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What will happen to LINEA with VENTO@6.9L???

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Bala, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Add this: Fiat Linea is length/width/height/wheel-base-wise bigger than VW Vento.
  2. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    I don't think FIRE has any competition from Vento at all. In fact, TJet will start eating into ANHC share if priced correctly. However, prospective buyers of 1.3MJD Linea have a bigger engine option and might go for it, budget permitting. Fiat needs to beef up the MJD section by bringing 1.6MJD. Then Fiat would have provided for the power eaters and FE conscious. I think Fiat should have the following line-up:

    1.2 FIRE Active and Emotion
    1.4 FIRE Emotion pack
    1.4 TJet Emotion and Emotion Pack

    1.3 MJD Dynamic and Emotion Pack
    1.6 MJD Dynamic, Emotion and Emotion Pack

    Once they bring in the smaller 1 litre in the form of rejuvenated Uno, it will cover the entire spectrum.
  3. NAREN64


    No I do not know him. I sent a mail to CEO regarding the SX4, this was replied by a phone call to me by Mr.Marius D’lima - Head – Corporate Communications Fiat India.
  4. japa78

    japa78 Amatore

    I TD both Vento diesel and Linea 1.3 MJD.I felt the initial pick up in Linea was better than Vento! ofcourse after that on a straight stretch its another matter! And Linea price of Active onroad in chennai is 7.8 lacks with sun film and mats thrown in free its a steat compared to Vento 9lacks and Verna 9lack price tag for the base version,in any case 1.3 of line works almost like the 1.6 of others with its VTG and enchanced 93 BHP ratings.Linea is the way to go... service you go to the station once a year!!
  5. Today I went VW showroom to check it. Pretty, Impressed with the fit and finish of Vento. Solid build quality, plain but nicely fitted interior.
    What I don’t like-
    Shorter wheel base
    No steering mounted audio control
    Its plain exterior . no chrome on doors and bumpers.
    Rear seat comfortable only for two. Because of a wall :wink: ,coming between the passengers ::D .
    Looks shorter then Linea.
    Premium colours are not there..
    Ground clearance is only 168 mm.
    Underneath, No proper engine protection :A .
    Ex-showroom price of D- highline in Haryana is 9.28 lakh.
  6. sahdk

    sahdk Novizio

    Navi Mumbai
    Let us be honest that with such a huge body of linea, 90 bhp is under power, i feel it when I climb ghat sections eve with 3 persons in car. VW has better brand value and is well powered. I was caught between ANHC, Linea P, Linea D & Vento when I was considering my car. I reserched for well over couple of months !!

    ANHC - rejected as I found it a glorified cab & not stable enough for a highway driving, I drive lot on mumbai-pune EW
    Vento - loved to own one, only reason I rejected as I did not want to own a car that is completely new to our market, also did not like to own a completely stripped down version meant for growing economy market only
    Linea P - I drove Wagon R, did not wish to go for an underpowered car again
    Linea D - Although underpowered, torque comes for rescue, I have great faith in the impeccable quality of engine and tank like built suitable for highway driving.

    Yes, VW has only issue with the service network, else it is a fantastic car. If Fiat does not wakes up and understands the Indian psyche of buying a car, it is going to loose its market share even with great brain & beauty combination. It has to really work hard. I get disappointed with the fact that they have removed most of the useful features from the indian version ie just disabled lke ecodrive, cruisecontrol.
  7. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Last week of October and my dad decided to change his car.... I was at my home town and we decided to start the search...

    Actually Dad loved the way Punto Drives and was keen on buying a Linea even without the test drive... Linea MJD Emotion Pack, Tuscan Wine..

    Me being a FIAT lover went straight to the Tata Showroom (A. S. Motors) in Gwalior and to my surprise... they had only one Linea 1.3 MJD (Emotion), no other model, not even petrol linea... and that was September 2009 make... So is the Tata dealer thinking of selling a September 2009 make in October 2010 :punch .... This is where Linea stands in Most of the cities, Vehicle was not even worth a test drive... Dealers are not ready to get even the demo vehicles as they say that they sell only 1 car in an year... Dad got dissappointed and even commented me on my Punto that i will not find even a single guy to buy this car when i go out in the market to sell :A .... Well truly dissappointed with FIAT, i felt like i am visiting an old Premier Automobiles showroom :( ....And it all changed, No more Linea now, My dream of driving a Tuscan Wine Linea is gone now.. now he will not recommend a Tata-FIAT vehicle to his enemies also... Then we went ahead with Ford motors for the fiesta... Fiesta diesel was good to drive but did not like the interiors, kinda old generation :steering ...

