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What FIAT needs to do to sell more

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Sumit, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Yesterday 3 Puntos were delivered in Concorde Kochi. Dont know why FIAT is doing so bad in India when I see lot of Puntos in Kerala
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  2. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I f we start head counting of fiat showroom in each state ,it will give a proper picture .In kerala Kannur,Calicut,Kochin ,Trivandrum.In between at each and every 14 district you have Maruthi and hyundai showroom ,not 1 but more than 2.Additionally the bad past dint allow us Indians to enthisiastically try(dare ) Fiat compared to new comers like Volkswagen and Nissan.
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  3. GP_Freak

    GP_Freak Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    What Fiat needs to do ?

    Words of mouth is the cheapest and biggest marketing tool. Nowadays most of them check online or check with friends and families and about their experience before buying a car. Online media plays a big part is herding the group in the car making decision.

    I always believe in the following "A mediocre product backed up best service will outsell a better product backed up by a mediocre service" This is exact thing which is happening in the case of Fiat.

    How will some one buy a car, where service is so poor. Lets not decide bases on the service experience all the online forum members get. We find time to talk/think and meet about cars. But this population is very little when compared to the actual population/users. 95% of the owners dont have time to spend on taking their cars to service centre or talk/raise hell to fiat and get their attention to solve an issue.

    Cars are bought to be used, not to be left lying in service centres due to parts availability or due to service negligence.

    If Fiat is not able to cater the service needs of such a little fiat population, how will new prospective first time car buyers have the confidence to buy Fiat. Can Fiat manage such a population of Maruthi ?

    What can be done ?

    1 ) Build confidence to existing owners
    2 ) Exibhit their leadership in service to prospective buyers
    3 ) Build a strong customer experience team who takes the feedback and work on it, rather than hatching eggs.
    4 ) Encase their technical superiority when compared to other brands of same price range
    All my friends adore my linea and its USPs and want to drive it or atleast be driven in it. But no one chose the fiat when it came to buying decision. Maruthi and Fords were bought. Why ? Its because of the pathetic after sales and service by TATA-FIAT.

    End of the day, they wanted peace of mind with a 7-10 lakhs car than the best drivers car. Their decision is absolutely right.
  4. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    The motivation whatever sales guys are showing is reflective of the fact that the FIAT as a company is showing.

    Motivation generally in an organisation comes Top-Down, not bottom-up. You cannot have a straight forward police wala if the head is corrupt, you will either have to change are look out somewhere else. Its the same case here

    I do not understand what on earth are the FIAT management (rather mismanagement :banghead: :rage:) doing. They would drive and bring in the energy. This laid back approach is reflective of what the FIAT management is.
  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @vivek_lko I don't disagree: i suspect he recognized you as an owner of a G Punto, i.e., an old Fiat guy?! ;-)

    You know: I've been to Honda and Hyundai showrooms in Gurgaon. I can safely say the salesmen i met were even more clueless than any Fiat Delhi NCR one I've encountered. But: the cars pretty much sell themselves. This salesman sweet talk stuff is very overrated as a way to bring in more sales, to build confidence in the brand.

    Now, delivery process, discounts, PDI and esp ASS, sure that counts hugely since real word-of-mouth reputation effects result. And, for eg in Gurgaon, a 'better' (i.e., more 'upmarket') location for the dealership. But then I know of the brilliant Prabhadevi location and building in Mumbai where a new Fiat dealer is, but i don't believe sales are soaring for him, at all or just for that reason.

    All I am saying is that growing market share in a near-oligopolistic market dominated by the 3 East Asian firms is VERY difficult, and can only happen slowly. Since: people buy Hyundai-s because they buy them, and don't buy Fiats because they don't. ;-) i.e., there are very strong brand-blind-(dis)trust effects at play IRRESPECTIVE of the salesman's style and knowledge, or the dealership's location, or indeed I'd say even of the type of pitch used for advertising, or the quantity of advertising. Car sales figures in India just do not have the 'elasticity' that economists/MBA-s speak of.

