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Wheel Alignment - Punto

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by johnny, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. sandeep.12

    sandeep.12 Amatore

    ^^ Yes Shams, The plastics if its touching the sensors it will slightly cause some issues.

    We should insist on balancing before removing the weights, and show them that we are not of the unaware lot.
    First thing you give a tyre for balancing, the person will remove all before you notice they are removing weights.
  2. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    As long as the target adapter (the devices that are attached to all 4 wheels as called by Hunter) are mounted evenly on the wheel rim, it shouldn't be a problem. I've seen some latest alignment equipments which has target adapters that are clamped to the base of tire instead of wheel, which must solve the confusion.

    I had a different reason for doing the wheel balancing. Madhu's has the Hunter's Roadforce balancing machine which does the actual balancing along with suggestions to rotate wheels based on the best position for every wheel. They check the balance without removing old weights first and change them only if required. Another thing which I asked them to do but they did it by default for everyone is to remove the stones in the tread gaps. The stones could add significant grams of weight to the tire.

    Reason why I'm posting to this bit old thread, I got my alignment and rotation done yesterday at Madhu's @Langford road. Got the previos alignment at 11.6K kms from them and didn't have any issue. Still, wanted to check the current alignment at 17.3K kms and got it along with the Roadforce suggested rotation.

    The alignment equipment shows 2 models of Punto with different Toe values.
    1. Fiat 05-Punto (grande) 1.2 8V/1.4L 8V/1.3L Multiject 75CV and
    2. 2012 Punto MY12

    The technician chose 1 by default, but I remember seeing at the TASS while booking my vehicle they chose Punto MY12 as the vehicle. So, insisted him to choose 2nd configuration and got the alignment done. Came back home and compared with 11K alignment report which was done with model 1 configuration. The toe values are totally different :eek: When compared with the owner's manual, the alignment readings (toe) are similar to 2012 Punto MY12's configuration numbers. Here comes the twist, now my ride is bit rough when compared to the ride quality before alignment. Ride quality is like the tires are over inflated, but they are perfect 32. I have written to Fiat asking them to share me the exact toe values for the 2012 Punto.

    I know a wrong balancing could give a bumpy ride, but, will a wrong alignment (say in minutes) affect the ride quality?

    That must put a question in our mind, do all the alignment shops have same toe values? I proved it NO with 2 different configurations of Punto. So, how do we know which one is correct for our car? Will post both the alignment reports tonight for your comparison.

    - Deva
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  3. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    update on the different alignment numbers

    Wrong alignment configuration (Fiat 05 Punto) 20130902_194617.jpg Alignment configuration which matches the owner's manual specification (Fiat Punto MY12) 20130902_194655.jpg

    As you can see the difference is almost double.
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  4. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    As expected, none responded from Fiat.
    I wrote to service.india and Mr. Mangesh too.
  5. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Thanks to Mr. Mangesh.

    He got back with the following recommendation for a 2012 improved ground clearance Punto (aka) MY2012 - Grande Punto

    Thank you for your communication , with regards to update , below are the details for 2012 with improved ground clearance
    MY 2012 – Grande Punto (improved ground clearance)

    ParameterSetting Values
    Front toe (each wheel)0.15mm
    Front Total toe0.3mm
    Rear toe (each wheel)0 deg 12min to 0 deg 20min
    Rear Total toe1.4 to 5.4mm

    During wheel alignment procedure maintain tyre pressure all 4 wheel at 3bar.
    (reset to normal spec after alignment procedure)
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  6. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    I have a October 2009 Punto. I'm assuming that the 'Fiat 05-Punto' configuration would be applicable for anyone owning the older Punto's with the less GC ?
  7. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Frankly, the answer is "may be". You may have to compare the owner's manual data and the Fiat 05-Punto's configuration. Since those weren't matching in my case, I had to write to Mr.Mangesh to get the factory set values. Now onwards, I'll insist the alignment centre's to choose MY 2012 as the model and cross verify the data for the mentioned Toe values.

    An update: the rough ride feeling was due to the unusual road I was testing the car with. It has got nothing to do with the alignment or balancing.
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  8. sampy


    Can somebody please suggest me a good and known Alignment Center in Hyderabad....I'm new to Hyderabad.
  9. vamsi

    vamsi Novizio

    Wheel alignment need help.

    Hi all,

    My 90 HP is 26 days old and I have done little over 2k kms on ODO. All of the miles were on highway. I drove 3 times to and fro to my home town Tirupathi from Bangalore and now on the 4th one. Right from day one, I felt that car is pulling towards right little bit and on further observations, I sometimes felt that it is pulling towards left. So, I am not very sure if there is a genuine problem or not. But the degree of pulling is on very minimal edge.

    So, I thought lets give a chance to the technology to decide. Being an almost every week commuter to tirupathi, it would be best for me if I find a reliable place here so that I can get it done over the weekend. I finally could manage to get the alignment done from MRF authorised point here. My father takes our Omni and now Alto from past 10yrs to the same place and is referred to be a reliable place here.

    Okay. before I post my report, let me try to jot down the open questions I am left with during whole process:

    1. I didn't see the "punto 90 HP" listed on the "CORGHI" software loaded on the alignment machine. After seeing that mine are alloys, that guy said "FIAT PUNTO. 128 V" is the correct one. I tried to roll over the manual for these specifications, but couldn't find. I don't have choice. So, I let it go.
    Q : What are the factory recommendations of caster, camber, toe for punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP ? where can I find those details ?

    2. The guys told only "Half-toe" value is of botheration. Other two values ( Camber, Caster ) shown by machine cannot be changed ( or NA ) to this car. Again, I have no knowledge. So, I let it go.

    Q: what are values shown by the machine that I as a punto owner should bother?

    Accordingly he corrected the LH Half-toe from +3.6mm to +2.0mm and RH Half-toe value from +1.9mm to 0.2mm. I am still not sure if 2.0mm is actually the desired values.
    There are lot of reports shared on this thread. But, all are of different formats which I couldn't to relate to what I have.

    Q:Was my alignment done properly ? How far this can considered as reliable assuming machine used has no errors ? Based on that, I would like to get it checked again when I come to Bangalore.

    Q: I have paid 350 bucks and have to chance go back with-in 3days for corrections if needed. What are charges in Bangalore?

    I really wish to have an option in Tirupathi because I am going to be here for most of the weekends.

    Looking for your valuable feedback.

    my report :

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