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When do you tank up your car?

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by caffeineam, Jan 4, 2013.


When do you tank up your car?

  1. When fuel warning light is on

  2. When fuel level is at half tank or lower on the console

  3. Ignore the console and go by KM readings close to empty

  4. Ignore the console and go by KM readings at half tank or lower

  5. Randomly

  1. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    I fill when the fuel gauge shows between 1/4 and 1/2.
    If am going on long trips, irrespective of the fuel indication i do a full tank.
  2. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    I go for a fill once the needle stands at the red mark and once in a week with 600/- 11.5 ltrs of to the middle and on long drives a full tank
  3. sungoa2010


    I was so fond of reserve light earlier after going through forum completely stopped it for the better health of fuel pump and now fill when the level is between 1/2 and 1/4th.
  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    :D Good decision.
    The only reason I know that light works in my car is, because it was on when the car was delivered. It has never come on ever since :evilsmile

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I do fill, just, after light on, but I do keep an eye on how much KM I have driven.
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  6. Normally, I fill up the first week of every month and do a top-up sometime between the third and fourth week when the needle goes below the half tank :)
    In case of a long drive, I fill up the tank a day before the trip.
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  7. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    For city driving, I usually fill fuel every 10 days and only after the warning light comes up. But, I always keep an eye for the fuel indicator everytime I take my car out and more keenly after a week from last filled day. For Highway runs, I fill the tank up the previous night and look out for a COCO or a decent looking Fuel station when the indicator shows 1/4th tank.
  8. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Randomly - when i cross my favourite bunk where quality is assured i make a point that i refill. As it is i can check my mileage on MID which is fairly accurate, so i dont wait for tankful method.
  9. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    Will wait till the reserve light is on and then fill it up to brim, but I do keep an eye on the km run after refueling.
  10. For city use I fill with 500 bucks once in every three days..on highway I try to fill before the needle hits mid tank.

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