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Why Fiat Punto MJ - Part II

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by rakesh8051, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    in my previous thread, i asked with the forum members, why i should go with Fiat Punto MJ, Although i was satisfy with the product quality and its all features, handling etc.

    As i am planning to buy a Diesel Car for my ongoing tour to South India. I though it is better to visit at Team Fiat Meet - Hyderabad to get the views directly from owners; after attend the Team Fiat Meet - Hyderabad, i noticed the following point to discuss again.

    1. All most all Team Fiat Members have some issue with the dealers, they are explaining there problems with dealers, that the service of this dealer ... is not up to the mark, only one dealer is getting highest service rating out of 3 dealers.
    2. Every body complaining that the spare parts / Accessories are not available with any dealers. they need to approach to Fiat Pune for getting Accessories etc.
    3. Duo brand idea in one roof is not working as dealers want to push Tata products instead of Fiat, The response was not so good for Fiat Cars, Even TD Car was too bad - AC is not cooling, Wheel Alignment is not perfect, Dirty Car, loose rear seats. etc we (my family) noticed during TD.
    4. I noticed that all Team Fiat members brought Fiat because they Love Fiat (mostly after marriage / some before marriage). They have passion for Fiat.
    5. I noticed that full satisfaction rate for service of Team Fiat members is around just 10% (NK4Fiat), remaining all are fighting (because they Love Fiat) with Fiat to get the proper support.

    Now if i compare with my present Car manufactures (Maruti) with the same points, because i own Maruti Wagon R.

    1. I am very much satisfy with Maruti Dealers (Saboo , Naidu Moters - ECIL Area- presently they are not with Maruti & Sai Service) all 3 offered me excellent response. No issue with service, response, quality of service.
    2. No spare parts / Accessories stock problem at all, I explain in my last thread - related with the repairs of M800. Even small parts are available ex-stock.
    3. During the Sales of Maruti Products, the response was excellent, No issue with TD Cars.
    4. I respect the Fiat Quality, but not in Love. I want the trouble free Car.
    5. Fiat Sales is very poor (Around 20K Car in a Year in whole country - Means in AP only or less than 2K cars in Year).

    Solution Should be taken Care by Fiat, because I am running small Unit (Factory for Electronics Products), and i can understand well of manufactures pain ::O

    To produce any product is not a Joke, One has to Invest a lot and do the hard work to develop the product, Need to maintain the Company & its expenses. and after producing the good products they are getting poor response from market. Very sad :mad: They have to think well to save there brand / products, else one day they have to sold the unit to other - see Daewoo Motors.

    1. The biggest problem of Fiat is not available ex-stock spares / accessories > No issue they can start there own Spare Parts Store with minimum stock levels in metro cities 1st , so dealers can buy the spare from them. Even Customers can directly buy the accessories. etc.
    2. Fiat Should Open the Test Drive Centre in metro cities - so that they can keep there TD cars well maintain. As the TD Executive are handling only Fiat Cars, so they can explain well & Exclusive Features of Fiat.

    These idea came from my personal experience, as i did the same at few cities, the dealers are not ready to invest there money in service materials - I kept FOC spares at Dealers Stock (Value is just 1-2% of monthly sales) it provide the confidence among dealers. My sales drastically increase after that. Even we think from dealer side to get the replacement on warranty products, need to do lot of paper work and no ROI on spares business, so why a businessmen will invest to get nothing at the end.

    Same in 2nd suggestion. I kept a Service Person in few cities, so dealer can call locally and get the things arrange.

    If Fiat awake, they can save there brand, else you know the last, what happens.

    Now my decision towards New Diesel Car goes towards Maruti Swift VDI.

    The biggest draw back in Swift is rattle sound, remaining every features can be zeroed against support / service of Maruti.

    Your comments are welcome ...
  2. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    You make some valid points. Dealers & spares have been problems that Fiat has grappled with since they came into India and they still have to figure out a way to get these things under control! Problem with non-avaliablity of spares is also because of lower sales. Dealers will also not be willing to invest money in stock of non-fast moving items. Typically what I have noticed is that routine service items are readily avaliable with dealers. It's the 'once in a blue moon' required part that causes problems.

    If you have decided on the Swift, do go for it. BUT, wait for the new Swift which should be just a couple of months away.
  3. Yes Rakesh,

    Every word is correct from your post.

  4. Rakesh,

    -----Duo brand idea in one roof is not working as dealers want to push Tata products instead of Fiat, The response was not so good for Fiat Cars,

    Same thing is i observed in bangalore dealers also....thats y FIAT cars sales very low.....
  5. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    +10 Rakesh You hit the nail. You put the Real Situation of loyal FIAT Customers. ::T :clapping :clap

    But only FIAT can give Outstanding Ride & Handling,Safety,Road stability,Equipments & performance.

    Listen the engine notes of i-20 CRDi,FORD FIGO,Vista (TDi),Scoda Fabia.All these small cars acts like a Tractor.

