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What FIAT needs to do to sell more

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Sumit, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    Re: whats Punto needs to sell more.

    Punto needs some fresh and new vibrant colors.
  2. deepakhon

    deepakhon Amatore

    Re: whats Punto needs to sell more.

    Yep. Yellow on Punto should look great I guess.
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    A wish FIAT learns how to improve sales

    The story of a disappointed FIAT fan. As usual I am on duty. My phone vibrates and I realize that its just a message.

    Well, I have some 4-5 minutes before I begin working on the patient. So, I wash my hands, go inside the resting room and take out my phone from the pocket.

    Its a message from Arun1100. I open it up and see something familiar. FIAT sales in the month of November have dropped once again as seen a few months back. November sales figures of 1025 only. I am confused. I am thinking about all those T-JET threads and the appreciation from even hard core

    Honda fanboys (toon included). I reply to his message, asking for confirmation. "Is it Fiat sales, or Linea's alone?".

    buuzzzz buuzzzz... Another vibration and I open the message, "In total man- 48% drop".

    buzzz buzzzz... Another message from Arun1100, "Toyota Etios sedan top end petrol at 6.8 lacs ex-showroom only".

    Actually, I am very happy to see that the production model of Etios is the same as concept. Horrendous, weird and wacky. Even more weird is the nano like single front wiper, front seats with fixed headrests, and many many more things. I send reply to his messages.

    buzzzz buzzzzz.. Arun replies "But it will sell"

    Of course it will sell. Arun is right. Because it is a Toyota (Toyota yani Bharosa). It will sell because it is just 930 kg in weight. Their latest TV commercial is awesome. I have it saved on my PC.

    We Indians love size zero. Even Fiat is on diet. Their cars have already lost 60 kg (VLCC or Planet fitness gym) so that the BMI (or the power to weight ratio) improves.

    buzzz buzzzz... Arun, being a true FIATian (unlike the Fiat officials), shares his disappointment and sadness. He is a true Fiat fan who has grown up with Fiats in his garage.

    His message reminds me of the phrase said in context of the passion for Fiat cars shared by Fiat lovers across the globe:

    "Its a FIAT thing which only a FIATian can undertand"

    A brand with excellent cars let down by poor marketing and very poor TV ADs.

    Purpose of this thread: Nothing. I have never contributed anything worth at any site, be it TFI or CarWale or Team-BHP as I have negligible technical knowledge about machines. I come here just to share my passion for Fiat cars (even if its worth just 4 months). But, I do hope that those visiting the Fiat factory on December 3rd, will discuss a few things with the Fiat officials face to face.

    Just that I am sad as I feel bad to see that the Fiat fans can't do anything for Fiat.

    Just that I am selfish and I do not want them to exit so that I am able to buy another Fiat whenever its next time.

    I wish I could attend the Fiat factory meet. I would have come wearing a T-shirt from the brand "F C U K" (French Connection UK).


    - Re design your brochures. Mention all the hidden features.

    - Teach your salesmen to demonstrate "Blue&Me". At least press that Microsoft button.

    - Make TV ADs that aren't the work of a dumb guy:
    [*]Punto AD. "Do not use basement. Do not talk about looks and design. One can see it himself/herself. Show how Blue&Me works, tell about the National engine of India, tell about features, tell about the ride"
    [*]T-JET AD. "Do not talk about looks. Do not talk about admiration guaranteed. Talk about the power. Talk about the features. Press that microsoft button, talk about rear ac vent. talk about only turbo charged petrol car below 10 lacs. Talk about the personal JET.

    - Give manual central locking (must have feature), silver center console (must have feature) with Punto active and dual tone interiors, if possible. Increase price of Punto Active by Rs10k if you can do these 3 changes. It would be worth the effort to give more competition to i20 Era and Magna variants.

    - Increase localization to save cost, if possible. Do not import speakers from Italy. Such pathetic speakers shall be available from China for Rs20-40/pair only". Save where possible.

