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Which Car Did You Learn To Drive In?

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by J Ravi, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Learnt driving in a Maruti 800 from a Govt authorised driving school. Got the license on the 21st day after i started my driving lessons.
    It was a 15 day training of 5 kms (or) 30 mins whichever was earlier.

    On the same day i got my license, booked an Alto and got it on the 2nd day. Proper driving was practised in my Alto.
    Had clocked around 45000 kms before i sold it, then went for a SX4 which i sold in just 17000 kms for Linea 1.4 which i sold at 25000 kms.

    Upgraded to the Tjet and have clocked 3000 kms as of date. In total i have around 90,000 kms of driving experience and am still learning.....
  2. jaisha8


    First of all thanks to Ravi for starting such an interesting topic. Learning to drive your first car would be fresh in everyone's memory, however aged he/ she may be as it is a very exciting and proudy moment in one's life.
    I read through this entire thread and I feel my learning to drive the car is completely different and I must say was rather adventurous than just learning to drive. We had an 1966 model Land rover in 1987 and it always kept on having some problem or the other. Luckily I found a picture of the same and attaching herewith.
    After my graduation in Bombay, I came down to Chengalpet (TN) to be back with my parents. My Dad & mum used to go for work and I used to be alone at home. We had this Land rover at home and on holidays I used to wash & clean this car. This was a heavy & very tough vehicle with full aluminium body.
    One day my dad said, you are sitting idle at home, come with me to the factory and after dropping me you can go and learn driving with our driver. I was very much excited and also tension as this land rover was the last thing in which I wanted to learn driving.
    Dad's factory was 12 kms away from Chengalpet town and in a Village called Padalam. There were no proper roads here and all kucha village roads surrounded by fields. So we dropped dad at the factory and left. After 2 kms the driver stopped the car and asked me to come out and get behind the wheels. My tension mounted as I didnt know the ABC of driving and this man just calls me and asking me to drive the car. But I obeyed by Guru ji and took the wheels. Now my Guru ji is giving me basic lessons, "You are lucky to learn driving in this car. You should be aware that there is a huge play in the steering wheel, for every gear change you need to pump the clutch twice, (i.e from 1st to 2nd gear press clutch twice, then release it and press twice again to move to 3rd gear and so on), also you have to pump the brake twice to stop the vehicle and above all this, there is no self-start. If the car stops you will have to push the car and I will start it for you". Fair enough, he is my Guru ji and I cannot let him push the car isnt it?
    Well in that April hot summer I was sweating like I was under a rain. But actually it was not the summer, it was after he told all these qualities of this great car that I was about to learn driving.
    As instructed I pushed the clutch and shifted to 1st gear and after moving a bit he advised me to shift to second gear. I pressed clutch and moved the gear and grrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrr only sound was coming and gear was not falling to 2nd. My guru ji yelled press the clutch twice, I told you before...I pressed it twice and it smoothly fell to 2nd gear. The car was not going straight but like 'Z' zigzag due to the huge play in the steering and i couldnt control it at all. There were too may cycles coming from opposite side and ladies carrying huge bundles of hay, vegetables etc on their head and I was dodging all of them and I could even hear some of them cursing me. I looked at Guru ji and to my shock he was dozing off leaving me on the steering like this. I called him and asked now what. He said keep the steering steady in a position and keep on driving and I did. I gradually changed the gears and was driving in 4th gear now. In no time, the steering was steady and now I was driving it straight.That's when I realized the manuearability of this vehicle was quite good. After going 5kms I saw a dead end, i.e., no road ahead and it was all fields from there on with full of muddy/ slurry water after the last night rains. I asked guru ji and asked him if I should stop. He told no you are driving into that and remember push your accelerator more because if the vehicle stops you will have to push. After a few meters I just jumped the car into this muddy water splashing all over the place. Now the vehicle was skidding and my steering was totally out of control and the car was going all over the place. As it was all fields I didnt have to worry about following a path. It was making my own road.... Guru ji was still dozing off and I just kept driving in this muddy field and at one place I became slow and there the vehicle got stuck in this muddy water. I was pushing the acclerator and only the rear wheels kept turning and not the vehicle. My guru ji woke up from his sleep and asked me where are you and I told we are stuck in the mud. He just smiled and said than what are we having these other gears for, dont you know this is a 4X4. He just pushed another smaller size gear and vrooom... the vehicle jerked forward and I was back on my way. After driving around 45 minutes on this muddy field he told me to turn back to go back to the factory. By this time I was thinking myself to be an expert driver of 4X. We reached the factory in 1 hour and when my Dad & his collegues saw the condition of this car they all were laughing. I told my dad I had the experience of my life and no one would have learnt driving the way I did. After washing the car, the driver was told to drop me home. I was waiting for the driver to take the steering and he told me, "Not me, you are driving it back home". I was a bit scared to drive it on the highway 12 kms back home. But by now I was confident and took the car on to the highway. While on highway he showed me the Road signs and what to follow and keep to one side etc. Dont drive like you did on the fields okay, he said and we both started laughing. I was driving the car steadily and pumping the brakes twice to slow down and doing everything right. He was also surprised that and told me "I can already call you a driver". You learnt very quickly. I contiued this driving lessons for 1 week and by then I picked up my skills in driving. Sometimes when our driver didnt turn up, I would drop my dad at the factory and go back in the evening to pick him up. That's how I learnt my driving....

