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What FIAT needs to do to sell more

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Sumit, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Gurjinder, Does it mean that my earlier posts were rubbish::OO
    Anyways, I will ensure in future that's any "substantial claims" should be supported with supporting facts/data. Surely it will help maintain quality of discussion/forum as a whole. Nice suggestion!
  2. precisely it has the best seating position. I will not comment on the Linea but the Palio's suspension is way better than Punto. Palio is just like a leech and it sticks to the road with very minimal body role. One can Do high speed curves better in the Palio than the Punto. Dashboard , switch gear, console, seating positions etc are spot on in the Palio. Apart from the engine refinement in the Punto diesels I don't see any way where the Punto beats the Palio. No wonder Palio is called built like a Tank :)

    A Palio Fanatic who also owns a Linea and a Punto :) along with then1.9 D
  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    It's subjective though but honestly even today i don't find too many hatch backs with that kind of Aura, specially the yellow/matt black one were fabulous. The colour were hip & young 12 yrs back, design theme was a generation ahead to it's competitors. I believe the old Palio still maintains a better sporty stance than at least Punto's lower models (with thin tires). Though Punto in Fat tires is a different story altogether. I didn't like the Stile though, no where close to even an average FIAT effort.
  4. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    End of the day one has to conclude sound system in Fiat is crappy. a sales executive cannot convince the buyer that it is just speaker but HU is better than Honda..sales jokes apart.!

    Have anybody wondered about serious blind spots ? how scary they are for day to day commute cars?

    I cant feel the rear part of my Body..after 7 hours 380 kms drive today. and my right ankles ..OMG doctor...

    " we dont even need to open the glove box . got so much of gap "-one of my friend gave a remark sitting in Pax seat.
    Dont know about palio but agreed for Punto 90 hp...

    ohh where is that volume control button.damn that was blue n me..

    tilt steering is biggest joke here in this segment

    there is almost a foot difference between your left leg fully pressed on clutch and right one on brake pedal like standing on a ladder..somebody said this is premium car from Italy..inspired from mesarati..LOL..!angle of attack for brake pedal and accelerator pedal is severely compromised and nightmarish...
    I have only 1 year of experience but there are so much of goodies with this one that all those quirks are forgotten moment one step into it...that cozy feel comes in none of the poor mans premium car..!! how true pleasure and pain are like cyclic...somebody who finds pleasure in horse riding or biking can definitely understand...

    But what about sales?? -first impression is the best impression -fiat,it is not too late yet (since last 100 years)
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  5. xplorauto


    Ooops!!!! Someone is one hundred percent cheesed off with his Punto and Fiat. Appears he has reasons to be. Folks!!!

    Guess most of you might have seen this video clip already. Watch the video closely and its shocking to find even a Punto Abarth EssEss edition has water proofing problems? That's absolutely disappointing!!! Take away the "Abarth niceties" that we dont get in this country and we are only left with only the "boggy Fiat" stuff(plus a few more contributed by Fiat themselves and Tata ASS) leaving @jayadev and many others in this state of utter disgust that they are in!!!!
  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Jayadev, What a comeback. Music already started buzzing like FIAT,FIAT,BAD,BAD,WORST,WORST,A.S.S,A.S.S,OH!!,OH!!,NO!!,NO!!,NEVER!!,NEVER!!. Although Punto Punto & Linea Linea are replaced by Palio Palio this time:shock:. It has become more like your entrance music now::T. I have just read another post of yours where you are explaining "why we are so much passionate about FIAT." But it's total opposite & a disaster here. Why this partiality man?

    From Brake pedal location, i still remember an incidence where a Driving-school trainer was teaching a girl, how to stop the car in bumper to bumper traffic. He was using himself while standing in front of the car at a distance and asking the girl to stop car just 1 feet away from him. The girl did it perfectly 3-4 times till the moment she took the accelerator pedal as brake::OO. The guy had no option but to jump on the bonnet of the car. The car was zooming away like some pro is throttling the car because the girl was still pressing the brake pedal (accelerator for rest of the world) with all the force she got. Fortunately she found the brake pedal ultimately & guy landed on road in very awkward manner due to hard braking (though slight injuries only).

    Anyways i guess, the point you are mentioning above is more specific to one's driving style than standard one. It could have 7 billion different combination, one for each earthling. I never found anything unusual as such in FIATs. In fact, seating position, visibility, pedal positions have been personal favorite in Punto. I love driving behind that huge front windshield & mammoth dashboard, it's just gives an amazing view. It's lovely position to sit in. I am not a fan of watching the front bumper while driving because i have pretty good idea of my car's dimensions & an error is least expected. It was awkward for a day or two, but later it actually suited my driving.

    ---------- Post added at 12:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:07 AM ----------

    There is no such thing as water leakage inside Punto. I wash my car a lot, never ever i noticed a single drop seeping through. You too observe it here on. You can also check by throwing few buckets of water on windows & check if there is any leakage.

    In case it happens, better get the door seals checked at TASS as water leakage inside cabin is not an additional/optional feature in Punto.
    Pls watch carefully as the car was parked in heavy rain.Someone has to open the door to get in. Leave it opened for 3-4 secs & drop-lets would slip on the inner side of the glass.

    Since the circus is still popular these days, this guy looks to be some reputed clown. He is criticizing a strictly budget car's hard plastic (in Europe, it's cheapest segment). No manufacturer can provide soft touch plastic in this segment.
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  7. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I have stopped listening music in my car ,just because there are no proper place to fix a speaker in such a mammoth dash board. I prefer listening from front not through bottoms. even highest to lowest end car (sensible ones) would have that option.

    then consider me Little bit lagging in that field I find it very scary to move around in parking lots and dense traffic just because I don't see certain areas of my car as much i wished.

    Punto suffered water leakage issue in europe that is why our punto linea doors are so stiff to shut and open. the rubber beading is double the quantity than any other manufacturer would provide (and they wears instantly after purchase)!! the reason was not "some clown blabbered " but misaligned asymmetrical "flawed"body manufacturing which they covered by excessive rubber.-this was said by my European Friend who did own fiat car in past.

    I have no billion combination but couple of them and I feel uncomfortable with pedal. accelerator and Brake is too weirdly placed .

    I cannot close my eyes to every other negative issue just because I am passionate about my car.in the name of passion manufacturers have started to exploit the owners in a very non ethical ways.
    of course love this car punto90hp but I would say soon these type of car can be history. lack of sales and poor management will force it. everybody swear by performance of fiat palio1.9 ,gtx etc and whatever but today rarely anybody even know it (even I dont know). generally I see people blame it on "lack of maturity in India" but I find that is just an excuse.
  8. even I donot have issue in reaching any knobs are switches.our brain takes some time to get adjusted.
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  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    :anyone who prefers??
  10. It makes no difference for lesser mortal.

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