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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. 3M does it, but my idea of paint protection was add on two coats of clear coat on the existing paint,You can get it done at Pride cars(9945112233 or at Sai colorium near sarakki main road JP nagar.
    Later procedure is more expensive.

  2. More expensive?:confused1

    Any idea about the cost from both 3m and pride cars??:roll:
  3. 3M will be less than 5K and clear coat will set you back by 25K, but pride cars also does detailing work will cost you half of what is charged by 3M.
  4. sungoa2010


    Sat, Does the warranty get affected if you do the service outside?
  5. My car is only having extended warranty so I don't care about it now,but yes as per terms of EW it become void.
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  6. redbull


    Hello Sat,

    Thanks for the info.

    I need one more info about your remap. Did u go back to Sid after the initial remap to fine tune? How many times did u go to him. More importantly, what did you change each time?
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    redbull, let me answer to you on Sat's behalf..
    Yes one can go to Sid for fine tuning "Until your happy with the setup" ...
    I've gone to him 4 times for minor tweaks before I settled on a final map (at least for now).

    Each map is different and each map is tuned by Sid to the owner's liking.. So its very difficult to pin point and say what was changed every time during a fine tune.
    It does not make sense as well becuase it is requirement based.

    My initial tune was to give better mid range. That itself was great .
    After a while i felt that it was not good enough so went and increased the pick up a bit more.
    Then i got the 2200-3500rpm range modded for slight bit more cruising ability
    Then again i went and got the 2nd and 1st gear's initial pick up changed.

    So as you see there are many things you will begin to like/dislike once you start driving and you can ask Sid to change whatever you think is needed..
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  8. I second what theblack said, since you are in bangalore get in touch with me and try out test drive of my car.

    ---------- Post added at 07:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 AM ----------

    My initial map was to only change from 2200 RPM onwards , i got it made peppy.
    Second map is to change the low end torque/power to pick up quickly and disable the problematic EGR.
    I might go for small change in the third map to reduce or flatten out he torque after 3750 RPM as I feel there is no use of having too much torque when the gear rations doesn't help to increase the speed.
    Over all i keep calling him many times , not even once he i felt that he is not eager to talk or help.
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  9. redbull


    Thanks theblack and Sat. Actually I have already remapped from Siddharth two months ago. He did tell me as long as I am the owner, all subsequent changes are covered by the deal. Some changes I felt are
    1. Engine is very smooth, free revving, very quick to gain rpm and a big drop in NVH. Earlier there was a very ugly noise from 2500 rpm. This is almost absent. I must say this is the chief characteristic of the tune.
    2. Huge improvement in city driveability. Increase in low end torque can be distinctly felt. There is some improvement in city mileage also.
    3. I can feel engine pulling till 4500 rpm in 4th gear and till 4000 rpm in 5th gear. Although he told max bhp will now comes lower at about 3750 rpm around 105 bhp.

    Thing is I feel he has made the throttle a little bit blunt. I feel it has half a second lag and need to press the pedal more to wake up the engine. I talked to him and he gave some funda about more complete burning of fuel etc. I did not quite understand. He told me to try to change my driving style - some clutch slippage etc. while changing gears. When he drove the car it was really like a mad machine. But I leave the clutch fully and then press the accelerator, I can distinctly feel the ecu registering the throttle half a second late. Same while leaving the throttle - it registers it half a second late. But after driving for a while I think I just want the engine to respond instantaneously. I talked with him to get the throttle more sharp and he has agreed, but couldn't find time as I was busy lately. Let's see I will set up another meeting with him. Also just wanted to check with you guys what you changed subsequently.

    Also I get a feeling that turbo lag is present till 2500 rpm. I mean while changing gears if the rpm drops below 2500 rpm, I feel "turbo lag". But this is manageable. Somehow this turbo lag does not show in city driving, but only when I try to accelerate fast.
  10. Let us meet sometime and TD our cars.

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