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Wheel Balancing...Confusion..help..

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by sadanandbondade, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. I have Punto 2010 Model and has covered 17K Kms. I had my vehicles 3rd free service done from KHT Fiat, And I had no problems after service. The vehicle was behaving normal after service (vehicle dragging to right or left), but i had observed that the tyre wear was not even on all tyres. so I was always doubting, as what could be wrong.
    I had a puncture recently, and had to take the car to a near by tyre care centre (If i remember the name: Sagar Tyre Care, Thippasandra main road). He also mentioned that the tyre wear is uneven and he suggested to get the tyre alignment checked. When it was checked, he found deviations and he did the changes accordingly, and he asked my if the vehicle is dragging to right. I said "No, i do not feel it. it is normal". Since I had not much background knowledge (as i was getting it done outside FSS for the first time), he explained that which ever values are in red needs to be changed and made green...I was surprized to see those deviation in alignment values. After the allignment the vehicle drags to left now, WHICH WAS NORMAL BEFORE ALLIGNMENT...

    During this alligment process he also change the front left tyre (which was fixed for puncture) which was unevenly worn with the extra tyre..When i went back to him, he informed me that this could be due to the new spare tyre.(as one is worn out) replaced the new tyre from the front left to front right and he asked me to check. On a test drive the vehicle still drags to left. When i asked him to check, he said one you start using it, the drag will reduce and you can get it checked again after 2000Kms or so..For some reason I did not feel he is giving proper reason, and he just want to convince me..I decide to leave it there..and my vehicle still drags to left.

    Now :
    1. I doubt if FSS tries to allign the wheels in a way that the vehicle moves straight..but still with wrong values (as i said the tyres were worn unevenly but still no drag) I see many such thread in this forum, after i started to collect info on it.
    2. I was not sure, how accurate these tyre care centres are with this allignment, do they have to take any special consideration for specific vehicles ?
    3. I remember, in my previous service, i had a problem of vehicle dragging and the FSS person told me that this was due to a bent wheel rim..and he moved it to the rear wheels..can this happen due to a bent wheel rim ? It could be that this was rotated to front again by the tyre care guy.
    4. From my observations, it is hard to trust these wheel allignment centres..so please refer me some reliable wheel allignment centres around HAL airport area in Bangalore (or surrounding area)

    Since never realized, i could get problem like this, I never kept the allignment report with me..so its difficult to provide you experts with the correct allignment values..I will get it this time when i get it alligned again.
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Were the tires starting to wear unevenly before or only after the 3rd service at KHT?

    If before the 3rd service, then the alignment done at KHT would've been just right. The car should not go left or right on a normal flat road surface. Take it back to KHT if they had corrected the car alignment initially.
  3. Hello Gurjinder,

    The tyres were worn unevenly even before third service...But even before third service the car was normal..

    i experience this drifting only after this was changed during tyre puncture.
  4. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    I think it could be the tyre repair guy who did the alignment for you please visit KHT or any reliable Tyre Care center again and get the Wheel balancing, Steering adjustment and alignment done.
  5. Yes, I intend to do that..Since i have no past experience. Do any of you suggest a reliable wheel allignment centre around my home. I stay near by HAL airport in Bangalore. Anyting around Indiranagar or Maratahalli ?
  6. bbllaazzee

    bbllaazzee Amatore

    You can try Sai Iyengar Tyres at Double road - Domlur (road going towards Kavery school) Just after the domlur fly-over, take the left turn and keep going till you cross the Nandini Hotel, you can enquire there, it is hardly 100 meters from there towards your left.
  7. I think i know this place...I will check if i can visit it today or over the weekend.
  8. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Since this thread is about wheel balancing, Can someone let me know if any report is generated about the wheel balancing? I mean the weights details added to the wheels? Can someone post of any such report. I am aware of the wheel alignment report generally available post the alignment.
  9. ViPr

    ViPr Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I have a -ve feedback about KHT's wheel alignment. When I did my first service, alignment was wrong + steering angle was not correct. I took it to Tyre Empire near my house. He confirmed it too after test drive and also on Computer readings on alignment platform. He said he had received many such complaints from KHT.

    @ghodlur: I think I have a alignment report which I did 2-3 months back. I will share it once I could find it at home.
  10. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore


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