    Next was the Chevrolet showroom.... We went to check out the Cruze.... Liked the car... Solid and fun to drive.... But Cruze was way above the budget (ours was around 10L) and then came the surprise... Optra Magnum prices slashed by 1 lacs.... OTR 10.3L (Optra Magnum LT).... Loved the car :wow ... you can feel the power and solidity... but i was not confident of chevy service and the image it carries in market... But we almost finalized the deal "Optra Magnum LT White Diamond"... I just loved the car.... All those who say that Optra is not a good car, my suggesstion for them is to go and get a test drive...

    We still went and checked the other cars...
    1. Verna CRDI : Felt like riding a Boat on Road.... Mom and wifey was jumping at the back at 80kmph..... They said that they digested their food in the car... :clap.. Did not even checked the price

    2. SX4 : Is it a Male or a jumbo.... i felt that it is properly dis-balanced car... Seats were too high for a sedan driving feel.. and looks "No Comments"... have a big A Pillar probelm and rear visibility was very bad... Over all... I will buy this car if no other car exists and i want a car...

    3.VW Vento : Wow.... what a car is what everybody said (Probably bcoz its a VW), actually there is no VW Showroom in Gwl but we managed a car which my uncle just bought "it was a Highline Diesel sedan". Drove it and felt that it does not carry that engine... i felt that it has some 1.2L Diesel engine with poor some 60hp... good to drive on 3 and 4th gear.. not great 5th... which actually is a sedan should have as its best... Handling is ok... Rear Seats "Mom said in front of uncle itself, is it a Sedan".... Definately not VFM... it should compete with likes of Dzire and Manza... so what if it carries a VW logo... its not just a true VW... see Jetta or Passeat....

    4. Then came the "suggested by all car" ANHC.... with honda just launched a special edition with chrome and leather interiors.... I kinda liked the car... City driving it just feels too easy to drive... wat a steering... too light just feather touch drive... and when you speed it up it just gets balanced.... But was still reluctant about Honda City as the interior plastics look like "Painted silver at Home" Kind...
    To be true the car fun to drive.... with the features tha it offers it is little too high on price... but the Honda guys are too professional and they just can't let a customer go without finalizing the deal... Still we managed to escape... I should say do wanted to but still....

    Now the real problem started... which Sedan... I was feeling as if India has no good sedans for a 10L buyer.... Maruti they believe in only Hatch back, No good sedans from them... Hyundai they too are following maruti's concept..... What to do if you want a 10L sedan and still don't want to compromise on ASS....

    We then headed to Delhi to take the test drive of Linea.... the MJD king and the T-Jet Beast... All of us loved the cars... confused between the petrol and diesel now... they both are just awesome... i felt that the interiors quality is lot better in t-jet when compared to previous linea's.... Neat and solid... MJD too was a fun to drive ... a little underpowered but i always feel its a FIAT and it will get better with Time... Now the question was what to do now... No good dealer and ASS for FIAT in Gwl.... Should he buy the linea and go to Agra or Delhi for all problems... or should he let the mechanics at Tata service center at Gwl experiment with his car, given the fact that they have not seen a linea manufactured after september 2009....... What to Do???? I even thought of sending a mail to CEO Desk about this... but then thought will this be of any help...

    On the other hand my dad's first car was... FIAT Premier Padmini....

    My dad finally bought the car he loved second .............. Honda City V, Spl. Edition

    But Guys i wanna ask you all When FIAT has a car which can actually answer my questions... It is less than 10L but still gives that 10L luxury... either for the petrol or the diesel fans... they can make both happy... MJD Linea or T-Jet Linea.... then why not focus a bit on Sales.... There is no chance of comparing this beauty with other cars... Like how Toyota is advertising Etios as Q Class.... I feel Linea is a true new class sedan in India :steering ...
    Looks : the best... even better than many 20 Lac cars..
    Handling: awesome... does not require more praise....
    Performance: Good in diesel and awesome in Petrol (T-jet)
    Pricing: Competitive in market.
    Advertising and ASS : Poor when it comes to cities where there is only one TATA Dealership...
    Has anyone of you seen an advertisement of Linea T-Jet on television... Any posters in the City... Is the Marketing Team of FIAT Sleeping....
  8. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    It's been a few months since the launch of the Vento and a good time to revisit the question asked in this thread.

    Vento did over 3,000 units in December. Linea barely managed 100.

    Do we still need to ask what will happen to Linea with Vento in the market?
  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Yes,not just Vento,even an ETIOS is slaying both Linea and Punto.
    Forget about the sales.
    I HAD JUST FINISHED SENDING A COMPLAINT TO FIAT ABOUT A SPARE PART and surprise,the very next minute I received a call from FIAT and putting me on a conference call and trying to help,so people who had bought a VENTO,have lost!
  10. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    +1 to that. My recent complaints on the dealers were resolved within a day :wow

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