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Why Fiat Punto MJ

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by rakesh8051, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am planning to buy car and my search stopped at Fiat Punto MJ.

    I just ask you the -ve points, why i should go with Fiat & Punto ? Pl suggest.

    1. I read lot of post over internet on various sites, that Fiat have some service issue. it scared me towards Fiat.
    2. All suggest to do PDI carefully with Fiat Dealers, why we can't trust on them,
    I bought Maruti, and i just checked it without much care. No problem.
    3. Resell is a big pain for Fiat Cars, No buyers available, even not getting average price too.
    Even i don't want to sell too early, but if any thing wrong with dealing, i don't want to leave with problems.
    4. Interested to buy top end model, cost is not so justified, also, some warranty issue, if i changed the music system etc.
    5. Spare parts not available ex-stock with dealers, if needed, we have to wait and need to do follow ups.
    6. If some service issue arrived, need to follow up to company, emails, calls etc.

    Example with Maruti > Few months back some body hit our M800 from back side, the back door damaged completely. We thought it will a hit our pocket too, (it is insured and 4 years old) given to service center, he provided 4K estimate from our side, rest around 6k will be from insurance side. we aggreed and delivered for service, he quoted up to 7 days for all work. but he called us on next day, said that your M800 is ready, you take back. and the cost he charged just 2700/- at all. With new door and bumper etc.

    After reading lot of posts from various users of Fiat, I don't think to get this much of service response from fiat.
    Even long back i sent email to fiat, for inquiry about product, but no response received. for the same, i called when i was buying Wagon R, I received excellent sales response from Maruti.

    Pl suggest ?
  2. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)

    Its One year Since I bought my Punto Active 1.2 Petrol and havent faced a single issue with it except for some small things like rubber fittings. That were taken care off with ease.

    In regards to the re-sale Value - Yes it hurts when you think of it, But no one genralyy buys a car to sell it!!

    Punto is a smashing car on performance and stability. In the Hatchback segment it is the most spacious car and the best!!

    Let all your myths lie at rest and go for it!! I am sure a lot of the punto members here will support this BUY...
  3. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur

    I am a proud owner of 1.3MJD EPk. Oct 2010 ,
    Take my word ,I never had any quality issues , with any of the car component , interior, plastic fittings,
    I 'am very happy with it,
    This Car is so Addictive ,now whenever I sit in my friends i20 , i10 I always get a "hollow" feeling , It seems like these cars are flimsy !
    Some one rightly said on this forum, Once u get biten by Fiat bug, its hard to recover !

    Jus't go ahead & buy it ! the ones who spells -ve abt this vehicle has not yet undersood its true driving experience.

  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Let me answer some of your questions -
    There is no general service issue. Some issues exists everywhere, even with Maruti.
    Most of the normal buyers doesn't care about PDI. But it is good to have PDI done.
    Most of the time you will not find any issue with any car, be it Fiat or Maruti. Again, the issue may exists with both. So do PDI for your satisfaction, whatever you buy.
    in general terms, Maruti might fetch more buck for re-sale. But re-slaes of Fiat cars details yet to be seen.
    This warranty issue you would get everywhere.
    And this is 1st time I am hearing that Fiat cars are costly. Compare with similar cars in market, you would know, fiat gives product on right price.
    The normal spares are easily available, most of the places.
    Yes sometimes accidental spares might take sometime to arrive.
    Escalation in most cases to help you. Fiat is the only company responds mostly to the complaints.
    Have you tried contacting seniors in Maruti and Hyundai? The response of Fiat, in most cases, will be much swift than them.

    You can't compare spare prices of M800 with Punto, but the Punto's spares are very competitively priced with its competitors.
  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    your concerns are very much valid.

    Fiat cars are very good. you wont face much issues with them except some minor ones which you can face with maruti too.

    but yes the resale is low as compared to maruti.

    also the TASS are pathetic. they are nowhere close to maruti and doesnt seem to get close to maruti in few decades.

    but FIAT as a company is trying hard to satisfy their customer though its not yet upto the mark. there are weak links in the whole chain which causes delay in spare parts etc.

    when you enter a maruti service centre, as soon as you enter the gate the service advisor greets you with a job card. in case of Fiat and tata you have to run behind the advisors.
    Maruti people will treat you with courtesy and respect even if you buy a 2.5 lacs M800, but at FIAT and TATA they will treat you as slaves even if you buy a 10 lacs linea.

    if you want a pure driving bliss, safe car, great handling etc fiat cars are very good. if you want better service dont expect this from FIAT/ TATA.
  6. XGYo



    You're asking a question about why to choose a fiat in fiat forum and you should get might convincing answers.I just bought an active diesel and i can tell you why i bought it.
    1.I wanted to buy a diesel car and hence i had options to choose from Indica,Ford figo,WW Polo , Fiat Punto and Scoda fabia.
    2.I did not go for even test drive for 02 of thsese- Scoda fabia-Expensice spare parts and poor after sales service(I just didn't feel like driving a scoda),Tata Indica was more of a taxi feel .
    3.Interiors for figo were fantastic,It was also voted car of the year,but when i drove it ...I found it small and the feel of big car was not there.
    4.Polo had a waiting period,They also have very poor sales people who don't bother about customer(though i was planning to buy polo since last one year) further the test drive wasn't much fun,Interiors were pretty exciting though.
    5.But when i took test drive of Punto-I took a liking for it.It has bigger dashboard and fantastic steering wheel.The interiors for active are not anywhere as compared to polo or figo but driving comfort and feel.
    6.When i baught the car , i knew it won't be sold on great price but i'm ok with it and intend to keep it for more than 5 years,if you plan to sell it before than consider other options as after 6-7 years....no one's sure hows the car sceane going to be.

