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wheel alignment or something else?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by XGYo, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. XGYo



    I went through the forum to look for similar issues by found none(To avoid duplicy)
    I own a Fiat punto Active Dec 2010 and have been a proud owner. The car has run about 39K in past 2.2 years.
    My car had some wheel alignment issues in Jan 2012 which i took care.During Jun -Jul 2012 i noticed that the issues were back and i had to do the wheel alignment twice or thrice. The issue minimised but did not get resolved.I got over the steering wheel wobble but left pull was still there.
    By Jan 2013, I got really tired of my car turning towards left once i let the steering heel go. I realized that i had got used to drive with a tight grip on steering wheel to avoid the left pull. I am still facing big issues of left pull.
    I went for wheel alignment and the mechanic (who also has agency for car tyres) that my car tyres have worned out from the sides and wheel alignment may not be the solution.He advised me to get the tyres changed.
    I went to mahindra first choice on my friends advise and the mechanic assured me that after wheel alignment/Balancing and rotation the issue would get resolved; It did not.
    Later, I went to Aadya motors, Bangalore. who are the authorized service center for Fiat. I did not go to them first as they have not yet given me a confidence in their ability to get things done.
    Any way...I think i made a mistake by telling the mechanic what the tyre guy had advised me (to replace the tyres) and the mechanic at Aadya told me the same thing. He said that the tyres have worned down and replacing them with new would resolve the issue.

    1. I still don't feel that the tyres have worned down so much that they need to be replaced.
    2. My friends advise me that the worned down tyres would not generate the left pull issue, they might cause the wheecle to slip.

    I don't want to even spend 20 K before i get a good opinion and changed the tyres.

    Let me know your viewpoints
    I understand its difficult to comment without looking at tyre condition...however if anyone had gone through similar situation....might have a better opinion.


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  2. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    @XGYo, please refrain from rotating the tyre in cross fashion. Always do front to back and back to front. Thats all.Only disadvantage will be that your fifth tyre would be unused. Never mind. It will save you from headaches.

    Now please locate the tyres that were initially in the rear and fit them to the front. After doing this, try alignment at a good shop. Since your front tyres had worn out unevenly as you neglected the steering variation in the initial stages, no amount of alignment will cure your problem. Do the above before you decide on new tyres.

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  3. emanishe

    emanishe Timido

    Wagholi, Pune
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hey XYGO, I had a similar issue of the left pull. Somewhere in early 2012. I was plying between Pune and Bangalore quite frequently at that time.

    Well I got my car's wheels rotated (cross manner, always have been doing this after 5K kms of run) from a local shop near Pimple Saudagar. Thence this issue started went to Pandit Auto (Tilak Road) and told the advisor about the problem they did wheel allignment and balancing too. Since then I'm not having any problem. Check the tyre condition and put the best ones in front.

    In nutshell - try getting wheel balancing and allignment done from authorised service centre. To my memory I paid 650 INR for both.

    Hope this will help.

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