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  3. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    I learnt my driving in my father's 800.
    I was always very interested in learning how to drive and used to closely watch my father. In fact, when my mother learnt to drive in Noida / Delhi (I was 14yrs old), I used to guide her how to do so, both on the mechanics of the car, as well as moving on the road, as she used to be very scared of the traffic.
    Daddy was very clear that he will not allow me to drive before I get my learner's license (18yrs). But he started allowing me to park the car in the garage. On that pretext I started driving the car late at night before parking the car. And then I used to sneak out with the car in his absence in the day time as well (in Noida), much like my father, I was told. And then he took me out on Delhi roads once I got my license, and taught me the finer points which I did not know till then.
  4. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    i never like to be taught by someone.

    never llke those driving schools....i am like a thief waiting for a right opportunity to rob,

    i took my uncle's MM540 jeep,left the keys busy chatting, i left the home.

    whenever i go in the bus. obviously,my place is close proximity to the driver..

    when i was at seventh standard, i took the brother's Kawasaki KB100,broke the old lady's leg.crowd gathered my pant goes wet.

    before they assault i ran for shelter,there are so many things like this,yet these are my first encounters....

    me and my friend took his dad's amby, perhaps he handed over the keys when i pretend that i can drive...

    saga continues till now....i got a good driver friend,presently he is driving college bus. i go with him in early morning to pick up students

    i navigate that mammoth from college to student pick point ....while he drove to college,i become a college student...

    oh man.....air brakes sucks really.....u cant brake like in cars......it is in different dimension....

    it takes two days to acquire the skill.......brake late with lite foot is mantra....A feather touch...

    Driving is my Meditation..........
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  5. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    In my Dad's good old Amby.....
  6. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    i learned in fiat uno fire. interestingly i started in reverse and the car did not stall until i had to brake.
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I learnt my driving in Tata Indica Diesel in 2001. :)
  8. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    I learnt my driving in Maruti 800 in 2011..:)
  9. venka

    venka BANNED

    Indica diesel , Tata safari , santro. Got confidence in Maruti zen. Took my driving license after testing myself driving skills for 45k km in punto ;)

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  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    I started learning driving a 4 wheeler in car which every Indian must have done so. The ubiquitous Maruti 800. The initial learning in the driving school for getting the licence was unworthy. The actual lessons started when I got myself a M 800 and started practising on it. Those days were hillarious thinking now as to how I used to drive.

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