    Sales nos. in the short run are indeed a matter of near-fate! All changes to that fate are and will happen slowly, starting with the Avventura's additional numbers (to add to the Evo's discount-free ones), whatever they may be, which even a huge optimistic fan of the car and its concept like me sees as 450-600 at the very maximum.
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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I have faced similar experience at Honda and Hyundai showrooms in Chennai. Very bad sales force.

    But, Fiat cannot afford to have a bad sales team. With enough of bad reputation carried by Fiat, they need to have a smart Sales force in place. If an SA doesn't know fully about the product he is selling and saying EVO is just a facelift is just not acceptable.
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  7. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    seems its time for TFI to organize training camps for sales people of FIAT dealerships in their respective area.
    none other than a TFIian knows the USPs of FIAT cars, we can have a knowledge sharing/gaining for them.
    does this idea worth a thought ??
    I am ready to spend one day to give the knowledge i have :)
  8. Revv

    Revv Amatore

    Chinchwad, Pune
    Chinchwadgaon Pune
    Linea 1.4
    +1 to that.

    My friend was searching for a premium petrol hatch. He was totally in love with Punto. Me being a Linea owner told him about the USPs of Fiat cars. We requested for a test drive of Punto emotion. Then the first shock came when the sales person brought diesel Punto instead of petrol even though we specifically told him to bring petrol emotion. Test drive was a disaster. He couldn't even answer basic questions like 'What is the service interval', 'What is the maximum size of USB that can be connected' etc. I was answering to them as if I was the sales person from Fiat and those guys were buyers o_O .This was with pre-facelift model.
    My friend requested for another test drive after a few days and the sales person refused to come for test drive :eek: saying my friend is not serious about buying the car! I mean seriously WHAT THE **** !
    Needless to say by looking at Fiat's attitude,my friend is not buying a Punto anymore.. though he is still searching for a car which is as beautiful as Punto ..
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  9. vayfiat

    vayfiat Amatore

    The SAs I've seen in Bangalore are not like this - most of them know the vehicle in and out. Anyway you shouldn't generalize this to the whole FIAT. FIAT did not show any attitude here. The same can happen with any other brand too (I have faced worse than this from Honda/Hyundai/Maruti). Agree that the SAs have to be smart enough to pull customers.
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  10. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Sales Reps in Korean/Japs companies might have similar problems in terms of knowledge of the product as well, as few people have qouted earlier. But there are fundamental issues about how a stakeholder such as a Dealer or FASS should be part of the corporate culture of the base company.
    Mostly East Asian companies tend to have a directional approach as to what need to be done at a micro level(call it as micro management) and want to tightly manage the output of anything in the system which includes manufacturing, Development, etc(where Output of both machines & human are involved). So EA Companies tend to have tighter control on how things should be so that they get the desired output. This reflects in the number of products/variants they can quickly launch/churn out than their Western counterparts.

    Whereas, Western Companies, tend to delegate more everywhere, thereby you see good platform or design, but sometimes they dont have tighter control where they can/need to set proper direction and allow freedom which can effectively impact the output(Sales rep/Dealers/FASS in this case).

    Indian Heads or Regional Heads for Western Companies or Eastern Companies might not have greater say in this even though they might understand local markets better than their counterparts. This is not just limited to Car/Automobile Companies but across industries, alike. Ads/Marketing etc get impacted because of such things as well as spending might be controlled tightly for products which dont sell that great.

    Even though as customers or FIAT Enthusiasts, we have opinions or stronger suggestions which might seem very obvious to be done, there are such factors which contributes to things from not happening :)

    Yes, you are right. This cannot be generalized. But Still, these are systemic issues or rather lack of proper systems in place(in this case, proper training which has to percolate across regions and translate to proper Sales talk, when i mean proper it would be informed sales talk with data and not botching up with lack of it). So, it is still Systemic in nature(even though I know regular Sales training happens from FIAT to Dealers across the country). Making it happen (may be through micro management in certain areas where it is definitely a must) is important than just delegating and leaving it there with just training.

    NOTE :
    1. I am not from a SALES background or nor i Know something in management, but just based on experiences working with Western and Eastern companies. Sorry if something is offensive to management gurus or how companies are run in different cases.

    2. Sorry for the long write up as well.

    - CM
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