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What FIAT needs to do to sell more

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Sumit, Jul 30, 2010.

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  3. Dhamaka offer on Punto MJD can only save Fiat India !

    Being Fiat performing very bad on sales, month by month they are creating low sales record.

    They should offer state 1~1.5 Lakhs discount on Punto MJD in the month of Nov - March 2012 on newly manufactured cars. It is not joke but serious step to save the company.

    Benefits if they offer direct cash discount 1~1.5 Lakhs.

    * They will find huge increase in sales because they can some how convert the Swift waiting customer easily.
    * The cost will be justified as compare with risk of buying Fiat product.
    * If discount is there, people ready to take risk by investing in Fiat product.
    * If Sales are more, they can update the service levels easily, being cost will be justified on pan India basis.
    * If price is less, No body will complaint about the fit and finish of plastic parts, later customer can find extra features and driving pleasure, they will give mouth publicity (which Fiat wants disparately).
    * Most important Fiat staff ( CEO, Production, Marketing, Dealer - Sales & Service Team) can outcome from major depression.

    What will be the loss or cost if they offer this discount.

    * Presently Fiat selling around 450 Punto in month, if they continue with the same, Nov - March 2012, it will reach 250~350 for sure, so loss if the idea will fail is about just 3.5 crore against sales revenue 210 crore approx, if plan clicked they can easily get numbers around 1000 ~ 1500 in the month of Nov only. so sales revenue will become 900 crore. and further dec 2011, It will be 1500 crore for sure. You can calculate the profit against sales revenue for 210 crore or 1500 crore.
    * Car manufacturing cost counts very less, if one calculate the cost by excluding other expenses say marketing, advt etc, being all expenses they are already doing, I don't think they need extra expenses further to get the sales number for around 1500 to 3000.

    Reference :

    * Small but in our manufacturing unit, We are getting "0" sales from metro city, being no distributors present, When we found distributors are ready but asking lesser price of our products, we decided to offer extra discount around 15%, by calculating the fact, that we are getting "0" from this city and we will get something than noting, it will be better deal for us. and deal clicked and now we are getting very good response, yes profit shrink to low level but still we are getting some. We can increase the price any time by introducing the new models or when we feel our product in demand.
    * Every body knows Honda Jazz discount offer and price, they sold out entire stock in 1 week of time.
    * Recently you noticed that Tata Vista number increase because they offer 1 lakh discount on there old model, now they are with new model.
    * Ford Figo example every body knows well.
    * They can later increase the price by correcting the plastic quality and new model.

    Hope Fiat understand it, else march 2012 will be the last month for Fiat in India.
  4. sungoa2010


    +1 If they give 1-1.5 + discount on diesels for existing petrol customers for exchange that also will help to generate some more numbers. That will some how compensate the depreciation.
  5. Friends ,
    We all know that Fiat in india issuffering only because of the intervention of TATA .
    I was searching the JV history for last few hrs and was trying to find out whether there is a expiry date for the deal .

    From browsing over the net for few hrs on this topic and going thru few reports/articles what I have understood is
    1.Neither RATAN TATA Nor Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne is happy about the Joint Venture.
    My small mind was thinking if both are not happy how can they make /sell /service the car per customer satisfaction.I assume they are doing all the above 3 activities just because of the JV.
    I was wondering if both are not happy then why not scrap the JV .May be the JV is something like that ..

    2.In onf the below story RT says to a shareholder that they are incurring losses over losses because ofthis JV .He is talking only about the investment he did in the Pune factory (around 1400 crores which now stands at net loss of appros 640 crores) .But he never talks about the millions or much multiple crores that his cars are giving him because of the engine that they receive from Fiat aspart of this joint venture.Again the last sentence is my assumption and first part is from the below sites.

    3.In one of the speeches by RT (http://articles.economictimes.india...t-cars-tata-motors-and-fiat-sergio-marchionne) he asks FIAT to introduce more models in India (Now this is a joke, if he has said that.If ET has to be believes then he said this ).and says they (FIAT) is not able to sell their cars through the WORLD class sales center of TATA because of this .(Again a joke if I have to below the below links).
    Looks like as per RT the taxis are best models than the poor italian beauties...I cant remember when wsa the last time I read some better joke than this .

    THese are few of the sites that I found .. May b just stories .. But I doubt ..



    After going through all these sites and stories I, as a loyal FIAT fan can just pray that Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne get his sense back and instead of again starting separate TATA showroom to sell FIAT cars and separate TATA Service centers servicing FIAT cars , better start FIAT own sales / service centers.Or else introduce some cheap cars that satisfies someone and increase the sales.

  6. spartan


    Fiat India Management: A classic collection of a bunch of Jokers!

    These morons cannot highlight USPs of the cars they sell. They dont get the timing right EVER!

    When the govt started increasing petrol prices, they introduced the T Jet. After all the power hungry hot hatch customers moved to i20, they launched the 90hp.

    And now that govt is again thinking about additional taxes on diesels, they will finally put the 1.6MJD out.

    I mean, how many mistakes can a team make and still continue? The joker of a CEO is still leading his team, probably meeting his financial targets by selling engines!

    The showrooms are pathetic, the service centers are apathetic. The SA-s are absolute nincompoops and the flag is being carried by a few customers who also are die hard Fiat lovers. The majority of indian market or for that reason, the world market, is made of commuters rather than car lovers. However, this small fact is missed by the great boardroom troupe!

    Last I checked, the CEO corner from the Fiat Website has also gone missing.

    So much for management! Hope some jerk from Fiat actually reads this.
    I love my car and I am a proud owner. However, those idiots at the helm of the management definitely dont belong there if they cant get anything right!
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    I saw some Car Showrooms in Mumbai and rated them as per their appearances:-
    1. Volkswagen
    2. Skoda
    3. Renault (only one at Andheri)
    4. Maruti Suzuki
    5. Nissan
    6. Hyundai
    7. Chevrolet
    8. Mahindra
    9. Ford
    10. Tata Fiat

    I think If you are selling a good product you need to showcase it properly and attractively. Like Restaurant Good Food with good ambiance. Once a customer enters a showroom he should be convinced by the ambiance and presentation.
  8. May be OT . But the FIAT history is here :

    Never knew that Fiat is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Car Factory of Turin). It also means, "let there be" in Latin.
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    Der aaye par durust aaye.
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    Talking about Fiat History, FIAT was the one who researched CRDI technology and made it perfect before selling it to Bosch.You can find it in Wiki.

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