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Why I brought Grande Punto and Why Am happy

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Few more photo's from yesterday's work.

    IMG_20120913_164501.jpg IMG_20120913_164309.jpg IMG_20120913_164307.jpg IMG_20120913_164242.jpg IMG_20120913_162609.jpg IMG_20120913_162459.jpg IMG_20120913_162440.jpg
  2. Logos are getting removed today,those guys were bit lazy , only back logos will need to be be removed.I have got black sticker job done and coated with clearcoat.

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    I am getting this done at Pride cars, near to uma maheshwari temple ,K.R road(contact 9945112233), initial cost estimation is 25K.
    It includes repainting one of the door,underchasis coating,clearcoating whole car and painting front and back bummer with contrast color.
    In the process they have taken care all the scratches.
    Idea of going to this was due to the fact I was disappointed condition of the paint when I brought the car.I just didn't want to go for new car just because my cars few layers of paint is damaged due to various reasons.

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    Sand dusting paper was of 2000 grit,they use little higher one just before polishing.
    Clearcoat and paint are from Dupont I donot know the specification , I will try to get that info.
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  3. Just the bumper work, most of the work is finished but I couldn't take photo's yesterday.
    IMG_20120914_171948[1].jpg IMG_20120914_171917[1].jpg
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  4. Here is some pics before last round of polishing and silicon coating
    IMG_20120918_163031[1].jpg IMG_20120918_163041[1].jpg
    IMG_20120918_163108.jpg IMG_20120918_163050.jpg
    other than little more finish this is 90% close to what i am going to drive home today or tomorrow morning.
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  5. Presenting Grande Punto BNW
    IMG_20120919_122624[1].jpg IMG_20120919_123127[1].jpg


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  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    have you done your PDI ::V
    looking like a new car...
    yesterday i got a thought about to blacken the part as you have done,below both the doors... :)
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  7. Hehe, I was searching for the PDI checklist !!,It is a sticker not paint but on bumper and mirror cover is the medium gray paint.

    Yesterday while doing the rear stickering work , that guy thought it is new car!! then I told him take a look at tires.
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  8. Here are some high resolution pics from my wife's Sony Xepria S
    DSC_1242.jpg DSC_1253.jpg DSC_1251.jpg DSC_1250.jpg DSC_1249.jpg DSC_1248.jpg DSC_1247.jpg DSC_1244.jpg
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  9. Brake calipers and rear drum painted in medium gray.
  10. Here are some more pics.
    DSC_1253.jpg DSC_1246.jpg DSC_1245.jpg DSC_1243.jpg
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