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Which Hatch Punto/Polo/Swift/Micra ?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by yzfrj, Sep 9, 2010.


Which Car

  1. Swift

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  2. Micra

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  3. Punto

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  4. Polo

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  1. yzfrj



    I'm new here.
    Need some help in finalizing.

    This car is not for me. Its for my in-laws. A sedan is not really required a hatch should do ok.
    This is going to be a "drive driven" car.

    Primarily for short travel (So petrol should be ok, don't mind getting a diesel too)


    Back seat comfort.
    Hassle free Ownership (Service, maintenance cost etc.)

    I'd have bought Swift, it rattles a lot. New K-Series engine is smooth and efficient. MUL proven service network
    Polo I love this car, sales/service is an unknown.
    Micra same reason sales/service is an unknown.
    Punto good to look at, comfortable. I've heard horror stories about Service. This is what is putting me off.

    Suggestions/Views please.
  2. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    I have voted for Punto. It is not as good as MUL in terms of service but not bad either.
  3. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Pardon me : but looking at your criteria : NONE of these cars actually suit you. All of them are pretty average when it comes to rear seat legroom.

    If it is a driver driven car you HAVE TO HAVE a car that has excellent rear seat legroom. And there is only ONE clear winner there : Tata Indica Vista

    And the new Vista with the drivetech 4 is pretty awesome. Do check it out.

    I am therefore not voting.
  4. naveenguruprasad


    I agree with Amogh. You can also check out for Hyundai i20 petrol version, as it is driven for short distances. As it is from Hyundai, you should get spares easily and there wont be much maintenance cost. Rear bench is better than most of the sedans..rather I would say excellent. Initial pickup is not that peppy but it should meet your requirement.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    In your least, none will give you great space in rear, include i20 also. All has more or so similar wheel base and space inside.

    If space is main requirement, look no other than Vista. Otherwise choose between Punto/Polo.
  6. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    YZF, I was in same dilemma:
    Petrol vs Diesel
    Which hatchback?

    Ive voted for Punto.
    Out of the cars you have mentioned, I would always stick with Punto. If it has to be anything else, it would be i20

    Polo and Swift are the first to be out since back seat comfort is a priority.

    Micra? For me, neither it carries looks, nor it carries any service network. Plus point is that the owner does not carry a key either. It remains in the pocket. :lol:
    But, so much just for a key. Thin service network as well.

    Swift scores in terms of performance, sevice "network". But so many marutis on road= flooded service centers. Plus, rattles.

    Polo. Maintenance cost is definitely not low. There are no free services. Cramped rear seat. Interior fit and finish is awesome. Lack of features and I don't know if it has rear AC vents. Service network is thin at the moment.

    Punto. Very-2 high safety standards. Good back space as compared to the cars above. Rear AC vents and Climate control AC. One of the best ride and handling balance any hatch can offer in India today. No bouncy ride at the back seat. Beautiful looks.

    i20. Luxurious interiors. Good looks. For me, this car was second after Punto.
    Rear AC is spacious. Feature loaded but no extra feature as compared to Punto. Glove box cooling is a dud. Seats are a bit hard.
    Suspension is not a great as Punto. Ride quality is still better in Punto.
    i20 has Hyundai service network on the other hand.

    Punto: for Ride quality, back seat comfort, features, built quality and best in terms of safety.
    i20: Luxurious interiors, Hyundai service, features, great safety features.

    P.S.- I'm forgetting the name of the bike in your profile pic. It was 135cc if I remember. What's the name?
  7. yzfrj


    @ Gmittal - How is the service in you view ? Good/Bad/Ok ?
    @ amogh - Thanks for the tip. But Tata is not in the list as they don't want a Tata as they had one. Service was a nightmare.
    This is the exact reason we are scared to go with the Punto. Looks are good. My uncle has one, he is really put off by the service/ownership experience. So kinda confused after getting all this -ve vibes. I was not too happy with the way it drove, but maybe its just me.
    @ naveenguruprasad / Ravi- Personally I don't like the Korean H. Moreover i20 is too expensive, they'd rather get a sedan then.

    @ PaddleShifter - No real confusion between Petrol or Diesel as distance covered will not be much.
    The bike in the pic in my Yamaha - RxZ

    I feel as whole package Micra / Polo makes sense. Service is the unknown factor. That is the problem.
    Safety I don't think it matters in the cars in question as all the cars here does't have anything "fancy" for the rear passengers.
    Swift I can go ahead and buy , only thing is it makes a lot of racket (inside). Rear seat comfort I did't see any problems as they did't complain when they were taken for a ride in my dad's Swift.
  8. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    yzfrj, you need to get a review of the dealership from where you intend to get it serviced.

    I've found regular service levels and common spares availability to be OK in Bangalore(Concorde), but that may not necessarily be true everywhere.

    Have you considered Figo ?
  9. Vroom

    Vroom Amatore

    If it is about service, I own a Punto Emotion 1.3, and I would rate Service as "OK". Nothing more, nothing less. But in almost 1 year of my ownership, I have faced only niggles, nothing major at all.

    However, in the above cars, my options would be either a Punto / Polo. Like sdp mentioned, I think you would want to checkout overall service experience in your area.

  10. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    to keep it simple no car compares to Punto. Punto scores over all other cars. a.s.s (pun) has improved too. it will take some time to come in same league with others coz they have been in india for a long time without any major issues, is not that bad either. Fiat is paying for all misdeeds that PAL did. Swift may have a good service network but it has rattling issues after few thousand kms and its cramped. i20 may be good looking but its overpriced and and is good to drive only on highways. polo and micra are seriously underpowered with 3 cylinder engines and overpriced too.
    Punto is the best with good FE and performance and aggressive pricing.
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