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Why Fiat Punto MJ - Part III, Can i move towards Fiat Palio MJD - SDX

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by rakesh8051, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    When any one start hunting the cars and if he stop at Fiat Shop, his mind start knocking for Fiat Car's. I don't know why, but it is true in my case.

    My hunt start for Diesel Car, when i planed to do South India Tour for my business.

    below little off topic, but i will try my best to match.

    Around 2 year back, my brother bought Swift LDi, being our Dzire VXi & M Van become expensive for day 2 day uses, and Dzire mainly used by my father.

    We noticed that if we bought Diesel car, we can save a lot in terms of fuel as well as peace of mind. Some time to save the fuel, my brother took Activa / Bike.

    So, we bought Swift LDi; Why LDi, because executive suggested us that the difference is power windows and wheel cover and some minor fitments, of course to save 50K, it worth to have LDi, Being Maruti Dealer Owner friend of mine, so got swift in 2-3 days before sept closing, with Central Locking Free :), with basic assessiories & tank full diesel. Swift buyers, pl don't go with LDi, because the huge difference in seats in LDi & VDi, noticed after purchase and compare with Dzire VXi & Swift LDi.

    In last 20 month the speedo meter shoot up by 38K KM. in same sense business too increased.

    He suggested me to buy Swift VDi and use for tour. I start hunting the best match.

    New TFI members, pl you can find my old threads here: Part I & Part II

    After my Part II thread, i decided to go with M Swift VDi, but members suggested me "Wait" for new Swift. Hope you understand, once you decided for new car, you can't keep it side, so i become active member of TFI & Team-BHP and silently reading the reviews for mainly Fiat Cars and others cars too. say VW Polo & I decided to buy the car having MultiJeted Diesel Engine.

    Meanwhile I wrote a letter to Fiat Company (India & Italy) for quarry about Dealer Reputation, as my test drive of Punto MJD failed in front of my family.

    Till 15 days no response from any where (India & Italy HO) but surprisingly i receive email from Fiat H.O. in response of my letter. they said, we are doing investigations, and very soon we will be in touch with you.

    Yes, some one is listing.

    I asked the funny question but it is desirable for new customers specially for Fiat India.

    After 10 days a very polite call from Dealer Executive in response of my letter, He said that we replaced new punto in place of that old faulty one. I remembered the reading around 12 K KM, and Punto become Faulty :eek: members are saying it improve a lot after 5-10 K KM. Strange na. but there is no point to discuss with executive, I asked what about my quarry, he said I will forward the request to TATA motors.

    One day i though why not 2nd try with the same dealer, I called and fixed the time slot for TD of New Punto. We visited the showroom and got TD car in seconds (hope you understand the pen power :) )

    But my wife dislike rear seat comfort, and we came back without filling the TD feedback forum offered by dealer, as no use of our valuable feedback's, they just documented in file rack.

    meanwhile i found 1 - 2 - 3 threads for Fiat Palio and it encourage me to see at least the possibility to buy.

    Meanwhile i got some phone calls from Fiat HO and they are asking the feedback. Even got email from Fiat India. Now they tried to explain me for good take care. :)

    मेरे को नहीं मालूम कि सुनने का रास्ता इटली हो कर जाता है

    Executive, now supporting me, I asked, I want Fiat Palio MJD, can you offer me the TD, he said, it is not available, and against order we can arrange. He suggested me that very soon one White Palio MJD will be available to see. Its against order from one of our employee. If you want, pl see the car 1st and than book. "Good Idea"

    The price quoted around 4.4 L on road, I can save around 2 Lac by comparing with Punto Dynamic, but If I decided to own Punto, I have to settle not less than Punto E-Pack (Only VFM option) and need to change the speakers etc, so it goes upto 8 L +, so difference is around 3.5 L total.

    And this time I am planning to buy in Cash, No Loans (Interest rates are too high presently) & for Punto I need help from Bank.

    Yesterday we saw the Palio SDX, and it's approved by my wife too. I though that if I will invest 50K in fuel & other expenses for tour, sure i will recover the cost of Palio in just 6 months & resell of Palio SDX is very good at presently. Noticed at Team-BHP classifieds.

    I know that spares might be a problem for Palio SDX in long term but reading whole TFI, still I found same with Punto / Linea too or might be littel better. If "Srikar" Punto repaired in record time, I really accept that Punto spares is readily available.

    Now I know correct path to contact.

    Thanks for your valuable time for reading this thread.

    Members pl suggest me.
  2. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    rakesh all fiat cars are impressive. i also personally feel that buying a palio is a great VFM even more since it has a superb diesel engine. if parts are available then there is no problem in going for the palio. though its around for quite a long time it still looks good. you cannot get a better deal than the diesel palio. btw hows the palio loaded??
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Although the choice seems rather simple that if you can afford the Punto MJD E+, then go for it.


    The Palio SDX at 4.4 Lacs is too irresistible a deal to let go. The Palio platform is a proven and a rugged one. Since it now has got the Multijet , so you can rest assured that there is a proven and reliable performer under the bonnet. It has much better in cabin space than the Swift and will only be marginally lesser (not confirmed) than the Punto.

    You can use the money saved on installing some nice ICE and getting good wheels and tires.

    I've had the experience of driving a Palio D for the last 6 years and its a thoroughly satisfying experience. My only grouse is that the paint has faded on the roof and is in a very poor condition. Comparing the older engine with the Multijet is not fair , and so i'll leave that out.

    I'll share the experience we had with the Palio:

    The suspension has held well . Ours is still factory stock with 1 Lakh km's on the odo. However , replacement is due.
    The brakes are another strong area. Excellent life and brake feel. ( Brake booster died at 90,000)
    Interior rattled only because of incompetent mechanics.
    AC is superb. Nothing done to it since the day we got the car in 2005. Except cleaning the filter etc.
    Clutch master cylinder replaced at 1 Lakh kms. Slave cylinder at around 70,000.

    As for the spares the only new parts in the Palio stile are the few body parts. The underpinnings are the same. So , no worries there. ( Here in Chandigarh , im able to source any part i want)

    My vote goes out to Palio SDX. Go for it.

    The White that FIAT provides in Palio is too white in my opinion , so do try for another color.

    All the best.

  4. rakesh8051 I am sure that my car will be back within 1 month at the maximum..
    once they open a job acrd they need to get the parts and replace them. orderinf them would not be a problem.
    i was told that only alloys would be late and that might take a maximum of 15days to arrive..
    and Malik has spares of alomst every item with them except for accessories which they need to order..
    incase they dont have they try getting parts asap..
    will get back to you when i know the status of my car...

    palio seems to be irresistible.. grab that offer..
    that is VVVVFM
  5. Thanks Srikar, Really i am accepting the same with Fiat / Tata Dealership. nice to see you active at TFI.
  6. Thanks, Gurjinder Ji,

    Sure this time we will try with Red color. "funkykar" Red Palio looks great :)

    ICE will be done without any compromise for sure, but tires i found good enough wide as compare to my present Wagon R (White)

    I already ordered some blue & me kind of stuff, sure i will display to TFI.

    thanks for suggestions.
  7. i found 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 threads

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