    Rev them . All of them will emit horrible knocking sound. :shocked

    & Turbo lag is also min.in Multijet. Even same platform DDiS has more Turbo-lag.

    See the torque figures

    TATA Indigo 1400 C.C. Torque is 140 NM
    Scoda Fabia 1400 C.C. Torque is 155 NM
    Vista TDi 1400 C.C. Torque is 135 NM
    Ford TDCi 1400 C.C. Torque is 160 NM
    Logan 1500 C.C. Torque is 160 NM
    Maruti DDiS 1248 C.C. Torque is 190 NM @ 2000 RPM

    FIAT Multijet is clear winner. Only 1248 C.C. Torque is 197 NM @ 1750 RPM :redcar :clap

    Peak torque comes at lower RPM as compared to DDiS ,so less gear changes & less driving fatigue. :wow

    That' why FIAT MJD .

    As stated in my earlier post ,to purchase FIAT car is like a gambling.
    If you have in it then start the game. :helmet

    If the FIAT car is running without any big issue then you are lucky. :dancing
    & if not then God save you from insane pathetic TATA dealers. :uh
  6. guru


    well, here's my take on it.

    before i booked the Punto, i test drove i20, i10, Beat, Ritz, Figo and Swift. Punto wasn't the car i set out to buy. infact it wasn't even on my list. It was last car i drove because a friend of mine smirked i might as well drive that and complete test drives of all cars in the range. I test drove the 1.2 petrol but the drive in city wasn't effortless the demo car wasn't the best but Punto felt classy and well built but the decision made itself when i drove the 1.3 mjd.

    i still dont "love" fiat. Brands dont matter to me. If Punto was made by Force motors i'd still have bought it given the other choices. I bought Punto because the for the car itself, knowing full well that i might have to bear with some atrocious service. I understand that i made "stupid" decision - atleast according to my friends.

    you are dead right in the points you made. Fiat dug themselves a huge hole by trying to ride on Tata's coattails who aren't known for good service in the first place. Fiat didn't want to put in all the effort and money in a market they weren't sure o being in top 3.

    yeah, punto doesn't make sense service wise, spare parts wise but this is the Apple of hatchbacks currently and top notch in Design and Build. also the ride quality that matches if not beats ford fiesta
  7. know one saying for chinese products : Now same for Fiat ::V

    ??? ?? ???? ??, ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? !! :lol:
  8. Fiat is not a brand in India, So i don't think No.1 Maruti will support Fiat for Sales & Service. Why they ?

    Indians are very cleaver, that's why Tata using Fiat (by buying MJ engines & assembly for Vista & Manza Cars ),
    Not Fiat is using Tata, they are just thinking to get good service network of Tata in Free. :lol:

    ???? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ! ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ! :dance
  9. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    I read everything..... Rakesh Sir you mentioned everything good about Maruti but you forgot that we also discussed how maruti treats the customer... Giving a car for service to Maruti is like as if you are begging them... they treat cars like dogs ans service centers like Dog kennels... Just take as much cars as you can and do something and give it back... I still remember Surya sir's golden words about maruti....

    Coming to FIAT... We also concluded that it is not FIAT which has problem but its the dealer which has problem... I had a detailed 2 hrs discussion with Mr. Sambhaiya (Service Head) @ Tejaswi and he is now looking worried as he is losing customers... The dealers now are trying to take help of other customers to get their customers back... which means the competition is on....

    I would want you to do a small check... Go to either Tejaswi or Malik and check for any running repair part... I am confident you will find it...

    The TFI Meet @ Hyderabad has left a big big impact on dealers....
  10. Dear Shashank,

    I know i hurt your feeling towards our meet & about your passion for Fiat Cars, Hope you understand, that i visited your meet to see you all, and finally, I have an interest towards Fiat Punto. I still like the car very much, although the TD was too bad.

    For new customers, they don't know before buying that which dealer is good / bad, I fill the fiat TD request forum and concord chap called me to offer TD. Any way you know better, How the TATA dealers maintain there Fiat TD Cars.

    Regarding your comment is totally bias towards Maruti Dealers. your self can see the TFM answer you better http://teamfiat.co.in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=1593#p27939

    Refer to Mr. Surya's comment on his email towards Fiat for Non availability of spares is much worst than his experience for Maruti Zen, I am debut full how he selected the Maruti Zen. He is + 6" tall healthy smart guy .

    Remember i am not representing Maruti / Fiat, I am just a general customer and being interested in Fiat Product & like it very much because it's features, quality (the same i missed in Maruti Swift), and looking closely towards my investment of my hard earned money.

    Even i suggest to valid points to Fiat, if they do as per there customer feed back, I am sure they can sell more numbers cars than present, and if sales are more, automatically service will improve as lot of business house start approaching them for doing business together.

    So take a glass of water & advise me, now what to do next ? :up

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