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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    This is one of the first things everyone notices after Sid does the remap.... The reduction in the noise is because of proper fuelling..
    Just see how much of a difference it makes :)

    you should drive my car ;-)

    I dont know how long it's been since you got it remapped or how many kms you've clocked since then but my advice would be to first driver fully and thoroughly in all conditions (city and highways) . B2B traffic, clean city traffic , so on and then decide where exact you need improvements...

    YES, this is also something that every owner should work on after a remap... Driving style has to change (for your own good and for others ;))

    Final note, do not slip the clutch if you have the habit of doing so because after the remap there is lot more torque going through the clutch and slipping it would reduce its lifetime.
    Point 2, if you miscalculate it the car will literally jump and its not good in B2B traffic.. (if you know what i mean)
  2. redbull


    ok will pm u when i am back in this world :D :(

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    Sorry to clutter this thread. Just to answer theblack's questions, I have covered 3000 km after the remap. I have been to Kanyakumari and back of 1400 km trip and do my daily commute to and from office. Yes I do not slip clutch, but Sid told me that slight slippage might be a way to mask the throttle delay. I tried it but don't like it that way, so I am planning to get the delay removed.
  3. DSC_1365.jpg

    I digged the mountain and found a rat!!

    I may sound silly,I used to have Khat khat sound from Rear left C-pillar , after switching Michilin PLC this sound became more apparent.I complained to FIAT for two long years but they couldn't find the cause!!
    , I suspected the rear seat lock to be culprit about 10 days back , I simple unlocked the seat and there was no knocking sound.
    I got in touch with SA Gopal from TASS Mysore road, placed an order for the rear left seat lock, after changing it there is no khat-khat sound coming from the rear side any more.

    Well I want to see FIAT service improve , this part is plastic part will get damaged when people put rubber or selofin tape to make the locking stronger but in the process they damage the part.
    Here are the pictures take a look at the third picture you can see the damage on the part that holds, this part costs Rs 256/- !! had it been replaced during early complaints it would have infused sense of being assured of good service.


    Take a look at the third picture you can see the damage to the part that holds .It also had some play unlike the other side lock so that also used to contribute to the noise.This sound was always getting on my nerves, I am much happy to drive the car since yesterday.
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  4. I sent email to M.R Mangesh of FIAT, highlighting the service quality issue.
  5. I got a substandard airfilter from JC road, two of my Airfilter box is not not tightening so i was trying a juggad to fix them until i get new one next week.
    I was horrified to see a 2-2.5 mm gap between the airfilter and wall housing it, Called TASS SA Gopal and got it airflter changed.
    I will post the picture of the duplicate one with the measurements by tomorrow.
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  6. Well the total length of the aftermarket air filter is 37.8 cms,which is clearly 3-4 mm less than OEM.
    Here is the picture of the same. This is brand called FLANGER,please stay away from this.I knew It was n't OEM filter when I brought it but did not know companies can make money by saving few mm in the length.




    My recent travel reports

    Begar near to Thirtha halli.
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  7. See the difference yourself, one with JTD is the OEM.








  8. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Hey SAT,
    Have you tried the K&N after market universal air filter?
    As I heard that they have air filters which can suite all brands...
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  10. Here is the pics of my blocked EGR and intake manifold.




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    Clogged EGR valve



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    EGR goes inside the manifold, with this much of sludge, imagine how much space is available for air ?

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    I have disabled EGR in mycar but this is for the 32000 kms it ran with EGR.


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