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Which of these 3 T-Jet options would be the best?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by PatchyBoy, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Hello everyone,

    First a small intro -

    After driving the 1st gen Zen, then the 1st gen Santro and the Cielo AT (awesome car) for sometime in the mid-90's, I moved to Australia, where I bought the BMW 323i. Used that car for around 4 years after which I decided to come back to India. When I came back, I was so addicted to European cars, that I refused to even test drive a Japanese car. The year was 2007.

    I realized that I had to relearn driving all over again - forget lane discipline, strict adherence to rules, stopping for pedestrians, etc. to get from A to B in Bangalore. I wanted a new car, but did not want to splurge much during the relearning phase :). Being a petrol-head, I realized that my only option in the affordable bracket was the Palio Stile. So I got myself the 1.1 variant SLX. (Still kicking myself for not opting for the 1.6 Sport). The plan was to use the car for 18 to 24 months and then upgrade. But that was not to be. The year 2008 turned out to be disastrous for me on the vitamin M front and I found myself in deep red. So, the car upgrade was left on the back burner.

    Fast forward 4 years - now things are back to where it was before and it is time to upgrade. Decisions already made -
    • It has to be a FIAT
    • It has to be a Sedan
    • It has to be Petrol
    In view of the above, the only logical choice was the 2012 Linea 1.4 Fire. That is till I took the T-Jet for a test drive. That single drive changed the whole equation for me. That drive took me back to 2001 when I first drove my BMW and my wife who was with me during the TD was confused as to what I was grinning at. Half way into the TD, the decision was already made. The FIAT Linea T-Jet would be my next car. Period. This was in Feb 2012. I had to travel to the US on assignment and decided to pick the car up when I come back. Now I am back and then I found out the FIAT stopped production in May / June last year. I was disappointed and searched high and low to find out if FIAT has any plans on bringing this car back. No conclusive information. Then I found out that FIAT still had some stock, for which they were offering huge discounts. It was like getting paid to do a favour.

    Now comes the dilemma -

    There were 2 dealers I approached. I did not want to even enquire with dealer C. Still have the bad taste in my mouth when I went to them for my Palio. I did not buy it from them either. For the sake of confidentiality, let us call the other 2 dealers Dealer A and Dealer B.

    Dealer A has a BNW Oct 2010 T-Jet and has offered a OTR price of 8.1 L. The car is in the dealer's stock yard and I can get it in a matter of 2 to 3 days.

    Dealer B also offers me the same 8.1 L for Oct 2010 BNW T-Jet. He has also offered a May 2011 BS T-Jet for 8.6. However, dealer B claims that these cars are in the factory and he can get it shipped to Bangalore upon confirmed order. Based on reviews found here and in other forums, I am not so sure about the professionalism of dealer B, but I am tempted by the BS colour choice.

    I know, I know - why not the T-jet PLUS you ask. I hate the choice of leather seats in the Plus variant. And it does not make sense to shell out the extra premium (both dealers are quoting 8.9 for the Plus - Dealer A has TW in his stock yard and dealer B says he can get the FTA from the plant) and then get the seats done in leather again in my choice of color / design. Given that the Plus is being offered for 8.96 L by both dealers, I feel I can use the 86 K to get alloys / rubber / seat upholstery of my choice and still have T-Jet Plus :D.

    I am seriously considering picking up the BNW T-Jet from dealer A. Of course I will be doing a thorough PRI / PDI. What are things I need to be wary of? Are there any differences in terms of interiors / plastics / build quality, etc between a Oct 2010 T-Jet and a May 2011 T-Jet / T-Jet Plus? I know that an Oct 2010 car does not really qualify to be termed a new car, but it is still a T-Jet and I will be the first owner :D

    All comments are welcome and will be much appreciated.

  2. I would have gone for the tjet plus 2012 model.But May 2011 car from Dealer B sounds good...More resale value and atleast the tyres,batteries,engine oil will be almost new.And moreover a year younger will surely give you better resale value.2010 car should be more cheap,atleast if you can get it for somewhere around 7.8L,I think its worth considering.At the end of the day its always ur call.
    Best of luck!!!Choose wisely...
  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    So would I, provided, there is some concrete information on the launch date.

    Resale value is not even in consideration. I have no plans of selling for at least 5 years. Also, I am skeptical about the availability of a BS T-Jet May 2011. The dealer has promised to check with FIAT and update.

    Agreed. I think I will pit the 2 dealers against each other and try and get the OTR down to 7.8 L or whereabouts.

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2012
  4. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    As per My Information Only 6 T-Jet Plus available on 3rd august - 5 FTA , 1 HHB
    and Only One BS T-Jet Available !! ( All Are 2011 Models)
  5. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    PatchyBoy, buying October 2010 T-JET means buying from the very first lot of T-JETs manufactured in India. But still I guess FIAT manufactured very consistent lots around that time so they should be free from any issues.
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    T-Jet are not getting manufactured, so you would get older model also.

    I would suggest, to and have thorough PDI on the car which is in stock. Take it only if you are satisfied everything is ok with the car.
    If you find any issue, go to other dealer and ask him same that you will take only after proper PDI.
  7. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    My vote goes to the may 2011 tjet
  8. carwatcher


    Hi Rajan,
    I suggest you to go for in order of preference :
    1. T-Jet+ : Fully Loaded from factory, 5 Alloy wheels and 16" tyres.
    2. T-Jet (2010) - Price is a steal and you can have interiors/alloys of your choice + music system from the money saved.
    3. T-Jet (2011) - as the difference between T-Jet and T-Jet+ was Rs.50000/- since the beginning. The Rs.30000 difference being offered to you shows discount is more on T-Jet+. I believe you can negotiate more and buy the T-Jet if you are very particular about Leather seats, I believe they are superb.

    Off-topic : Whatever variant you select, make sure not to install any Sun-control Films.:D
  9. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Not sure of which city / state you are calling from. You can ofcourse check with nearby cities / states. People will be happy to get their TJets out if already available in stock yard. Check for it. You might get better discounts.
  10. roy@jet


    My vote? May 2011 TJet plus.
    Reasons for not voting 2010 T-Jet and post purchase upgrades of your choice ?
    7 month older piece may have additional issues of concern (mostly can be cleared through a thorough PDI)
    Not sure if upgrading to alloys (including spare one???) will have any warranty issues?
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