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white smoke from engine bay

Discussion in 'Technical' started by anish_707, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. anish_707


    hi all,
    had a problem yesterday driving on nh-8 last day.i was driving at around 120 km/hr on the highway,suddenly i noticed white smoke from under the hood.when i opened the hood little white smoke was coming from around the place the coolant pipe enters into the engine bay.my coolant level was a bit low from the minimum mark and it was mostly water in the top up tank,no idea about radiator. car also started riding a bit different.there was no smoke from the tail pipe tough.i think the white smoke was steam. i googled it also.
    i took the car to the next petrol pump, emptied the top up tank and put servo(blue coloured) coolat into it.no smoke comin though now but after running the car for a while whenn i tried to open cap of the res tank, i felt some gas or steam was buliding into it and coolant was ready to pop up all of a sudden if i would have opened it further.
    what could be the problem.
    my service is due next month ,so planning to get the problem checked then only if god forbid nothin bad happens in between.
    never face this problem though before.radiator fan is also working fine,temp needle was also normal. climate here in delhi is already chilly.
    engine oil was also a bit low but it will do for next 1000km i think

    fiat linea 1.4
    cng fitted

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