    I would suggest take a test drive and than deciede.

  7. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    fiat warr.png
  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Mr Rakesh. I had the exactly similar queries a few months back.

    One thing you should know is that many FIAT owners are active online. Infact to such an extent, that a group of 3-4 Fiat owners created a whole website (TeamFIAT India) to start active discussions on Fiat cars. That means you find more positives as well as negative comments about FIAT as compared to other brands. Since more %age of FIAT owners browse internet forums, they are more demanding as well.
    Hope you have seen how a minor rattle/vibration in a FIAT car is reported to the service center. Swift on the other hand rattles from many areas. It is just termed as a "normal phenomenon" and you can verify this claim yourself on other car forums. :)

    Even my dad bought his M800 back in 2000AD without any PDI of his own. Result: Intermittent mode of the wiper not working, glass infront of the speedo cracked. Issue of water seepage into the car (anyways this cant be detected at the time of PDI). You can very much buy a car without doing your own PDI but then you might get some problems which were overlooked accidentally by the person doing PDI.

    I can not comment on this statement as I, for one, do not believe in resale value of something I'll be using for the couple of next few years (hopefully). Moreover, we are a normal middle class family and don't change cars every 5 years. We still have our 2000 model M800.

    PART 1: Punto offers more features than any other car upto 10-12 lacs. What makes its price unjustifiable?
    PART2: Why would anyone change music system of Emotion Pack variant?
    Steering controls would be rendered useless and so would be the Microsoft Blue&Me, personal car communicator, SMS reader, Windows Media Player. ::pP
    You can upgrade the speakers in Emotion pack and add sub-woofer and amplifier without worrying about warranty issues. :car

    Regular spare parts are available. Its the non-fast moving spares that might need upto 3-7 days provided the service center placed an order on the same day which you can easily make sure that it happens.

    It is because the company seems to be very supportive. They are taking so many initiatives. Some people complained about AC performance in Petrol Punto and Linea. They upgraded the AC system in their subsequent cars recently and changed the motors of all FIAT petrol car owners.

    Punto belongs to Punto/i20/Polo/Fabia/Jazz category. Compare Punto spare parts prices with only these 4 cars (i20, polo, fabia, jazz). In fact, Punto spare parts are even cheaper than Swift.
    M800 is a 25 year old most common car in India. Not all all difficult to get a spare part. You can find its spare parts even on Mt Everest. ::V
    And M800 surely has the cheapest spare parts in India. It is of no comparison to Punto.
    By the way, our M800 has water seepage issues as I said before. The maruti service center guys just placed it on a hydraulic lift, raised it, sprayed some water from below using a water pipe and a jar. Then they did an inspection of the interiors and said that they can't locate the source of seepage. We drive it without carpets and floor mats during monsoon.
    The so called Maruti service is of thus no value to me.

    This is my biggest advise to you. Don't go by the pre-sales experience and select a car. Some brands are definitely more active in response to sell their cars. Only that does not mean that they are making good cars.

    LASTLY, listen to your own heart. If you are interested in easy resale, buy a Maruti. ::T
  9. teky

    teky Esperto

    Why should you buy a Punto - Coz it's a Fiat
    Why you shouldn't buy a Punto - Coz it's serviced by TATA
  10. Hi,

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback on Fiat Punto Car. As i said earlier in top of my post, that i stopped at Fiat Punto, because not able to find other car in front of Fiat Punto.

    Presently i am using Maruti Wagon R and it is just one & half year old. Although i am very satisfy with my Wagon R, but i got an chance to spin my car with my partner (he is presently using my old M800).

    We have another M Dzire Vxi, and M Swift LDi + M Van (at my home place - Jaipur Rajasthan)

    We are planning to sell our old M Van (10 years old), and I am sending my M800 to Jaipur, My father will use, because not comfortable with M Dzire to drive his own.

    So there is an chance to buy New Car, Now i want Diesel. While selecting the M Swift LDi, i took TD of Punto too, and i suggested my brother to go for Fiat Punto, but he selected M Swift, he is happy with it, but when ever i am going to Jaipur, i am using Swift and found lot of Vibration, even it lost the charm to play music system.

    I am interested to use the car, not buying for resale, that is for sure. but if any major issue arrive, then i don't have other option to sell & forget, at that time if resell is a pain, means you can understand.

    That is why i am interested to get 2nd hand Punto, but i feel punto owners are not interested to sell. so not getting much deals. When we buy 2nd hand car, i think it is difficult to satisfy. so it is better to buy new.

    During last 2 years, i noticed the use / feel of additional fitments (mag wheels, steering audio controls, wide tyres, ABS etc) so it is better to go with EP model, it have all; but it increase my budget too.

    I checked Fiat world wide and found Punto 3 doors, It attract me, Any news from Fiat to release 3 doors Punto in India.

    thanks for your wonderful explanation towards Punto. Now i am seriously thinking towards Punto MJ :car

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