuts, which kind of makes rattling noise even now.

    I use Sonax wax polish with micro fiber cloth, once in a month, it gives superb finish to the car for few days but more importantly it protects the paint.

    I used to use tuning box for some time, but i have removed it as I don't feel the need for the tuning box after my MAF sensor was cleaned.
    I even thought of going for Remap but performance and refinement of the car is to my liking, it's lot free revving now, and no sluggishness at all, I dropped the idea of exchanging my car for 90Hp punto.
    I am getting what I expected when I brought the car but after 20Kkms and may be that ws time I also took to understand my car.

    I one thing I feel is due to use of synthetic oil Punto MJD takes lot more kilometers to complete the run-in than it's siblings from Maruti or TATA, one should not come to conclusion swift is best punto has a bad tuning or gearbox as written in TeamBHP, most of people in those forums don’t own a FIAT but make comment. I shared this information to Narendra Sharma of FIAT.

    I have taken may car to few long trips and many short ones, i noticed car used to be very refined next day after a long/short trips, after following the rule of not demanding performance before engine heats up , I have not lost the refinement of the engine at all for last 4-5 K kms.
    So even if you are using this car primarily in city, I would recommend try keeping the rev needle at 2K RPM, and try a occasional top end whack when situation permits.
    I follow this routine once a week, And i can feel my car is also happy about getting rid off all soot buildup.

    But sad part is i get into anxiety every time i leave the car to service, any advice on a better service center?

    More later.

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  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Nice to read. It is helping me to know what care need to take of Diesel Engine.

    I am going to buy 90HP Punto & which is my 1st Diesel car in my life.

    BTW SAT where are the pics.
  5. I had been on short travel from Bangalore to Nanjangud a total of 303 kms.
    IMAG0143.jpg IMAG0144.jpg IMAG0145.jpg IMAG0145.jpg

    Well, question is what is so special about these pictures?

    First is I realized, Punto 76 BHP is tuned for strong mid range and equally impressive top end speed.
    I after learning to keep looking at RPM meter instead for speedo to keep it above 2K RPM in even in city(off course with some effort),it was effort less for me to keep the Punto in the band of 2K to 3K RPM.

    Traffic was there on sunday,little too much for my liking most of the vehicals are petrol or SUV's.
    What impressed me is i was able to keep them at a distance in my so called slow/sluggish car.
    in fact I got into a competition with Innova guy as road was free from traffic, we both floored the pedals !!
    I normally don't get into this ego clash on the road, but yesterday was little different,Upto 110 Kms Innnova guy was right next to me on the right lane but Punto moved on to gain considerable lead to touch 150kms next thing i saw was Innova guy giving up may be at ~120Kms.

    Also while returning back it was fun out there,as there was was red Punto,one balck and and Mine (BNW).
    We there were just taking spaces and speeds which other cars could only sit and watch.

    My wife started noticing most of the cars especially Santro's/i20's are busy in engaging the brake at every small curve and said seems like they aren't able to control the car properly.

    One i20 CRDI,zoomed past me only to give up the right in the next corner, i did not even sight him after that.

    It was like a controlled F1 racing for me, wow what sound from the engine, I would pay any money to get the same sound in all my next cars.

    I was always thinking of exchanging my car to a Punto 90BHP, but after yesterdays drive I am sure I will have to do lot of convincing to myself to take decision:)

    While coming back I set the head light vertical position to #1,with front fog light's on.i had perfect lighting to keep me at ease even in the night.

    At every hotel stop I idled for 2 minutes before turning off the engine, seats are pretty comfortable
    but i had little bit of knee pain after returning home owing to knee issue I suffer from past four years.

    All i want to say is ,Punto is very balanced car, very good FE+ amazing power on high way with perfectly matched gear box(yes ,i am liking the gearbox for first time).
    only thing involved was little frequent shits between 4th and 5th gears to put those petrol cars to behind.
    I don't know who were those other two Punto's are but i am sure they also had lot of fun.
    more later.
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  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12

    Hay very nice write up.....

    I didnt understand what you are saying about that i20 CRDi. Can u please explain?
  7. I was driving at above 90kms speed ,over took a i20 CRDI, i guess that rubbed i20 guys ego in wrong way.
    So i guess he decided to unleash all 90 horses in his car to over take me on a straight road but to loose out on curve in the with a 1km.

    I picked up my speed went on to do ~110-120 Kms with out any worry on curves,which he couldn't manage and became smaller and smaller in my RVM.
    I did not sight him after that at all.

    ---------- Post added at 05:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:23 AM ----------

    I read in the manual that FIAT engines take up 400gms of oil for every 1000Kms, it did happen to my before 13K kms but now I am not seeing an reduction in oil.

    I am little confused now on why that is not happening now, or is it only for run-in period?
  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    ohhh I see, thanks for clarification :)
  9. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sat, did you check the oil levels on a cold engine? Where is the present level on the indicator now. And where was it earlier.

    What are the oil change intervals that you're following. 15k kms?

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