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Wheel Alignment - Punto

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by johnny, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    I am doing the wheel alignment check every after 5K kms. I'm not doing this at TASS but at the known alignment center near panvel.

    Due to this alignment checkups, the condition of my tyres are good till now 23K kms.
  2. Rakshlij


    As my steering was a bit shaky every time i braked, I got the wheels aligned and also did the wheel balancing thing on my new punto..the right wheel was de-aligned and it was set right by the technician, the balance of one wheel was out of sync and that was set right too by adding some weight..
    But amazingly my car started pulling to the left and its been a horrible drive since then...heading to the Tata care service morrow, fingers crossed and hope the problem, whatever it is, is set right... and incidentally have heard the same problem from a few other owners too...

    Rakshith Kadyada
  3. someshvar

    someshvar Timido

    I have had slight left pulling problem for past 2-3 months now. Recently along with my 1st free service I asked TASS folks to fix this. They spent about two days to fix it and when I went to take delivery the pull started on right. After which they did rotate the wheels. Pull is back to the left side and no improvement are observed. In fact, those guys said it's an issue with tyres, they are logging complaint with manufacturer and will get back in a week's time but as usual nobody has got back to me.

    I seriously doubt what they said. Furtunately they have given me the alignement report. Can somebody read this and throw some light please?:anyone

    Wheel Alignmenet Report.jpg
  4. sushilbiddu


    TASC in Karnal is worst SC i have ever heard. They charged me for allignment and they did that and afetr asking they told that this one is proper setting. I had a pic of that. I was not satisfied as camber was positive due to which inner side of front tyres was wearing more. I get it done from outside and now very much satisfied. Never get allignment done from TASC.
  5. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Following settings seem to be out
    - Rear toe settings
    - rear right camber
    - Caster

    In Punto only toe is adjustable. Also, I think it is only front toe (others can confirm). Does your steering come back to original position after you take a turn? Any accidents you have been involved in or going over craters at high speeds (greater than 100 kmph)?
  6. someshvar

    someshvar Timido

    Thanks Speedjet.

    Some of the answers to your questions first:
    1.It does come back very soon after taking a right turn;however takes a li'l time to back after a left turn. Actually steering does not seem to stay in exact center. It's li'l tilted towards left.
    2.I don't remember of any accidents or going over craters at high speed

    So if the camber and caster are not adjustable what needs to be done to correct them? Moreover, I am sure it's gonna cause a lot of wear to the wheels hence there must be a solution to it.Please advise. I am confused.

  7. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    I am not sure but suspension change may help in camber. For caster, it could be something related to steering rack/column. If replacing parts help (some gurus can comment on this), try to claim warranty and ask for part change - but do this only if you are facing problem.

    Have you confirmed that the air in all tyres is as specified?
  8. vijaycool


    @someshvar: you total toe-in is too much -3.1mm, go to a tire shop and make to -1mm to -1.4mm. The inner edge of the tires will have jagged edges due to wear. Camber is fine but -30' (minutes) negative camber will be awesome to negate high speed turns. Now coming to your important question pulling left. Do they have any engineers over there. Looking at the data your car always pull left. What thaey have done is to reduce the pull they have increased the Toe-in. The car drags and when you brake the steering will turn to left (least caster). For RHD cars left wheel should have more caster (.20') more than the right to negate road inclination to the left. One good thing is the caster settings are like palio and your car responds spontaneously with slightest steering input. If you can able to make the left wheel caster to 2deg 10 mins it would be awesome. I have no idea about rear wheel.
  9. I am not sure whether it is known already, but the shaky steering issue will most probably disappear when you change the first set of crappy 165s which are factory fitted - my steering wobbling disappeared for good when I changed to 185s Apollo acelere after throwing away the 165s. It was a tire problem, which balancing couldn't resolve.

    Question: Is there anything which can cause an uneven wear on the rear tires?
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
  10. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    What was the cost for balancing + alignment for the Punto? In Chennai, both LAL and TyreStore charge exorbitant rates for the Punto with alloys. (1.2K)

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