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Whats your STORY ........!!!!!

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by ansal11, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    No matter which FIAT we own.......there is always a interesting story behind it.......whats you story........nyone willing to share.....!!!!!!
  2. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    here is mine.....

    When i came back to india......I had three choices at first- and in this particular order.....and that too my First car in India
    (1)Wanted VW- for the german engineering as i had driven VW in europe before, VW cars are top of the range......except in India
    (2)Honda city....as that had a great reputation in this country and looked the clear winner in terms of stability and reviews of "everything so great with city". Now i know how money minded and class concious and reputation minded people are in NCR region.
    (3)Linea T-jet...was my third choice as i never even considered Verna. Fiat had its drawbacks with the kind of reputation they have built over the years in India.

    Test drove all the cars.....Vento looked as someone forgot to put brain in making the custome happy in longer term. Even toy cars for 5 yr olds in europe are more feature driven than this STRIPPED NAKED VENTO. Alrite, the car is good...but not good enough. so vento went outta picture

    Test drove city.....Nice salemanship, nice showroom...in all....everything nice in terms of butt licking....n they are really great at this. The car as we all know....is good...but....some things are really really exceptional....while spome things are as bad as they can be....compared to other options available...!!!

    TD T-Jet.....Good people....although not the same kinda butt licking as in City....TJET.....all has already been said bout the car...so nothing more to say.....one thing i would like to add.....the weight of the car....heaviest in the class.....but the pick up was like as if i was driving a bike with almost no weight.....thats how good it is...!!!!! Compared to city.....and there was only one clear winner......T-JET......
    Even price...on road in noida....city was only 4k more.....told this to sales man....got another 8k discount on T-jet.....nycase i was going with it even if he hadnt offerd the discount......

    So my 3rd choice ended up being my first.....n im glad i din choose the other two.....!!!!!

    Proud owner of The T-JETTER ....my First car in India.....and part of the T-JETTER family.....!!!!!
  3. vinz


    My choice was Between i20, Fabia & Fiat GP Dint even bother to look at Maruti Staple.
    Then Ultimately decided on Fiat GP. At that time people dint even know what is GP . and i was the first to buy Red GP in my city. Then u wont believe me after i bought and it was on road it was a turn around for fiat in my city. There are lot of GP in my city now.So FIAT should make me Brand ambassador for it haha!
    Only issue is its tied up with network of TATA for sales n service. Need to come as a separate if they want 2 succeed in Indian market.
  4. jaisha8


    I'm narrating an funny incident that happened when I went for my car regn at the Trichur RTO ground. I reached first and parked my car in a corner, but even then the car could be noticed from any nook and corner of the ground. Suddenly I saw a black NH City came at high speed blowing all the mud from the ground into the air and braked next to me. When he got out he saw my Linea and was shocked you wont believe that this hi-fi guy in black glasses couldnt take his eyes from my Linea. I was just standing a couple of feet away beneath a tree beside my car and was watching him. He didnt even guess that this car would be mine. He locked his car and slowly approached my car and peeped inside on the front, then went to rear and looked inside at the seats. Then he went to the back side of the car and was silently admiring and also comparing with his car because he was frequently looking back at his car also. At that moment his RTO agent arrived with another guy in a new Ford Fiesta and parket next to the NHCity. The other 2 guys got down from the Fiesta and also joined this guy & came near my Linea. This RTO agent was known to me and he asked me if this was my car, I replied YES!! and then both these car owners (NHC & Fiesta) started shooting questions at me and they wanted to see the interiors in detail. I unlocked the car with remote key and the NHC owner saw the key and wanted to have a look at it as well. I politely handed it over to him and after having a detailed look (including the functioning of Blue&me that I showed it to them proudly in detail) both of them commented :wow "Fiat LINEA is miles ahead than our cars, you are really lucky, we didnt even know about the launch of this car'. I told them proudly that mine is the first Vocal white car in Kerala as it was the first load that came to kerala.
    I am really a proud owner of FIAT LINEA and surely one who owns a LINEA owns the admiration and also knows the true value of this car.... :clapping
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  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Great one Jaisha. I can tell you, everytime someone passes by mine as well, its always has million eyes on it. People have only seen the crap ANHC and other pretenders, and Linea being seen very rarely, it makes it even more admired.

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