    - Get smart. Learn from the mistakes. Wise people are not the ones who never do mistakes. Wise are those who learn from it.

    - You ruined stile by calling it "Palio Stile" You have a diesel engine which is our national engine. Other manufacturers like Maruti depend upon your engines for success with their diesel cars. You have a bad history with service of Palio in few parts of the country like ours (Chandigarh CCR region). You had a wonderful 1.3MJD car (Stile) which was a sure competitor of Ford Figo. But, was it necessary to attach the word Palio with it when you know that you did not treat Palio the way you should have.

    Try to bring out Stile again using some different name and compete with Figo. Use your 1.3MJD engine to compete with Figo @ 4.5lacs.

    Punto in a basement parking.jpg

    Get Smart.jpg
  4. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    Re: A wish FIAT learns how to improve sales

    Wake Up Fiat India! dont think you are selling Ferraris. you are selling Puntos & lineas to common man who is very demanding and choosy in getting the best deal with his hard earned money.
  5. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Re: A wish FIAT learns how to improve sales

    We all share the same sentiments man ! Today when i saw the Toyota press conference , the moment they announced the prices , my jaw dropped to the floor . I was like WTF ! The sales are going to be further dis appointing if they dont do something in a hurry . I dont know why they arent hitting the panic button yet . It took them a year to come up with half page ADs . Bloody , manikchand and pan parag have bigger AD budgets than FIAT . Come on FIAT , pull up your socks . It feels sad that the management would suck such big time at understanding . I think they really need a lil garnishing of chinese management and chinese philosophy . Flood the market with FIAT products and offer at market shocking prices . Thats the only way they will go up . Everyone is doing their bit to make the price game interesting , FIAT is playing dead .
  6. gautham

    gautham Novizio

    We FIAT lovers share this sentiment for our lovely babies, but is FIAPL/ Fiat India even listening? Everytime a new Linea ad comes, I wait to see if any of the features are explained :(. Rajeev Kapoor and team need a major shake-up or else inspite of driving the same Fiat engines, undesirable people will start looking at us like schmucks. Request all you guys who are going on a Factory visit on Dec-3 to please vent out before the linea gets vento-ed and the punto swiftly disappears.....
  7. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    1. Fiat has to show their Italian quality standard like VW is doing for Vento ads.
    2.Fiat should exhibit their quality standard. People still compare linea with Manza, where manza quality is nowhere near to Linea.
    3.Also they have to solve quality issues such as poor A/c, falling plastic handles, paint job, monograms falling, fit and finish of dashboard, side rubbers failing,Bonnet alinement, bumper fitting, etc. these are very small issue which can be sort out very easily. I think fiat can make Linea then they can solve these minor issue very easily.
    4. Brand awareness is also very important, peaople still think that they are buying a fiat car which used to produce premier padmini. They should know that the are buying the car from makers of Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, etc.
    5. They have to renovate the showroom for selling their premium car.
    6. More powerful engines are required to be introduce.
    7. Stop selling engines to maruti and others.
    8. they need a new car in the bracket of 3 to 4 lacs. so that more people will come to know about the brand.
    9. they have to reduce the kerb weight of both Linea and punto, for better fuel efficiency.
    10. Fiat needs to open brand stores in all metro cities and they should showcase their Vintage cars.

    I think that is enough.....
  8. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    You guys won't believe, people call me FIAT, PUNTO, PALIO at my college. Even a few teachers call me by these names! Its disheartening to see FIAT sales to such low numbers even when they are offering their best products here (which are super hit worldwide).
    I wish things imrpove, please!

    I have no words to express my feelings after reading your post...it felt as if you had put into words what i have in my heart and mind.
  9. gautham

    gautham Novizio

  10. tjetdriver

    tjetdriver Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Fiat should come out of their "Let the product do the talking" mindset.
    I know people who only look at brand, irrespective of the car. If it is a Toyota, they just go buy it without even test driving. Fiat should build a brand, getting their to the scheme of things.

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